UE Megaboom Not Charging

5 Reasons And Solutions For UE Megaboom Not Charging – What Solution You May Apply

UE Megaboom is a portable wireless speaker produced by Ultimate Ears (UE), a subsidiary of Logitech. It is designed to provide high-quality, 360-degree sound that can fill a room or outdoor space.

This speaker features a cylindrical shape with a waterproof and shock-resistant exterior, making it durable and suitable for outdoor use. It has a battery life of up to 20 hours and can be connected to devices via Bluetooth or NFC.

It can also be paired with other Megaboom speakers to create a stereo sound system or to amplify the sound for larger gatherings. UE Megaboom is a popular choice for those looking for a high-quality portable speaker that can deliver powerful sound for various occasions.

Why is your UE Megaboom not charging? Well, there are several reasons for it not working. The available reasons do not diminish how frustrating it is when you need to use it and suddenly can’t because of a low battery.

To fix the issue with your device not charging, you need to know where the problem is coming from so that you will tackle it effectively. Following why it is not charging, you have to fix the issue. Replace some hardware parts or buy a new one for your speaker.

Before finding out what solution you may apply for it, I’ll be listing some possible problems with solutions.

Problems And Solutions To UE Megaboom Not Charging

1. Malfunctioning Charger

Your speaker not charging may be a result of a malfunctioning charger.

So, the first thing you must do is try a different charger before thinking that your speaker has problems with the hardware. You can quickly know if your charger is the problem by checking if it still fits your UE Megaboom as it used to.

It could also be that the cable can no longer connect with the charger port of your UE Megaboom speaker.


  • If your cable is not lapping while charging, it is the pointer you need to get a new USB charger.
  • If you still aren’t sure, the best thing is to try another android or iOS device on your charger to check if it’s working or not before buying a new cable.
  • Also, the power outlet or charging adapter could be the problem, so you must sort that out.

2. The Speaker Needs To Reset

Reset speaker

As with most gadgets, turning them on and off can be exactly what they need to function effectively again.

The problem with your speaker not charging may be that it needs resetting and is easy to do. Just press the power button and turn it off, then on again after some time.

A cue that the Megaboom speaker is turning off is that it makes a sound. Wait after that before turning it on again.

3. USB Port Issues

Your USB charging port may have problems for many reasons like water entering the speaker, dirt, etc.


The best thing to do in this situation is to dry your speaker; you can only do that when you thoroughly disassemble your speaker and dry it. Before drying it, using fresh water to rinse the speaker thoroughly can help minimize problems of the speaker not charging.

Doing this is advisable if you notice that water may have entered or other particles like salt and water if you used it in the swimming pool or dropped it in the water.

Many argue that your speaker cannot be a result of water because the speaker is waterproof.

But, the content in water, that is, the water particles can break the seal or the waterproof feature in the speaker when it is continually put in the water or swimming pool.

If you remove the dirt, dry it, and the problem still isn’t taken care of, replacing the charging port with a new one is a better alternative.

4. Battery issues

battery replacement

Things have their expiration date, including batteries. So, your speaker not charging could be because the battery has reached the limit of its lifespan. A lithium-ion battery is what you use on your UE Megaboom speaker, which is generally long-lasting.

But, it doesn’t prevent them from reaching their expiration, mainly if you have used it on the speaker for a long time.


To fix your battery issue, you can go to your local shop or supplier. You have to buy a new one, so be ready to spend money. Before getting a new battery, you should know that lithium-ion batteries have a charging temperature that should use.

This means that the battery must not be too hot or too cold while charging. If this is considered, the battery issue may also be taken care of without having to change it.

There are YouTube videos available to fix battery issues. But I advise you reach out to a professional who knows what they are doing to prevent you from causing more problems.

5. Software Problems

Hardware issues are often the issues people associate with your speaker not charging.

However, most software issues may be caused by bugs or glitches you may be unaware of.

Updating your firmware is advisable in case of bugs in your Megaboom speaker music, making charging impossible. If you think updating the firmware is difficult, then have no worries because it is pretty straightforward.

You must download the latest version of the application on your mobile device. After downloading it, open the application after you have connected your phone to the UE Megaboom speaker.

There is an update option that will pop up on your screen.

Click on it, and it starts updating while clearing bugs your speaker may have, including glitches. After implementing this, the issue with your ultimate ears speaker not charging should no longer be an issue.


A quick solution you can implement is connecting your charger to your UE Megaboom Speaker.

A LED light usually shows when this connection is made. If it is not showing, disconnect the charger and connect it again. It may take time for the light to come up, so you should keep charging it.

This LED light will eventually show throughout the charging process.

For the next thirty minutes, watch out for the light. If it doesn’t come up, disconnect it.

But, if the light shows, charge it till it reaches a maximum of 100% before you use it. Usually, a UE Megaboom speaker should be set up to 100% for six hours. Anything more than that, and you need another charger or cable.

How to Charge the UE Megaboom Speaker

UE Megaboom Battery Replacement

Knowing how to charge your speaker the right way is essential, especially if you don’t want to complain about setting issues when you have not done what you must. Every speaker has a charging port, which also applies to your UE Megaboom.

So, for you to charge your UE Megaboom speakers, plug your charging cable or cord into your speaker’s charging port. After doing this, plug the charger into the power outlet and try to keep it charged till it gets to 100% before unplugging it for use.

How To Replace the Battery When Not Charging

If your UE Megaboom is not charging, it may be time to replace the battery. Here are the steps to replace the battery on your UE Megaboom:

  • Gather the necessary tools

You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver and a plastic opening tool.

  • Remove the rubber cover

Peel back the rubber cover on the bottom of the speaker to expose the screws.

  • Remove the screws

Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws holding the speaker together.

  • Pry open the speaker

Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the speaker’s casing. Be careful not to damage the speaker’s components while doing this.

  • Disconnect the battery

Locate the battery inside the speaker and disconnect it from the motherboard by gently pulling the connector.

  • Replace the battery

Insert the new battery into the speaker and reconnect it to the motherboard.

  • Reassemble the speaker

Put the speaker back together by reversing the steps you took to disassemble it. Make sure to replace the screws and rubber cover.

Once you have replaced the battery, your UE Megaboom should be able to hold a charge and function normally again. If you are unsure about replacing the battery yourself, it may be best to take it to a professional for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My UE Boom Not Charge

Is My UE Megaboom Not Working?

Trying to pair your Bluetooth speaker and it isn’t connecting may seem like your speaker isn’t working. First, ensure the blue tooth is active, and your Bluetooth connection is within range.

Why Does My UE Boom Not Charge?

The speaker may require a factory reset if it doesn’t charge. For around 10 seconds, hold down the volume and Bluetooth button until you hear sound from the speaker.

The speaker should be turned off after the sound. Turn the speaker on for a second time and see what happens.

Does UE Megaboom Have A Lifetime Warranty?

You may receive a refund or a replacement speaker if your MegaBoom 3 battery is defective from the start by contacting to play Ultimate Ears boom or returning it to the shop that sold it to you, thanks to a two-year limited hardware guarantee.

How Do I Charge My UE Boom Speaker?

Using a USB cable and a power adapter, power up the speaker and plug in the micro USB port.

While the speaker is being charged, a white LED next to the micro USB connector will glow and pulse. The LED will be a solid white when it is ultimately charged.

Why Does My UE Boom Keep Dying?

Try a 2.5-3 hour charge a few times to see if it makes a difference, and see if you see a change in your battery life.

Also, test if it lasts longer if you cut the volume by about a third. Some forums claim that when the volume is high, the battery’s performance suffers greatly.


UE Megaboom not charging may result from several reasons that have been spoken about in this write-up with the accompanying solution.

However, you should avoid taking your UE Megaboom into the swimming pool even if it is waterproof. As much as you like using your speaker according to your discretion and how you like it. You must apply caution if you still want to use your UE Megaboom speaker without spoiling it.

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