PSU Fan Up Or Down: What Is The Best Location For Ultimate Cooling? – Prevent Overheating

psu fan

A PSU Fan is a device that helps to cool your power supply unit. It is typically mounted on the back of your computer case and helps to prevent your PSU from overheating. But when it comes to placing it in the proper location, PSU fan up or down; where should it be placed? Placing … Read more

How Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work? Is It Really Worth For You?

do laptop cooling pads work

As a hardcore laptop gamer or other professional, you must use a laptop for a long time of the day. Also, to keep your work smooth and continued, you need to use some extra gadgets for your laptop, like stands, screen cleaner, or cooling pads. But, do laptop cooling pads work? “Yes.” Cooling pads for … Read more

How Hot Is Too Hot for GPU? – Keep the Temperature of GPUs at a Sustainable Level

How Hot Is Too Hot for GPU OUR GUIDE

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is one of the most important components of modern computers that makes the computers ready for high-quality tasks like graphics rendering, video editing, gaming, etc. Hence, it’s known as the soul of computers to many users.   Now, the GPU can get too hot sometimes due to the excessive use of graphics. … Read more