Corsair LL120 VS. QL120: Know The Quietest Partner Of Your PC!

Corsair LL120 VS. Corsair QL120

Corsair’s RGB fans are the perfect addition to any PC build with an RGB theme. Most popular fans of Corsair, like LL120 and QL120, feature RGB LEDs that can be controlled using Corsair’s RGB fan controller or motherboard RGB software. But is the difference between Corsair LL120 VS. QL120? The Corsair QL and the LL … Read more

PSU Fan Up Or Down: What Is The Best Location For Ultimate Cooling? – Prevent Overheating

psu fan

A PSU Fan is a device that helps to cool your power supply unit. It is typically mounted on the back of your computer case and helps to prevent your PSU from overheating. But when it comes to placing it in the proper location, PSU fan up or down; where should it be placed? Placing … Read more