Does Internet Affect FPS? 10 Ways To Increase FPS For Smooth Gaming!

Does Internet Affect FPS

FPS is the key consideration factor while playing the game online. While without or slow internet, it is impossible to play the game online smoothly. So, is there any relation between the Internet and FPS? It is a common misconception that the internet connection speed affects FPS. However, this is not the case. The only … Read more

11 Ways To Fix the Mail App Not Updating Issue on Your iPhone – Solve This Problem Quickly

guide to Fix iPhone Email Not Updating

One of the most popular email apps is Apple Mail. It’s pre-installed on every iPhone and can handle all forms of accounts. You may run into troubles like the mail app not updating or receiving no messages on your iPhone. What’s the point? The mail app may stop updating for various reasons, such as improper … Read more