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Mophie Charger Not Working! Problem Fixed – 2024

Mophie is a well-known brand for its excellent wireless charger and other tech products. But it can malfunction sometimes. This type of problem with the Mophie charger is not unique and unsolvable.

Is your Mophie charger not working? Does it often stop charging? Malfunctions, overheating, poor connection, reckless use, etc., can cause this trouble. Don’t worry! Try resetting, rechecking, repairing & proper use to solve this problem.

Understanding the reasons and the solutions can help you against fighting with your charger. This one article will be enough for you to learn why this problem happens and what you can do for a solution.

Problems And Solutions At A Glance

Problems And Solutions At A Glance

Reasons Behind Mophie Charger Not Working

After all Mophie wireless charger is a tech product, so having trouble with it is expected. Several reasons can cause the charger to malfunction. Let’s find out which one is forcing your crisis.

Poor Power Supply

A poor power supply can cause your charger not to work. When there is a power shortage, it affects the charger’s performance. Sometimes it happens because of the socket too. A poorly constructed and faulty socket can not provide enough power to serve the device.

You will get notified of a poor power supply by the mophie wireless charging pad blinking. The LED will flash on and off. It refers that the charging is not getting enough power or current.

Issues With Cord

If there is a wreckage in the power supply cable of the charger, it will prevent the charger from working. Also, third-party cheap cords or cables can harm the charger and your phone. Sometimes, incompatible cords, older lines, and force plugins can cause trouble regarding charging.

Most of the time Mophie juice pack charging problems are caused by a faulty cable or cord. If your juice pack stop working, look for any crank or worn sign on the cable.

Mophie Charger

Software Problems

It can be possible that the problems have started with your phone. Sometimes, viruses and malware on your phone can damage both your phone and charger. Backdated, unauthorized software and improper alignment can be the reason for your phone not charging.

Functional Hitch

The products can be internally broken too. When there is an internal problem in the device, it starts to malfunction. It can be a broken chip, port, or other material. This also can be temporary or permanent. This can happen due to fragile material, force, pressure, displacement, water, or miscarrying of the device.


It is evident that most tech devices are delicate before dirt. Dirt or uncleanliness can cause your Mophie charger not to respond. Pet hair, dust, dirt, and other filthy things block ports, cable, and other air-passing areas. Dust can prevent the wireless sensor too.

Dust can prevent the wireless sensor too. If this happens the charging case will not work properly. Also, your mophie charger will not charge your phone.

Chunky Phone Case

Nowadays, many use thick and big phone covers to protect and style their phones. But these covers can prevent your phone from being charged. As Mophie offers wireless charging pads, charging stands, and mounts, they work with the help of a sensor. Your thick phone case can create obstacles between your phone and the charging sensor.

Solutions Of Mophie Charger Not Working

Mophie wireless Charger

Now that you know the possible reasons for your Mophie charger’s malfunction & wireless charge, let’s look at the solutions you can follow.


Before jumping to a conclusion and blaming the device, consider rechecking your plugin options and cable connection. They can be loose or not plugged in well. We often forget to switch on the power or use the wrong cable.


Restarting is the initial and primary solution. Try to restart or reboot your phone to take charge properly. You can restart your wireless charger as well. Turning the switch on and off and replugging the cables and cord can also be considered.


Mophie serves new technology day by day. You can reset their wireless charging pad by pressing a button. We suggest resetting the charger by unplugging it from the outlet and plugging it in again.

Let’s see how to reset the mophie wireless charger.

  • Unplug the charger from the outlet
  • Find the power button on the charger
  • Hold the button for 10 seconds
  • Plug the charger back in

Mophie wireless Charger problem fixing


The possibility of your charger not working for a software problem on your phone is vital. So, it would be best if you keep updating your phone applications. If required, do not hesitate to restore the functions of your phone.


It would help if you chose a suitable hassle-free place to put your charger pad, mount, or stand. Change your socket or outlet if it has power issues. Replace your old cord or cable. USB C port can be a replacement option. Make sure you have put your phone right in the middle of the pad.

Due to a faulty outlet or cord, your Mophie Powerstation XXL may not charge. So, avoid charging it via a charging station, power strip, or extension cord. Changing the wall adapter & cable will also do.


If your charger turns out to be defective from the inside, take it to the store to repair it. Do not forget to examine it when buying. Check out the warranty policy Mophie provides.


You need to ensure that your phone & apple product is supported with Mophie wireless charging stand or pad. Any iPhone model is supported with Qi-enabled wireless charging. Please read the manual and specifications of both the charger and phone to match them.


You should confirm a clean environment and surface for your Mophie charger. Try to keep the port, cord, surface, sensor, and case dust and dirt free. If possible, clean these areas regularly.

Tips To Consider While Charging

In the case of charging a phone, power bank or charger you should consider some measures. Otherwise, your products will stop working and won’t last long.

Mophie wireless Charger problem

Do Not Interrupt

Your phones, power banks, or any technological devices should not be interrupted while charging. They need continuous energy & power delivery.

If you unplug the charger in the middle of the charging or use the product while charging, it will damage the phone, battery life, and charger.

Take Off The Cover

If you use a phone cover or case, take it off before charging. In this way, your phone will be well connected to your charging base, port, or sensor. It will also prevent overheating both the charger and phone. Try to use less heavy and less thick and compatible cases if possible.

Try Another Adapter

If you have a problem with charging, try another power adapter to check whether the problem is in your phone or your charger. If your Mophie charger stop working, it will not charge any other phone or device.

Keep It Safe

Try to keep your charging place neat. Connecting to a direct wall charger or outlet is better than using a multiplug or third-party cord. Do not hang or put the charger in a fragile place, where it can fall. Please keep it safe from children and other electrical devices.

Plug-in Properly

Be careful about plug-ins. If you are using a Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging base, double-check the connections. Sometimes only the Apple Watch will charge not the other devices. Insert the cables or barrel connector fully.

How To Charge A Mophie Portable Charger

Mophie charger test

Mophie is deliberately updating us from wired charging to new wireless charging technology. With this advancement, this brand introduced us to its stylish portable charger, which is modern in design, easy to carry, and charges fast. As it is portable, you need to charge your charger as well. Let’s see how:

  • Find the USB cable that came with the package and insert it into the charging port.
  • Connect the USB cable to a power source that is suitable for use.
  • Wait for the LED light at the bottom of the charger to stop alternating
  • When all four lights remain on firmly, your charger is fully charged.
  • Disconnect the USB from your Mophie gently and use your charger.

Benefits Of Using Mophie Portable Charger

Mophie has some of the best wireless chargers on the market. A portable Mophie charger provides some excellent facilities to solve the problems regarding charging. You don’t have to fight with cables anymore.

  • You can carry it anywhere you want
  • Serves uninterrupted power source
  • You can charge a camera, iPod, and even a laptop
  • It comes in different shapes, colors, and designs
  • Not expensive and low maintenance
  • Multiple USB ports to connect multiple devices
  • Fast charging and saving energy
  • Support iPhone x, iPhone 12 pro & all
  • Can charge apple watch, iPad Air, iPad Pro & more

People Often Ask

Mophie wireless Charger

1. How To Charge The Mophie Juice Pack?

Attach the battery to your phone and connect your charger to the phone’s USB port. Juice pack access and the battery plus icon on display will appear to ensure the phone is charging.

2. How Do You Reset A Mophie Portable Charger?

Disconnect the plug from the USB port. Push the button on the back, and activate the battery pack. After 10 seconds, push it again to make it deactivated.

3. Why Is My Mophie Charging Case Not Working?

It may happen because there is a fault with the power button or power switch on the outer side of the battery case. To avoid this, before inserting your phone into the case, you should charge it with a wireless charger.

4. Why Does My Mophie Wireless Charger Keep Blinking?

This blinking happens when your phone is plugged in with the charger but can not transfer power. Also, when the battery needs to be charged, the charger starts blinking.

5. How To Tell If The Problem Is Within The Mophie Charger?

If the problem is within the Mophie charger, it will not charge any other phone or device. If your phone can take charge from another charger, power cable, or adapter, then your Mophie charger is broken.

Mophie wireless Charger

6. Why My iPhone 6 Is Not Charging With The Mophie Charger?

Your iPhone 6 most probably not charging because of your thick case. So, taking the case off would solve the problem. Also, clean the charging port and check the cable is inserted fully.

7. How long do mophie chargers last?

The average lifespan of a mophie charger is 2 to 3 years with heavy use.

8. How can I tell if my mophie is charging?

When your mophie is charging, the LED light will turn green. The light will also turn off when your device is fully charged.

9. Why is my mophie charging stand blinking?

A blinking light might also mean that your device is charging, but it might not be charging as fast as you would like it to. In order to get the most out of your mophie charger, make sure you are using the correct cable, plugging it into a compatible outlet and that your device is fully charged.

10. How do you fix a faulty charger?

If you experience a faulty charger, it’s important to take it to a mophie service center or Apple store. If the issue is not covered under warranty, we recommend that you try our easy solution: replacing the entire charger with a new one.

To Wrap Up

There is no way to deny the advancement and benefits Mophie is serving with its modern designed charger and other devices. Mophie’s portable and wireless chargers are a lifesaver for those whose charge runs out fast.

But that does not mean they will never break or malfunction. Misuse, defects, dirt, and many other things can damage the charger and prevent it from working. Proper use, reset, repair, and many different ways can be the solution regarding the Mophie charger not working.

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