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Minecraft Challenges To Do With Friends for Fun! – Find Best Challenges

Minecraft is a fun game, as I’m sure you know most children are Minecraft fans. But sometimes, it’s just not enough for kids to play by themselves. They need challenges.

I hear a lot of kids get bored playing Minecraft after a while. I run into this problem with my 12-year-old son.

He doesn’t want to keep building the same stuff he already has and wants something new and Minecraft fun to do.

So, I find some Minecraft challenges:

  • Spawn on a small, deserted island
  • Create your sky island
  • Go on the HermitCraft adventure
  • Build a city from scratch
  • Randomly generate a world
  • Survive on a single block
  • Biome and Void worlds

The above are some of the best Minecraft challenges to do with friends that my 12-year-old son likes to do when they are looking to make their temporary worlds more exciting.

Fun and Simple Minecraft Challenge

Minecraft Challenges

If you want to add some more fun to the gameplay, then make things a bit harder for yourself in these simple ways:

1. Set a rule for mining: Either only dig straight down or straight up, not deviating. It will be pretty challenging for you to get out in this way.

2. Never kill a mob: try to become a pacifist, which may be harder than you think. Please don’t kill the mobs; coexist peacefully without them killing you. Also, don’t hire other mobs to do the job for you.

3. Limit your inventory use: Pretend there is only one slot in your inventory, and you can only use the items placed in that specific slot. Don’t touch anything in the other slots, and only use items in the Hotbar for crafting.

4. Change the controls: Go to the settings and remap your preferred controls into random keys. Once you get used to the new ones, remap again.

Minecraft Challenges To Do With Friends in Survival Mode

Playing Minecraft in Survival Mode is fun, but it may get boring.

To make things more interesting, there are various kinds of challenges that you can come up with within this mode.

Here is a list of some ideas, and you are free to customize them in your way:

Spawn on a small, deserted island

This can be an interesting challenge because you will be on a small island surrounded by the ocean. You’ve got limited resources and have to make do with them.

You cannot expand the island by adding more blocks because that will make it too easy. You can spawn on a Minecraft 1.12 survival island seed using the code “-3057195824021022322”.

You must do all the gameplay on that island without moving to a different base. Give yourself objectives like seeking a nether star, mining diamonds, or even defeating the Ender Dragon.

As a long-term objective, you can try building using nether brick, but then you’ll have to explore it. You can do all your farming and mining within the island and build it up to something better.

Create your sky island

The Skyblock server can be super fun, and you’ll get to go wild with creativity. Basically, you start with a small floating land hanging from the sky.

Then you add more blocks and other things to it and build it into your very own floating island. You can even make multiple of these islands and connect them all with a bridge.

And in the Skyblock server, you can make friends with other island owners. You might even want to invite them to your own island for bragging. Also find what is FOV in Minecraft.

Mind you, making a floating island isn’t easy at all, so it will definitely be a challenge. But it will be a fun challenge!

Go on the HermitCraft adventure

In HermitCraft, you will find yourself standing in a single chunk of 16×26 dimensions. The ultimate goal is to explore the nether and kill the ender dragon eventually.

For this, you have to play the game as you would normally, but the limited resources will make it challenging.

You have to download the map from HermitCraft’s website. It’s worth mentioning that another 16×16 chunk exists somewhere in the world, so if you have what it takes, you can explore it.

Build a city from scratch

Build a city from scratch

If you’re more of a builder than a fighter, this challenge will be the most fun for you.

You can invite multiplayer to join in and together build a city from complete scratch. To make it a challenge, you can divide it into stages.

For example, you can only use wooden tools in the beginning and eventually unlock the better ones.

Set various building objectives, lay down the plan and the vision, and work on it together. When you see the fruits of your hard work, it’s bound to make you feel great.

Or randomly generate a world

One of the most exciting things about Minecraft is that you can customize how the worlds are generated according to your wants.

This gives you the chance to not only spawn in a world you would love to play in but also design your own challenges and objectives.

You have endless options, and you can go wild with them. Whether it is replacing oceans with lava, playing on super-flat, or making ores rarer-you can do it all.

Fun Minecraft challenges for Hardcore Mode

Fun Minecraft challenges for Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode isn’t any mod or map in Minecraft; it’s simply a difficulty setting built into the Java version of Minecraft.

And difficult it is because it is the most challenging setting ever and is hard to get through, even for pro players.

This setting is more or less identical to your usual Survival Mode, with one exception that makes the difference. You have only one life.

Normally, you would be able to respawn an infinite number of times after dying, but not in Hardcore mode.

So what happens after you die?

The world you were playing in also ends. So every decision you take is important, and you have to play very carefully.

So Hardcore mode is already challenging, but you can make it even more so by adding more challenges. Let’s check them out:

Survive on a single block

You’ve already tried surviving on a single 16×16 chunk of land, now take it one step further and make it a single block.

This custom map by IJAMinecraft lets you spawn on a block hanging from the void, and you have to do everything within that tiny space, and that’s the only way you can progress.

You have to mine that block while the block keeps respawning an infinite number of times.

So basically, you will be at the mercy of whatever the block chooses to offer you.

The good news is that the materials progressively get better as you mine, while the bad news is that it also gets progressively more difficult.

The ultimate goal is to use the materials you collect to expand the land, make farms, and turn the single block into a home.

Once it’s big enough, you can invite friends and build it together with them. Since there is no server offering one block, you will have to download the custom map for the Java edition.

Biome and Void worlds

Biome and Void worlds

The best way to spice things up in Survival Mode and take it to the hardcore mode is to generate a world with a single biome.

Surviving in a world made entirely of ocean or badland biomes is by no means easy, so your intellect and skills will be put into use here.

You’ll have to start scavenging resources you wouldn’t normally look for to make do in the biome.

Even better, generate void worlds. There the only platforms produced are structures, which will make your journey to the end extremely dangerous and challenging. Also read about Minecraft Smite vs Sharpness.

If you’re an experienced and skillful player with strategic thinking ability, only then will you be able to tackle this challenge.

People often ask more

How can I make Minecraft more fun?

The answer is simple: download more mods. These mods will recode parts of the vanilla Minecraft into something more different, interesting, and sometimes even challenging.

How many challenges are there in Minecraft?

Currently, there are a total of 102 challenges. More elaborately, you can find 16 challenges in the Minecraft tab, 24 in the Nether tab, 9 in The End tab, 30 in the Adventure tab, and 23 in the Husbandry tab.

All of these Minecraft challenges to do with friends sound super fun, don’t they? You can always come up with new challenges yourself. After all, the harder it is, the more fun we’ll have.

How do I make Minecraft more fun?

There are several ways to make Minecraft more fun:

  1. Try different game modes: Minecraft has several game modes, including Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator. Each game mode offers a unique experience, so try them all to find the one you enjoy the most.
  2. Play with friends: Minecraft is more fun when you play with friends. You can build together, explore together, and compete against each other. You can also join public servers or create your own server to play with others.
  3. Install mods: Mods are user-created modifications that add new features, items, and game mechanics to Minecraft. There are thousands of mods available, so find some that interest you and install them.
  4. Set challenges for yourself: Minecraft can be more fun if you challenge yourself to achieve certain goals. For example, you could try to build a massive castle, explore every biome in the game, or defeat the Ender Dragon.
  5. Watch or create Minecraft content: You can find a lot of Minecraft content on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. Watching other players can give you ideas for new things to do in the game. Alternatively, you can create your own Minecraft content by recording your gameplay or creating tutorials for others.

Overall, Minecraft is a very open-ended game, so the possibilities for fun are endless. Try new things, experiment, and most importantly, have fun.

Final Words

We hope these Minecraft challenges have given you and your friends an idea of how to make the game even more fun. There are endless possibilities when it comes to playing Minecraft, so try out different combinations of these challenges with your friends and come up with new ones yourself.

Enjoy the freedom that this virtual world gives us, and don’t forget to have a great time while doing it!

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