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Left Galaxy Bud Not Working – How To Make It Work Again?

Suppose you are walking on the street, in a perfect mood and with the perfect music! And suddenly, the left Samsung wireless earbud stops working; what a disappointment, right?

Unfortunately, I have also faced silly issues like my left Galaxy bud not working a few days ago. But after researching Galaxy bud’s community pages and contacting their customer support, I found these potential tips to save your day:

  • Recharge the buds for a few hours
  • Clean the buds and the case
  • Reset them
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting
  • Install the recent update
  • Try a different device to pair

There are more things that you can do. So let’s see how to gracefully solve this annoying occurrence of wireless earbuds!

Left Galaxy Bud Not Working – 7 Functional Solutions Right Here

Earbud Not Working

We all go through stuff like this when a perfect moment turns into annoyance, and all because one of the wireless headphones has stopped working. Pathetic, as it sounds.

After struggling and replacing the valuable buds while the slightest inconvenience comes, I have found some great solutions that worked perfectly fine for me. Now we will have a ride through those. Let’s begin!

Solution 1: Try Recharging For A Few Hours Again

Sometimes, there can be some issues while charging, even if you think you have charged it properly. This is the simplest solution I tried, and it worked for me once.

So you have to place the Samsung Galaxy buds in the case properly and let it charge for one-two hour. You don’t have to reconnect the buds; you can try after it is adequately charged.

Solution 2: Cleaning The Buds

You can try cleaning the buds when charging does not get you out of the problem. Although your left Galaxy bud has the problem, you should clean both. Blockages can make the bud not work or connect with your device.

How To Clean Galaxy Earbuds?

  • First, remove the tip from the earbud and do not use force to detach it.
  • Take a cotton bud and clean the mesh covering without putting too much force.
  • If you can find any debris, wipe that using a soft brush.
  • Now re-assemble the tip to the earbuds, and it will be ready to use.

Caution: do not clean the buds using alcohol-containing wipes.

Solution 3: Update The Buds

Sometimes, an outdated version of your Galaxy buds may cause the issue. I have faced it due to outdated earbuds because I was too lazy to update them. So if you are facing the earbud not working issue due to updates, here’s how you can update the buds:

  • First, go to the Galaxy Wearable App
  • Now find the “About Earbuds” option there
  • Then you will find the Update Earbuds Software
  • If you see the latest version, click download and install the latest version of buds.

Solution-4: Unpair And Pair Again

Galaxy Bud Pair Again

This is most probably the most common solution that we all try. Yet, I will share it as you may forget it among all the complexity.

So you have to unpair the Samsung buds from your phone or connected device and then wait for 30 seconds. After that, pair it again. Hopefully, this trick will work if you are lucky enough.

Solution-5: Restart The Connected Device

If you have connected the buds to your phone, the issue may be caused by your phone itself. Try restarting the phone and pairing the buds using the Bluetooth connection again. Before restarting the device, you can forget your phone’s paired devices.

Solution-6: Investigate The Charging Case

While nothing I have shared above has worked, the issue might be because of your charging case. We don’t put much notice when it comes to the case, so dirt or debris might be stuck inside, preventing the left bud from getting charged.

So you can clean the inside of the charging case using a blow of air. Then, put the buds inside and charge it again. Hopefully, this time you won’t face any issues.

Solution 7: Try Connecting It To Another Device.

Sometimes, the problem might be due to the device to which the buds are connected. So it will be a safe guess to unpair the wired headphones from the device and connect them to another device. The connection issue might be due to the previous device if the problem goes away.

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Common Issues And Solutions For Samsung Galaxy Buds

Problem-1: Unable To Pair Them With Non-Samsung Devices

Sometimes you might be unable to pair the Galaxy buds to your non-Samsung device as the Galaxy wearable app is required to connect the buds. Here is the solution to this problem.


  • First, install the Galaxy Wearable app from the Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  • Now place the buds in the case.
  • After that, close the case and open it again.
  • By now, the buds will automatically enter pairing mode, and you can connect them to your device.

Problem 2: Bass Cuts Out While Playing Music

People face this familiar sound issue while using Galaxy wireless earbuds. The problem occurs primarily due to connection issues or while the buds have something stuck inside. Also, it may indicate that your buds are no longer usable.


You can try using the buds on a different device. If the problem remains, you might need to visit Samsung customer care because there is no possible troubleshooting to fix this issue.

Problem 3: Galaxy Buds Connected But No Sound

Here is another typical issue that people often complain about. I have faced this issue and blamed it on my device, while the actual problem was with the buds. However, here is a possible fix that you may try.


First, check whether your device’s audio setting is turned on. To find this setting:

  • Go to the Bluetooth setting while keeping the buds paired.
  • Click on the connected headphone, and you will ding the Media Audio setting.
  • At that phase, turn it on if it is turned off and try using the buds.

Another trick is to check whether the device is muted or not. If you have muted the device accidentally, the buds will not produce any sound.

Problem-4: Galaxy Wireless Earbuds Stopped Working All Of A Sudden

The main reason behind this occurrence can be a damaged battery. There can be another reason your buds have come in contact with water while it’s not waterproof.


If the buds have come in contact with water while it is not waterproof, there is certainly nothing you can do. The buds will be dead, so you need to replace them. But when the issue is due to a damaged battery, you can go to the service center to ask for a replacement if it is under the warranty period.

Problem-5: Pairing Failure

You might face an error while trying to connect the buds to your mobile device. Sometimes, it might even take forever to connect with the device.


While this problem occurs, try removing the buds from the device that you are using and reconnecting it to fix the Galaxy buds. You can also try resetting the buds using the procedure mentioned earlier.

Hopefully, you have already solved your left Galaxy bud not working annoyance.

The ultimate fixations may work wonders when making the buds work again. You can already see the solutions are pretty simple. But these solutions won’t come in handy if the bud has gone bad.

Try out the methods, but here’s how you can know if the earbuds are worth the effort or if you have to throw them away.

How To Know That My Earbuds Are Dead?

When you use the buds for a long time, sometimes following the given methods won’t work if the buds are dead. Here are a few signs that will tell you that your buds need a replacement:

  • The audio quality will diminish
  • One of the buds will not work even if you try a thousand methods
  • Sound will start to cut frequently
  • It will require constant charging, and the battery will drain a lot faster than before

So, when the buds are dead, you need a proper replacement with a longer lifetime. You can check out the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbuds with the notable noise-canceling feature that I loved! I can’t deny that it has been the most incredible bud I have used so far.

Explore More About The Concerns


Why Is My Left Wireless Earbud Not Working?

There can be several reasons behind the left earbud not working. The initial issue can be that you failed to set up the bud from the settings correctly. It can also be caused by a bug that will need you to do a reset to fix.

Why Does My Left Galaxy Bud Not Charge?

Charging issues can be because of the charging case problem. Look for any debris in the case and blow the debris out with air if there is any. You can try resetting the buds if the case does not cause the problem.

How Long Do Samsung Earbuds Last?

Galaxy Buds 2 PRO

You can have up to 13 hours of playtime with a 6 hours charge. But over time, the last may decrease. It will entirely depend on your usage and maintenance if you ask about durability.

Can I Wear Galaxy Buds In The Shower?

As the Galaxy buds are not waterproof, you cannot use that during your shower. If water gets into the buds, that will ruin them. Keep them away from coming in touch with water to prevent any damage.

How Do You Fix A Wet Galaxy Bud?

If water gets inside the bud by mistake, you must dry it immediately. Open the tip from the bud to clean the water that got inside it. If you do not take care of the matter immediately, the buds will be dead.

How do I reset my Samsung left buds?

If your Samsung left earbuds are not working properly, you may need to reset them. To reset your earbuds:

1. Insert the earbuds into the charging case and close the lid.
2. Wait at least seven seconds, then remove the earbuds.
3. They will automatically restart and reconnect.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Samsung buds left or right bud disconnection, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

First, make sure that the buds are firmly inserted into the charging case and that the case is properly closed. If the problem persists, try resetting the buds by placing them back in the case and holding down the touchpad on both buds for 10 seconds.

If neither of these solutions works, it’s possible that there is a hardware issue with your buds and they will need to be replaced. You can contact Samsung support for assistance with this issue.


After trying all of the methods above, if your left Galaxy Bud still isn’t working, then it’s probably time to buy a new one. We hope this article has helped you troubleshoot the issue.

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