In the Dark Season 4: Release Date, Cast, and Many More!

In the Dark is a popular American television series that first aired in 2019. The series was then renewed for three seasons and aired on the CW channel every year after its release. The crime-mystery show revolves around Murphy Mason who embarks on a journey to find the reason behind the death of her friend Tayson and herself gets involved in drug dealing and other illegal activities.

The action scenes, plotline, and the performances of the actors were highly appreciated and thus, the makers have decided to come up with a new season. Furthermore, the previous season also ended with a cliffhanger and viewers are interested in finding the answers to their queries. Thus, in this article, we have collected detailed information about the release date, cast, and plot of In the Dark Season 4. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

In the Dark; Everything You Need to Know

In the Dark is a popular crime-mystery-based series that revolves around the life of Murphy Mason, who finds her friend dead in her home. What’s even surprising is that before she can call anyone for help the victim’s body gets stolen leaving Murphy confused and scared. Thus, she decides to clear her suspicion and takes on the task to find the murderer by herself.

In the process, she gets involved with people dealing with drugs and other illegal activities. Overall, the series is interesting and engaging, the plot is well-written and offers elements of mystery and intrigue. This has been highly appreciated by the critics and has earned the show relatively high ratings and viewership.

For now, three seasons of the series have been aired on the CW channel after its release in 2019. Each season has 13 episodes in total with a duration of 45 minutes each. So, you get good quality content that can satisfy your urge to watch something mysterious and crime-based. There are no plot holes or fillers in the story which makes it even more interesting and fun.

In the Dark Season 4; Release Date

Season 3 of the series ended with a cliffhanger in 2023, which left the audience wondering what will happen next in the story. Fortunately, makers have officially announced the release date of the fourth installment of the series which will also be 13 episodes long. The fourth part of the series will air on June 6, 2023, on the same channel as the previous three installments. Thus, you do not have to wait for a long time as there is less than a month since the new season is released on your television screens.

Who Will be Cast in Season 4?

Season 4 will bring back the original cast with Perry Mattfeld playing the leading character Murphy Mason alongside her other co-actors. Apart from this, the insiders have revealed that we will get to see some characters from the previous seasons as well including Max and Felix played by Casey Deidrick and Morgan Krantz respectively. So, it will be interesting the comeback of these stars and their on-screen interaction with the protagonist of the show.

In the Dark Season 4; Plot

The plot of season 4 will begin from where the previous season ended. The third season focused on the quest for Murphy to find her missing friend Jess, who turns out to be hiding from police after murdering someone in self-defense. During her search, Murphy also gets involved with a drug dealer and ends up being arrested by the police after finding Jess.

However, Jess escapes during the commotion leaving Murphy helpless. So, season 4 of the series will focus on the escape of the Murphy from the police ad her quest to locate Jess and the murderer of Tayson. We are highly interested to watch how things will turn out for Murphy after all these ordeals that she has gone through in the previous seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a trailer available for In the Dark season 4?

Unfortunately, no official trailer has been released for the series despite the official announcement of its return for the fourth time. But, it is understandable as the trailers for all the previous seasons were aired a few days before their release date. So, we believe that it will be the same for the upcoming season as well.

When will we get to watch In the Dark 4?

Makers have officially announced the release date of the series on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. The actress Perry Mattfeld has also taken it to Instagram to say that she is excited for the first episode of season 4 which will be released on June 6, 2023. So, you will be able to watch the series from June 6 onwards on CW’s official channel and website.

How many seasons of In the Dark will there be?

In the Dark was originally released in 2019 on the CW channel and then was renewed for three seasons till 2023. This was because of the huge success and high viewership of the series. Now, the makers have decided to renew the series for another season which will air on June 6, 2023. So, overall the series has four seasons and it might be renewed for more depending upon the success of the fourth installment.

Wrapping Up


In the Dark is one of the most-watched series on the CW channel. It garnered high viewership and ratings during the past three years and was liked by both audience and critics. This has led the makers to come up with another installment of the series which is slated for 13 episodes and will be aired on June 6, 2023.

As the previous season ended on a cliffhanger, fans can’t seem to wait for season 4. So, to end your curiosity we have gathered all the information about the release date, trailers, plotline, and cast of In the Dark 4. So, don’t forget to visit our website regularly for the latest developments in this regard.

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