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8 Amazing Tips To Fix Your “iFruit App Not Working”! – Maintenance Errors

Los Santos Customs is found through the free iFruit mobile app, which connects to your Grand Theft Auto V experience.

Aside from customizing automobiles and Chop, the app smartly connects your data with your GTA V account.

It’s possible that your iFruit app not working at times; if so, what gives?

Well, you may face different issues for not working your iFruit apps properly, while the iFruit crash is one of the most common reasons for it.

Moreover, there is no authorized speech for its malfunctioning, but most competitive gamers claim that they often face issues like black screen, maintenance errors or bugs with the iFruit apps.

Is iFruit Apps not working on your Android device, iPhone, or Windows PC? I’ll show you how to get the iFruit App up and running in this article.

What Is the iFruit app?

Customization options for GTA V vehicles include paint, brakes, engines, window tints, and customized license plates through the free iOS app Grand Theft Auto: iFruit.

Grand Theft Auto V players on consoles can modify their vehicles in this manner.

You may also take care of Chop the Dog in the app’s minigame. Chop is a brand-new pet in Grand Theft Auto V.

Chop may learn new skills and play as you feed and touch him (virtually). Taking care of Chop in the GTA V console game will let the player execute stunts and uncover hidden objects.

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Why Is iFruit Apps Not Working?

It is possible that your iFruit app isn’t operating for various reasons. One of the most likely explanations is that it crashed because you were using an older version of one of their fixes.

The creators have not released an official statement; however, the following are some of the issues that players are now experiencing:

  • A problem with the server’s connection has occurred.
  • Currently, the app isn’t functioning correctly.
  • If you attempt to open the app, it immediately crashes.
  • Problems with Maintenance
  • It’s not operating correctly with LS Custom at the moment.
  • Starting up iFruit results in a crash.

How To Fix Your iFruit App Not Working?

1. Using BlueStacks to run the iFruit app

Using BlueStacks to run the iFruit app

The iFruit app no longer seems to operate on Android phones with the Android 11 upgrade. It often fails to start up. The BlueStacks Android version Emulator for Windows may be used as a workaround.

The app has not been updated and may crash if you attempt to load information on the newest automobiles before you begin. Ensure you don’t have your active personal vehicle from the new update before beginning.

  • Install BlueStacks on your computer
  • Open the Play Store app and sign in using your Google account
  • Get the iFruit app for your iOS device.
  • Use your user login credentials to access iFruit and have fun!

2. Update Notifications Permissions

If your device doesn’t allow the iFruit app to function correctly, it might cause the above troubles.

For this reason, you must go into settings and seek iFruit App permissions under All Apps.

In addition, check to see whether it has the authorization to display alerts. Every time there is a new update, this is reasonably necessary and useful.

3. The iFruit Update Failed to Launch

Update or re-download Grand Theft Auto: iFruit? That is up to you. You may have the same issues with the other if the first doesn’t work, in which case you should hunt for the same answers with the second.

We’ve proposed some potential solutions if you’re having trouble downloading the Grand Theft Auto: iFruit App.

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4. Turn Off and On Again Your Device

Turn Off iOS or Android operating system


After upgrading the iOS or Android operating system, Apple App Store or Google Play Store issues may occur. This results in the app store losing data.

Start your smartphone and examine all of its settings. If necessary, you may also re-establish the app store or Google Play Store connection.

5. Unable To Open Load iFruit

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit won’t load when you try to download or update it, and it takes longer to begin downloading or for the software to download fully.

Consequently, many people attempt to restart the download of Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, but this does not help either.

Many may try to verify the internet connection as their next step. It doesn’t function or operate extremely slowly even if WLAN indicates full reception.

6. iFruit Takes a Long Time to Download

If Grand Theft Auto: iFruit takes a long time to download, it may be because the program itself is too large. It seems that the software is downloading slowly due to the presence of a progress bar.

In the case of an update, you can see how large the installation file is and if it will take a long time to load because of its size in the relevant companion app store.

7. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit: What To Do If It Crashes

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

  • Use the most recent version of your Playstation mobile operating system.
  • Check for updates in Grand Theft Auto: iFruit and apply them if needed.
  • It’s time to reboot your phone or tablet.
  • Reinstall Grand Theft Auto: iFruit after it has been uninstalled.

8. Other Possibilities

  • Load up a second character by going online and changing it.
  • Unlinking your account is as easy as pressing a button on your phone or computer.
  • You’ll be prompted for your password the next time you in onto iFruit.
  • Create all of your dishes in the time you have on this character.
  • When you return to your main course, all of your dishes will be waiting for you.

There are many ways to get around the problem of the iFruit app not operating on your smartphone. Spotify Friend Activity Not Showing 2024 Mac & Window Fix could be of interest to you as well.

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It’s Possible To Get iFruit For Android, But How?

  • Cache and data in Play Store should be deleted.
  • Restarting the program in this way should fix any issues.
  • Go to ” App Settings” on your smartphone and choose “Reset.”
  • Click View all applications under Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap Google Play Store at the bottom of the page.
  • To clear the cache, tap Memory.
  • Next, choose to Delete all user data.
  • Please re-open the Play Store and re-try the download.

Does The iFruit App Still Work In 2024?

GTA: iFruit’s support for Windows Phone, Windows Store, and PlayStation Vita platforms expired on September 9th of 2019.

GTA: iFruit will no longer be downloadable and can no longer interface with GTAV on the above systems.

iFruit will continue to be accessible for iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is iFruit compatible with Grand Theft Auto?

With the iFruit App, players of Grand Theft Auto 5 may use the Chop the Dog app to teach Franklin’s dog Chop, as well as use the Los Santos Customs app to design unique license plates for their vehicles.

Meanwhile, Android, PS Mobile, PS Vita and Windows Phone versions of iFruit are still in the works at Rockstar.

Is GTA Online ending in 2020?

To stop multiplayer and the Rockstar Games Social Club’s surveillance of website statistics, Rockstar Games has announced that it would shut down Grand Theft Auto Online servers for specific systems on December 16th. Grand Theft Auto V’s single-player mode is unaffected.

Does the iFruit app work on iOS?

What is the function of the iFruit app? A free iOS software, Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, allows users to customize their GTA V automobiles, including color choices, brakes, motors, and more. You may also take care of Chop the Dog in the app’s minigame.

How do you link the iFruit App to GTA 5 Ifruit?

iFruit lets you play GTAV on PS4, Xbox One,  Xbox 360, PS3, or PC in any combination, making it easy to transition between platforms.

To accomplish this, look at the iFruit home screen’s Settings app. To connect iFruit to a specific platform, press the checkbox next to it in the “Platform Switcher” section issue.

Is it safe to use iFruit?

Regardless, the iFruits app now available in the Google Play store is a shoddy, worthless imposter that should never be downloaded or installed.

An application that, according to Destructoid, seems to be a kind of malware disguised as something else

What’s the point of the iFruit app?

If you’d rather have a different sort of horn placed in your automobile or a different exhaust system put on your vehicle, this Rockstar Games app is for you.

In addition, you can alter your vehicle’s license plate, which was previously unavailable in Grand Theft Auto 5.

On my iPhone, how can I acquire GTA 5 iFruit?

Unfortunately, unlike some of its predecessors, it is not currently accessible for iOS or Android users. There is, however, a legal method to play GTA V on your smartphone.

You’ll need to get the ‘Steam Link App to play Grand Theft Auto V on your smartphone on Rockstar Game.

Does the iFruit app still work on Android?

Yes, the iFruit app is available for Android devices and should still work as long as you have a compatible device and operating system version.

However, app functionality may vary depending on the specific device and version of Android you are using.

It is always recommended to check the Google Play Store for the latest version of the app and any device compatibility requirements.

Finally, When All Else Fails, Try These Suggestions!

If the iFruit app not working or is notoriously tricky to use, here’s a tutorial on how to get it to work. If you strictly adhere to the instructions, it should work.

  • Drive the car with the LSC license plate in-game.
  • Launch the application.
  • Create your plate in the app.
  • It’s easy to locate your car in the App’s Garage by scrolling down to your character’s name and then looking through all of the vehicles that are accessible.
  • Choose that car. Click the ORDER button beneath your vehicle schematic to see the customization possibilities.
  • Accept by clicking the accept button.
  • Drive into LSC and accept the order after you get a message.

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