Get Parrot Off-Shoulder In Minecraft

How To Get Parrot Off-Shoulder In Minecraft?- Easy Ways

As any experienced Minecraft player knows, there comes a time when your avian friend starts to take up too much space on your shoulder, preventing you from moving around freely.

But how to get parrot off-shoulder in Minecraft?

One way to get a parrot off is to use a lead and attach it to a fence post or another block.

Another way is to use a throwing net to catch the Parrot.

Finally, you can use a water bucket to place a water source block next to the Parrot, which will make it fly away.

This blog post will explore various ways to get your Parrot off your shoulder in the Minecraft game. So read on to learn more!

Parrot In Minecraft

Get Parrot Off-Shoulder In Minecraft

As you know, parrots are cute little birds found in tropical climates. In Minecraft, parrots can be found in the Jungle biome. Parrots are neutral mobs, meaning they will not attack the player unless provoked.

Parrots have several functions in Minecraft. First, parrots can be used as pets. When tamed, parrots will sit on the player’s shoulder and follow them around.

Parrots can also be trained to repeat phrases. This can be done by feeding a parrot a cookie.

They also are used as wards against hostile mobs. When a parrot is placed in a cage, it will emit a loud screeching sound when mobs are nearby. This can be useful for warning the player of approaching enemies.

How To Get Parrot Off-Shoulder In Minecraft?

It can be pretty annoying when a parrot sits on your shoulder in Minecraft, especially if you’re trying to mine or do other things. Here’s how to get rid of them:

Open Your Inventory

Try opening your inventory and moving around. Sometimes this will dislodge the Parrot, and it will fly away.

Try Using A Weapon

If that doesn’t work, try using a weapon or tool. Right-click to swing it; hopefully, the Parrot will be hit and fly off.

Go Into Water

Another option is to go into the water. Parrots don’t like water, so they usually fly away when entering it. Just make sure you don’t drown yourself in the process!

Quit And Restart

You can permanently save your game if all else fails and then quit and restart. The Parrot should be gone when you load the game back up again.

We hope one of these methods works for you, and you can finally get rid of that pesky Parrot!

Dangerous Ways to Remove a Parrot off Your Shoulder

There are numerous additional methods for getting a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft, but they are frequently risky for both the player and the parrot. Your parrot could very well pass away in these circumstances.

Jumping from a higher height—anything higher than two blocks—is one of the least risky ways to do this. The parrot will hop off and return to you gently, allowing you a chance to have it sit before it perches once again.

But, keep in mind that if you jump down four blocks or more, you will sustain fall damage.

Another strategy is to sustain harm in any manner you can. The parrot will fly off your shoulder if you are struck by a zombie, take damage from a skeleton arrow, or even take fire damage.

Yet diving into lava would be the riskiest option. In addition to losing your parrot, burning in lava would cause significant damage to you, and there is a significant risk that your parrot would also tumble into the lava pool with you.

How To Put A Parrot On Your Shoulder?

The easiest way to put a parrot on your shoulder is to have someone else do it for you.

If you’re determined to do it yourself, here are a few tips:

Choose A Calm

Choose a calm, compliant bird. Some parrots enjoy being handled and will perch calmly on your shoulder, while others may squirm and bite.

Cup The Bird

Gently cup the bird in your hand and bring him close to your shoulder. Slowly release him onto your shoulder, supporting his feet if necessary.

Keep A Firm Grip

If the bird tries to jump off, keep a firm grip on him and gently coax him back onto your shoulder. Praise him when he cooperates.

Use A Perch

Once the bird is settled on your shoulder, you can use a perch or strap to keep him securely in place.

Most parrots can be trained to enjoy riding on your shoulder with patience and practice. Just be prepared for the occasional nip!

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

If you’re wondering how to tame a parrot in Minecraft, it’s actually quite easy! Here’s what you need to do:

Find a parrot

First, you need to find a parrot in the game. They can usually be found in jungle biomes, so start exploring the jungle biome to find one.

Offer it some seeds

Once you’ve found a parrot, you can tame it by offering it some seeds. Parrots love seeds, so simply hold the seeds in your hand and approach the parrot. Right-click on the parrot to feed it the seeds.

Wait for hearts to appear

After you’ve fed the parrot some seeds, it will start to trust you. Wait for red hearts to appear above its head, which is a sign that it’s starting to like you.

Repeat the process

Keep offering the parrot more seeds and waiting for hearts to appear until the parrot is fully tamed. Once it’s tamed, it will follow you around and perch on your shoulder, and you can even train it to do tricks.

It’s important to remember that parrots are sensitive animals and should always be treated with care and respect, both in Minecraft and in real life. By following these steps to tame a parrot, you can enjoy the game and interact with parrots in a safe and responsible way.

Roles Of Parrots In Minecraft

Get Parrot on -Shoulder In Minecraft

Parrots may become helpful in the future of Minecraft. Right now, they can be used for decoration or as a pet; however, it is unknown if they will have many other uses.

Perch On The Player’s Shoulder

Parrots can perch on the player’s shoulder and will follow them around. If a player is sprinting, the Parrot will also sprint. Parrots can be fed seeds, which will cause them to sit on the player’s head and eat.

Six Different Colors

Parrots come in six colors: red, green, blue, cyan, gray, and white. There is also a unique “Rainbow” parrot with all colors.

Rainbow Parrots

Rainbow parrots are rare and can only be found in chests buried in treasure maps. Finding one of these chests is an auspicious event.

Can Be Used For Decoration

Parrots can be used for decoration, but they do not have any other uses currently. They may have more uses in the future as Minecraft continues to develop. Until then, enjoy having them as pets or decorations!

Drawbacks Of A Parrot Sitting On The Shoulder


While having a parrot sitting on your shoulder in Minecraft can be a fun and cute feature, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

Obstructed View

When a parrot is sitting on your shoulder, it can sometimes obstruct your view. This can be especially problematic if you’re trying to navigate through tight spaces or avoid hazards in the game.

Distracting Noises

Parrots in Minecraft can be quite noisy, and their constant chirping and squawking can be distracting, especially if you’re trying to focus on other tasks in the game.


While a parrot is perched on your shoulder, it can be vulnerable to attacks from hostile mobs or environmental hazards. This can be especially dangerous if you’re in a high-risk area of the game.


Over-taming parrots can be problematic as they will mimic nearby hostile mobs sounds, giving players a false sense of security.

People Often Ask More

how do you carry a Minecraft parrot

In Minecraft, how do you carry a parrot?

You must carry parrots over your shoulder to move them. After leaping, you’ll want flat ground between that location and your boat to regain your shoulders.

In Minecraft, how do you use a parrot?

Taming. Wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds may be used to tame a parrot with a one in ten probability of success. Interacting with a trained parrot causes it to sit and stand.

Do birds in Minecraft warn you?

It may also alert you to impending risks, such as a hostile crowd about to attack. If the Parrot senses a creeper or a zombie 20 blocks away, it will mimic the mob’s noises. Parrots will start dancing immediately if you play a CD, which is a sight to witness.

What gives parrots in Minecraft the need to hiss?

Parrots will mimic the noises of neighboring mobs. Parrots will mimic the noises of neighboring mobs. Parrots’ imitation noises are annoying. As a general rule, parrots should only imitate hostile mobs, although imitating sounds should be softer.

How do you get your Parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft bedrock?

Occasionally, a trained parrot may fly to the player’s shoulder on its own and sit there. The Parrot may be removed off a player’s shoulder by jumping, and the bird will fly away.

Is it possible to put a leash on a Minecraft parrot?

leash on a Minecraft parrot

The right-click command may instruct a parrot to sit after taming it. By stepping through it, though, a tamed parrot will perch on your shoulder. As they will fly following the player, parrots must be leashed or seated to be left at your base.

Will parrots fly with you in Minecraft?

When a parrot tries to follow you when you’re wearing an elytra, activate the Parrot’s flight mode and have it fly beside you. Flying with parachutes would be easy and add many moods to the game if possible.

Why does my parrot-like my shoulder?

Parrots stand on their shoulders to simulate the high view positions seen in their native environment, such as the branches of large trees. It’s an excellent way for parrots and their owners to get to know one other better.

You can quickly grab your Parrot’s attention if it needs anything, such as food or attention.

Can parrots dance on your shoulder in Minecraft?

Yes, parrots in Minecraft can dance on your shoulder! When you tame a parrot by feeding it seeds, it will follow you around and may eventually perch on your shoulder. While on your shoulder, the parrot will occasionally dance and bob its head to the rhythm of the background music.

Why do you need to have a parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft?

In addition to being entertaining, this makes it easier to hear the parrot imitate other crowds. In Bedrock Edition, a parrot perched on a shoulder will also restrict access to the Nether. It serves as a helpful reminder for you to get ready before visiting this dimension.

Learn More About Minecraft Parrot

parrot on shoulder

These are all about “how to get parrot off-shoulder in Minecraft?” A Parrot is a passive mob that will fly onto a player’s shoulder.

  • The Parrot can be removed by attacking it, or it will eventually fly away on its own.
  • A player can also give the Parrot to another player by using the /transfer command. Parrots are tamable and can be bred with other parrots to produce baby parrots.
  • Parrots have two primary colors: red and blue.
  • A player can change a parrot’s color by giving it a dye ball.

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