5 Amazing Apps To Hide Apps On iPhone – Go Incognito!

Every time you download a mobile app to your iPhone, there is an option to place it on your home screen. This makes it easy to find and convenient but can clutter your homepages. Thanks to technology, we now have apps that allow you to hide other apps.

Some apps allow you to camouflage an app, while others remove it from the home screen to a more private location. Here are the top 5 apps you can use to hide other apps on your iPhone:

  • Calculator Vault: App Hider
  • App hider
  • Hide app, app hider premium
  • Clock secret vault
  • Hider pro

This article explains different ways to hide apps on your iPhone.

How To Hide Apps On iPhone

How To Hide Apps On Your iPhone

You can download an app like Hider Pro to hide an app on your iPhone. Alternatively, go to settings and hide the app. iPhones have a feature that allows you to hide some apps. It’s more flexible than downloading apps.

How To Hide A Single App

  • Press and hold the app you want to hide, and several options will appear after some seconds of holding the app.
  • You will see a “remove app” option, and when you select it, a “remove from home screen” option will show up, then select it too.
  • This simple process will hide the app, and you can find the hidden app later in the iPhone App Library.

To find the App Library, swipe through the right on your home screen, or you can use the search bar at the top of your iPhone to search for it.

How To Hide Apps In A Folder

Your iPhone folder is also a place you can hide apps. To do this;

  • Press and hold the app you are willing to hide for about 3-4 seconds, then it will begin to wriggle.
  • Hold on to the app and drag it over to another app in that same folder. You have created a folder and can rename it if you want.
  • Open the folder, press and hold the app you want to hide for about 3 seconds until it begins to wriggle, and drag it to the next page of the folder.

NOTE: You can create a folder with more than ten screens; it will make it very difficult for intruders to access the app but will not finally hide it.

6 Apps To Hide Any Apps On Your iPhone

Some third-party apps allow you to camouflage your iPhone apps or put them in a more private location. Here are five apps you can use to keep essential apps off your home screen.

1. HiddenVault Secret Photo Vault app

At the top of our list is the HiddenVault Secret Photo Vault app.

With HiddenVault, you can hide and lock your private photos and videos, hide apps, set up a passcode or Face ID in order to access your private vault… and you’ll even get break-in alerts along with a photo snapshot of anyone who tries to open the app without knowing your passcode.

Unlike other private photo vault apps, HiddenVault doesn’t have access to your data or personal information. Instead, your private photos and videos are stored safely and securely on your iPhone (which is then protected by military-grade encryption).

The HiddenVault app is simple to use, has a ton of useful features, and is completely free in the App Store:


2. Calculator Vault: App Hider

The calculator vault is one of the most popular apps for hiding apps on your phones. Using this app on your iPhone doesn’t need rooting; you only need to install the app from the Apple store, launch it and choose which app you want to mask on the home screen.

This app will set up a code for your mask apps to ensure no one opens them without your consent. You can use it to hide photos and videos too.

3. App Hider

The app hider is helpful for people working in big corporations and has a lot of confidential resources on their iPhone that a third party should not see. This app can hide and access all your social media apps on one device.

You will have to export the app you want to hide to the hider and then enter a pre-set digit to access those apps. The good thing is that you can get notifications from the app, even when hidden.

4. Hide app, app hider premium

The Hide App allows you to camouflage your apps and make them look like calculators. Once you hide the apps, you won’t be able to run them.

5. Clock Secret Vault

If you need to hide and protect app privacy on your iPhone, you need to get the Clock Secret Vault.

You can choose either to hide your apps in the local or cloud storage, and the password you will be using to access those apps you hide will contain the time arrow combination; that’s the reason for the name.

6. Hider Pro

This app can hide unlimited apps and files on your iPhone. Hider Pro is straightforward to use but very powerful. Whatever app you hide, no one can access it except you.

5 Ways To Hide Apps On iPhone

There are several ways you can hide apps you don’t want a third party to see on your iPhone home screen instead of you constantly deleting apps; below are the five best options;

1. Hide Apps In A Folder

hide apps in a folder - iphone

You can hide your apps in a folder if you don’t want people to be seeing it on your iPhone home screen. How do you go about that?

  • Long press the home screen to activate the editing mode.
  • Then, long press on the app you want to hide and drag it to another app you want to add to that folder.
  • Drag the app you want to hide to the next page, then drag and put any app on the first page of the folder you just created.
  • Lastly, add a few more apps to the folder and rename it.

2. Remove Icons From Your Screen To Hide Apps

Removing icons from the home screen is another safe way to hide apps on your iPhone. All you have to do is remove the app icon from the home screen and move it to the app library. How do you go about that?

  • Press-hold the icon you want to remove on the home screen.
  • Options will draw down, then select the “remove app” option.
  • Select the “remove from screen” option that sorts it all out.

3. Hide Multiple Apps From Your Home Screen

Hide Multiple Apps From Your Home Screen iPhone

If you have several apps you want to hide from your home screen, the simplest way is to hide pages from your home screen. How do you go about that on your iPhone?

  • Unlock your iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID and move all the apps you want to hide to a single page; you can create different pages but make sure they contain the apps you want to hide.
  • Long press on your home screen to activate editing mode. Press the dots at the lower end showing your home screen pages.
  • Press the checkmark under the page you want to hide from your home page, and tap anywhere on your screen to exit.
  • Tap another space to exit the editing mode, which sorts it all out.

4. Hide From The IOS Spotlight Search

Hiding iPhone apps from iOS spotlight search means when people search for that particular app, it won’t appear in the smart suggestions, iPhone search, and suggest app icon. How can you do this on your ios device?

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and go to Siri Search
  • Scroll and select the app you wish to hide from Search
  • Deactivate the toggle on your screen. Some apps will have several options, and you will have to deactivate the toggles on each.
  • Exit the settings app; the apps you hide won’t appear in the search option or smart suggestions.

5. Hide Apps From App Store Purchase

This is a way to hide installed apps you have purchased and installed from the app store on your iPhone. To do this:

  • Go to your app store, open it and click your account picture.
  • Click Purchased
  • Your purchase history will show up. Choose those you want to hide from your purchase history and then swipe left on the chosen app.
  • Click hide, and that sorts it out.

Conclusively, The best way to prevent people from intruding on some apps on your iPhone is to use third-party apps to hide apps on your iPhone or remove the app icon from your home screen. It’s also an effective way to declutter your home screen.

How to Unhide

If you’re looking for an app on your iPhone but can’t seem to find it, it can be hidden in your App Library. There’s a simple way to find it.

  • On your iPhone, open the App Library. Swipe from right to left to go to the App Library in most instances. Keep swiping until App Library appears, which may be a few screens away.
  • Enter the name of the app you’re looking for into the search box at the top of the screen.
  • Tap and hold the name of the app you want in the search results when it appears. If it doesn’t go to your home screen immediately, swipe your finger to the left without releasing the app.

What You May Want To Know

1. Can I Hide An App On iPhone For Free?

You can hide apps on your iPhone free without downloading apps. Removing the app icon from your home screen is an easy way to hide an app. To do this:

  • Press-hold the icon, and in the pop-up, select remove app.
  • Next, tap on “remove from screen.”

2. What Do Hidden Apps Look Like On iPhone?

If you hide an app on your iPhone using a third-party app like Hide App, the hidden app will appear as a calculator. The hide app is an example of a camouflage app. Hidden apps are apps that don’t show up on your iPhone’s home screen.

3. What Is The Best App For Hiding Apps on iPhone?

The best app for hiding apps on iPhone is the App Hider because of its flexibility. If you use it to hide social media apps, you will get notifications while the app is hidden. Also, it removes the app from the home screen instead of camouflaging it.

4. Which Is The Best App To Hide Photos And Videos?

The best app for hiding photos and videos on your phone is the KeepSafe Photo Vault. It uses fingerprint authentication and military-grade encryption to keep your files safe. If you send a photo to someone via email, the app gives you a time-out option so the recipient can’t save the photo.

5. Does iPhone Have A Secret Folder?

The iPhone does not have a built-in “secret folder” feature for hiding files or photos. However, there are some workarounds and third-party apps premissions that can help you create a private or hidden folder to store sensitive content.

One built-in method to hide photos on an iPhone is to use the “Hide” feature in the Photos app. By selecting a photo, tapping the Share icon, and then choosing the “Hide” option, the photo will be moved to the “Hidden” album. However, this method does not provide complete privacy, as the “Hidden” album is still accessible within the Photos app and does not have password protection.

  • Go to Photos and click on Album.
  • Check under Utilities; you’ll find “Hidden album.

6. What Are Disguised Apps?

Disguised apps are applications that appear to serve one purpose but actually have a different or hidden functionality.

They are designed to look like common, innocuous apps to deceive users and avoid drawing attention.

These apps can be used for various purposes, such as hiding sensitive data, spying, or engaging in malicious activities.

7. What Does *# 31 Do On iPhone?

The *#31# code on the iPhone is a secret or hidden USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code that allows you to check the status of your device’s outgoing caller ID setting. When you dial *#31# and press the call button, the iPhone will display a message indicating whether the outgoing caller ID is currently set to “on” or “off.”

When the outgoing caller ID is set to “on,” your phone number will be visible to the person you’re calling. If it’s set to “off,” your phone number will be hidden, and the recipient will see “Unknown” or “No Caller ID” on their phone when you call them.

Final Words

If you want to hide confidential files, private moments of your life captured as photos and videos or any other apps which may provide access to sensitive data stored in  iPhones, then try one of the best app hiders to hide apps from the above-mentioned list discussed in this article.

Did you find any of the aforementioned hiding apps helpful?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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