Instruction For Fixing Xbox Remote Play

10 Ways To Fix Xbox Remote Play Not Working – Step by Step Instruction

“Some people Say Video games rot your brain, But I think they work different muscles that maybe you don’t normally use” -Ezra Koenig.

Who doesn’t like to play video games? I do! Did something happen like Xbox Remote play not working? Don’t know what you should do?

Try and update the device to the latest version. The device you are trying to play on could be mobile (Android device/iOs device), windows, or Mac; if it’s not updated, launce the “remote play” app and look for the on-screen instructions to update the app.

The remote play feature is one of the most remarkable features of the Xbox gaming experience. If you face problems, I am here to help with my expertise.

Do You Meet the Requirements For Remote Play

Requirements For Remote Play

Xbox Remote Play is not accessible to everyone. There are a few crucial prerequisites, and if you don’t meet them, Remote Play won’t function:

  • You have to reside in a supported area. A device running Android 6.0, iOS 13, or Windows 10 or later.
  • a USB connection or Bluetooth 4.0 connection for the controller (not supported on iOS).
  • A minimum 7Mbps internet connection to the Xbox. This indicates that it requires an upstream connection that is at least that fast; verify that your ISP’s upload speed is sufficient for the connection to the Xbox.
  • Ethernet or 5GHz WiFi. Even though 2.4Ghz networks will function, they are not ideal for game streaming, even though the rates are sufficient.
  • Controller for an Xbox. Currently, touch, mouse, and keyboard controls are not supported.

If you don’t meet these requirements, take the necessary steps to meet them, and try again.

10 Easy Steps To Fix Xbox Remote Play Not Working

  1. Disconnect your device from other controllers
  2. Check the batteries if they are charged properly
  3. Cover the proper distance between the console and the device
  4. Remove any obstacles between the controller and the device
  5. Check if you are using the correct Xbox account
  6. Use a USB cable.
  7. Restart the console and controller
  8. Try updating the Xbox firmware.
  9. Check the Internet Connection
  10. Contact Xbox support for further help

1. Disconnecting The Device From Other Controllers

Xbox controller

Please note that the “Remote Play” feature supports only one player at a time. So, check if you have already connected your Xbox controller to another device or Xbox. If you have, disconnect it immediately to connect with the desired device you want to play on.

It only supports eight controllers with your console. You won’t be able to pair it with any other device at that point. You have to remove pairing and then re-pair with your desired device.

2. Check The Batteries Of Your Controller

If the batteries of your controller are running low, it will not turn on. Remove the battery cover from the back and insert a new pair of AA batteries to turn it back on again.

To ensure your Xbox controller batteries are charged fully, go back to the Home menu by clicking the Xbox button. Look for the battery icon and see if they are correctly charged. If they are not, try installing new batteries or recharge them ASAP.

You can buy the Controller Gear Universal Replacement Battery Pack for Xbox Series to help you with frequently battery-changing problems.

3. Cover The Proper Distance In Between

distance between Xbox device and controller

According to the Xbox support team, the proper distance between your device/console and the controller is approximately 19-28 feet.

Although controllers are wireless, there is too much distance between them and the console or the device; because of the distance limit, the wireless controller might face problems connecting to the Device.

4. Remove The Obstacles/Obstructions In Between

obstacles/obstructions between the controller and console can cause disturbance in working correctly. If there are any laptop/ metal obstructions in between the device and the controller, it might face problems working.

5. Check The Xbox Account You Are Using

Xbox account

Make sure you are using the correct and same Xbox account to log in to your Xbox console companion app and your controller that you have used to enable remote play.

6. Use a USB

Although consoles are wireless, sometimes it may not just work. Try Using a USB connector to connect your controller to the console or the device you use for remote play.

7. Try Restarting The Device And The Controller

Xbox restart button

When it’s not working correctly, the first thing I do is restart my console or device. Press the Xbox button in front of the device for 10 seconds. Then turn it back on again after some moments.

8. Try Updating The Xbox Firmware

While you think you don’t have any visible problems with your controller or why it won’t run properly, you might not know that your Xbox controller needs to be updated frequently.

Update it by following the steps below:

  • Click on the Xbox Button
  • Open guide
  • Click on profile & System
  • Then click on settings
  • check device & Connections; click on it.
  • Click on accessories
  • Select your controller
  • There will be a “Three dot” button
  • Click on the firmware version to check for the recent updates

9. Check The Internet Connection

Sometimes if remote play isn’t working on your Xbox, that might only be because of not having a stable Internet connection.

The Xbox controller and the console need a stable Working Internet connection to function correctly in Xbox cloud gaming. If this problem is constant, ask your ISP for assistance.

10. Contact With The Xbox Support


If you don’t find the previously stated solutions helpful for your steam remote play, you can always go to Xbox’s website and ask for an expert’s help. You can contact Xbox support and state your problem or check your status.

How to Set Up Xbox Remote Play

With Xbox remote play, you can play Xbox games from your gaming console without connecting wires to your Windows PC, Mac, or any mobile device with the Xbox app.

There are Some steps to follow if you want to set up your Xbox remote play. Firstly you should check the system requirements for setting up remote play on your device. And then, you should move on to enabling “instant-on” and remote features on the console.

You must follow different steps, using a mobile device or a PC to play games. And you have to connect or pair the controller with your device. Now you’re ready to play!

Recording and Screenshots Don’t Work While Streaming

Streaming your gameplay on Xbox Play is a great way to share your gaming experiences with others. However, some users have reported issues with recording and taking screenshots while streaming. In this article, we’ll discuss why recording and screenshots don’t work while streaming on Xbox Play and what you can do to fix it.

The primary reason why recording and screenshots don’t work while streaming is due to limitations of the platform. When you start a stream on Xbox Play, the system automatically restricts certain features in order to ensure the best possible streaming experience. This is done to prevent any lag or disruptions that might occur when using additional features such as recording or taking screenshots.

One way to work around this limitation is to stop the stream and then take a screenshot or record your gameplay separately. This may be a bit inconvenient, but it’s an effective way to ensure that you capture the best possible footage without any lag or interruptions. You can then start the stream again after you have finished recording or taking screenshots.

Another option is to use a third-party screen capture software that is compatible with it. These types of software are designed to work with Xbox Play and will allow you to record your gameplay without any issues while streaming. Some examples of screen capture software that are compatible with Xbox Play include OBS Studio and Elgato Game Capture.

It’s important to note that some users have reported issues with using third-party screen capture software with Xbox Play, such as compatibility issues or lag. Therefore, it’s recommended that you do your research and choose a reliable and reputable software that is known to work well with Xbox Play.

How To Enable “Instant-On” And Remote Feature On Your Console?

Follow the following steps:

  • Press the big “X” or Xbox button to take your Xbox controller. You’ll see the guide.
  • Press Profile & system, then go to settings.
  • You can now see “Devices & connections.” Click on it. Go to remote features.
  • Select “Enable remote features.”
  • There will be a “Standby” option under the “sleep mode.” Click on it.

P.S. The last step is crucial. Please note that remote play won’t work if you haven’t set the power mode to “stand by.”

Steps To Set Up Xbox Remote Play On Mobile Devices


Some steps to follow to “Enable remote play” with your console on your mobile device.

  • Download the Xbox app and launch it on your mobile device.
  • Select the My Library option and then go to Consoles.
  • Select your desired console that you want to play with and click on Remote Play on this device.

You will be ready to remote-play games on your mobile device now!

On Windows Devices:

Some steps for playing “remote play” with your console on your Windows device.

  • Set up the Xbox app on your windows and launch it.
  • Click on the Consoles icon, which will appear next to the search box.
  • Select the console you want to connect to Remote Play.

You are now ready to play Xbox games remotely on your Windows device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xbox app controller

How To Press Play On Xbox Without Controller?

There are some ways to press play on Xbox live without the controller.

  • Open the Xbox app and use it to control the Xbox without the controller
  • You can use a mouse and a keyboard with the Xbox One
  • You can also use a third-party dongle to do the job

How Do You Stop Your Xbox Remote Play From Lagging?

Some steps to follow to stop Remote play from lagging:

  • Restart your device
  • Minimize the distance
  • Check the Internet Connection
  • Clear Cache data from the device manager.
  • Clear any app from the background.

Why Isn’t Your Xbox App Connecting To Your Xbox?

Check if you are using the same account in both the devices, your app, and your controller to connect to the console.

Can A Xbox One Controller Work On Xbox 360?

According to the experts and the Xbox website, you cannot use Xbox One controller on Xbox 360. They are entirely different from each other in terms of technology and frequency.

How Do You Reconnect Your Xbox Controller After Remote Play?

  • Turn off the controller using the Xbox button in front of the console
  • Unplug the console
  • After 5 minutes, Turn back on the console using the same button.

Things to Keep In Mind

Xbox Game pass 1

Xbox Game pass is always better. Also better if you can play pc games from anywhere remotely. Also, it’s an excellent idea for streaming. Although, you can remember:

  • While playing in Remote play mode on your PS4 remote or PS remote, you should frequently save the gaming progress. Otherwise, if any problem occurs, you might lose it all.
  • Some external applications like Hulu or edge in your console won’t work while you are playing in the remote mode in all your Xbox as in the Xbox series s.

I hope I have cleared your confusion about what to do if your Xbox remote play not working without panicking!

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