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Keep Calm And Fix VGA No Signal Asus Issue Easily – The Stress-Free Solution You Need

If you have read my earlier articles, you will know. I have already written about different monitors not getting signal due to cable problems.

When your VGA gets no signal in Asus, your screen goes black. Sometimes it just shows the error message in a black box, and you can operate the monitor normally. But the box is so irritating.

Like any other cable problem, it is also solvable. Even if you are not good with computers, you will be able to solve it.

The solutions are also applicable for HDMI issues.

With no further ado, let’s get rid of this irritating black box from your Asus monitor!

What is VGA Used For?

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, and it’s a type of video connection used to transmit analog video signals from a computer or other device to a monitor or display. VGA was one of the first widely adopted video standards and is still in use today, although it has largely been replaced by digital interfaces such as HDMI and DisplayPort.

VGA is used for displaying video content on monitors or displays, including computer screens, projectors, and televisions. It can be used to transmit video from a variety of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, DVD players, and gaming consoles.

VGA cables and connectors have a distinctive blue color and are relatively easy to identify. They typically feature a 15-pin connector with three rows of five pins each, although older VGA connections may have a 9-pin connector instead.

Overall, VGA is a versatile and widely compatible video standard that has been used for many years, although it has largely been replaced by newer digital interfaces that offer higher resolutions and other advanced features.

VGA No Signal Asus – Addressing The Problems

How to fix VGA no signal problem

Knowing your problem leads you one step closer to the solutions.

Let’s see what problems can cause this issue.

  • Shortage of power supply
  • Poor port+cable connection
  • Incorrect plugin
  • Sleep/power saving mode
  • Outdated drivers
  • Incorrect input source
  • Faulty cable or port
  • Defected monitor

The solutions to these problems are simple. For example, you must change the power outlet if you have a poor power supply.

You can solve this problem by ensuring a stable power supply, correct port+cable connection, removing sleeping/power saving mode, updating the outdated drivers, and replacing the faulty cable.

No worries. I’m not leaving you just here. Now I will show you the solutions in detail.

Asus Monitor VGA No Signal Solutions

I have already given you hits regarding what you can do about this problem.

Firstly, you need to check the connections very well. Secondly, reset the monitor and update the drivers. Finally, replace the cable or monitor if they come out defective.

Let’s have a quick look at the stages and actions.

Stages Actions
  • Check the power supply
  • Check the connection
  • Check the ports
  • Check the cables
  • Check the modes
  • Restart the monitor
  • Reset the whole system
  • Update the drivers
  • Change the refresh rate
  • Go to the service center

Now let’s dive into the detailed action.

Check The Power Source

Does your computer get a proper power supply?

Not getting a stable power supply causes VGA no signal and interrupts other operations. If you are using multi-monitors, the possibility increases.

Connect your monitor to another outlet or socket. If it works fine, you must change your outlet as soon as possible. I know changing an outlet means changing places and setups etc., but for the sake of your PC, you need to do it.

If you are using a multiplug, ensure it can handle all your devices. Also, check if it’s faulty or not.

You can test the power outlet with the help of a multimeter. Here are some videos on how you can test your outlets.

Check The Port+Cable Connection

Go to the back of your monitor and find out if there is any loose connection between the wires. This happened to me once. My VGA cable was pulled a little by my leg. Then my screen went black.

So, check whether the cables are inserted into the port correctly or not. Pull out the cable and insert it again if needed.

Do You Know The Ports And Cable?

VGA ports and cables are easy to recognize. They are pretty much large than the other ports like HDMI. The pictures will give you a clear idea.

The VGA port has fifteen holes, and the cable has fifteen spicks. Make sure you plugged in the correct cable to the correct port.

Check For Damages

When checking the connections, check the port and cable.

A damaged port or cable is responsible for no signal on your Asus monitor. If the port is damaged, you must take it to the service center as soon as possible.

In the case of the cable, borrow a VGA cable from your friend and try it on your monitor. If it works, then your VGA cable is damaged.

There are some hacks on how you can fix your broken cable. But I don’t suggest those to try. The poorly fixed cable can cause more trouble in no time.

So, buy a new cable. It will not cost more than the trouble you will have if you use a poorly fixed cable. You can find new authentic cables from Asus Accessories. Also, Amazon is always there for you.

Is Your Monitor Sleeping?

Sometimes, there could be no cable issue. Your monitor can be on sleep mode or power-saving mode.

To wake your monitor from hibernation, do any of these:

  • Move the mouse
  • Press any key
  • Press and hold any key
  • Press the power button.

If your monitor is inactive for a specific time, it tends to go into power-saving mode. Here’s a video tutorial on adjusting the settings.

Perform A Complete Reset

I am talking about both software and hardware resetting.

Firstly, restart or reboot your computer at regular times. If this does not work, you must perform a full reset.

To perform a full reset,

  • Unplug the power cord from the outlet
  • unplug every cable from the monitor
  • Unplug every cable from the PC
  • Wait around five minutes
  • Replug everything.

If you do this, your computer will perform better than before. Even without any problem, I recommend doing this at least once weekly. Your PC needs a break too.

Hopefully, this full reset will solve your problem. If it fails, then consider giving your monitor a factory reset.

How To Perform A Factory Reset On An Asus Monitor?

  • Press the Menu key under the monitor
  • the  Monitor Setup window will open
  • Select the Menu again
  • Tap on the down arrow button
  • It will highlight the Factory Reset
  • Press any arrow button to select Yes
  • Press Menu to reset the settings

Watch the video tutorial for a better understanding.

Stay Updated With Your Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers are also responsible for getting no signal. So, update your graphics driver.

As you update the graphics driver, how about you check the other drivers?

Driver Easy or Auslogics Driver Updater is an application that can make up half your task. These applications will scan your PC and show you all the outdated drivers.

From the list, you can manually select and update certain drivers. Also, you have an update-all option to update all the drivers at once.

How To Update Drivers On The Asus Computer?

  • Download Driver Easy
  • Install and run the application
  • Press on the Scan Now button
  • From the list, choose the graphics driver
  • Hit on the Update button beside it
  • Or hit the Update All button

Or you can download Auslogics Driver Updater and let the application do the updating for you. The process is the same as the above.

Change Your Refresh Rate

Another solution is changing the refreshing rate setting. An inappropriate refresh rate can cause trouble for the stable cable signal.

Here’s how you can change your refresh rate

  • Go to the settings option from the start option
  • Press on the System option
  • Now select the Display option
  • Click on the Advanced display settings option
  • Select the Display adapter properties option
  • Navigate the drop-down menu
  • Select the refresh rate you want to set
  • Tap on the OK and Apply button

Run To The Service Center

These are the solutions you can perform at home by yourself. If all of these fail, you have one final action to take. And it is to go to the service center.

Before going to the service center, ensure that your monitor is the problem. Take your monitor to another CPU and connect. If the monitor does not wake, it is faulty.

Hopefully, any of the solutions above will work. I tried to gather and present all the possible solutions before you. If you go through Quora and Reddit, you will find the exact solutions here and there.

People Often Ask

How VGA Works

Why Did My Asus Monitor Screen Turn Black?

This can happen for several reasons. Your monitor might go to sleep, hibernation, or power-saving mode. Also, faulty HDMI or VGA cables can cause trouble.

What Causes No Signal To The Asus Monitor?

Poor power supply, connection, faulty cables, and defective ports can cause this problem. Also, your monitor can be in power saving mood or hibernation.

How Can I Know My VGA Cable Is Faulty?

If you are experiencing display issues on your monitor, it could be due to a faulty VGA cable. Here are some signs that indicate your VGA cable may be faulty:

  1. Flickering or distorted image: If you notice that the image on your screen is flickering or distorted, it may be due to a faulty VGA cable. Check if the cable is properly connected at both ends and if the pins are not bent or damaged.
  2. No signal: If your monitor displays a “no signal” message or a blank screen, it could be due to a faulty VGA cable. Make sure the cable is connected to both your monitor and computer tightly and that the pins are not damaged.
  3. Poor image quality: If you notice that the image quality on your screen is poor or blurry, it may be due to a faulty VGA cable. Check if the cable is damaged or worn out.
  4. Color distortion: If the colors on your screen appear distorted, it could be due to a faulty VGA cable. Check if the cable is properly connected and if the pins are not bent or damaged.
  5. Physical damage: If you notice any physical damage to the VGA cable, such as cuts, nicks, or kinks, it could be a sign of a faulty cable. Such damage

Can The Use Of Multiple Monitors Cause No Signal?

The use of multiple monitors can sometimes cause no signal issues, especially if there are problems with the graphics card or the display settings. If you’re experiencing this issue, there are several things you can try to troubleshoot the problem.

First, check the connections between your computer and the monitors. Make sure that all cables are securely plugged in and that the correct input source is selected on each monitor. You should also try swapping out the cables or using different ports on your graphics card to see if that resolves the issue.

Another thing to check is the display settings on your computer. Sometimes, the settings may not be configured correctly to support multiple monitors, which can result in the no signal issue. Make sure that your computer is set to extend the display rather than duplicate it, and that the resolution and refresh rate are set correctly for each monitor.

If none of these steps work, it’s possible that there may be an issue with the graphics card or the monitors themselves. In this case, you may need to seek professional help or consider replacing the hardware.

How To Fix The Black Screen On The Asus Monitor?

Change the outlet and ensure proper cable+port connections. Also, update your outdated drivers. Find out if the cables are faulty, then change them.

Solved The Issue With A Snap!

The solutions here are familiar for those who have previously faced the HDMI no signal or cable not connected issue. Read my article to learn about different ports and HDMI issues. So as you can see, the solutions are pretty similar.

However, knowing the specific port and cable type helps a lot. In the future, if you have trouble like this, you can follow the steps I gave. Hopefully, you will not mistake the correct port and cable connection again. Do some checking, updating, or fixings and solve the problem quickly.

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