[Solved] PowerPC Applications No Longer Supported: Sly Ways To Evade

PowerPC Applications No Longer Supported

I opened my MacBook yesterday and tried to play the Football Manager 2006 game on that. To my utter disappointment, the notification appeared that the PowerPC applications are no longer supported. I wasn’t surprised as I knew Mac OS versions after 10.6.8 do not support any PowerPC application. Still, my curious self couldn’t stop from … Read more

12 Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 2700X 2024 – Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Others

AMD Ryzen 2700x

You have probably been wondering about things like, ‘Which VRM will provide me with the best performance?’ ‘Does it matter if I get a B350 chipset instead of a B450?’ ‘Can I overclock my processor with it?’ The questions don’t seem to end, and that’s where this article comes in. The 2700x is a powerhouse … Read more