3 Alternative Ways To Use iPad As HDMI Monitor! [Pro- Air- Mini]

Alternative Ways To Use iPad As HDMI Monitor

With the release of the new iPad, many people have been wondering if they can use it as an HDMI monitor. The answer is yes; you can use your iPad as an HDMI monitor with the correct adapter. To connect your iPad to an HDMI monitor, you will need Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter and … Read more

Why Does 4k Look Weird? – Know Before Getting Pissed Off! 

Why Does 4k Look Weird - tv guide

We bet you bought the 4K TV thinking that you would have an incredible experience watching all your favorite shows. Sometimes, the 4K TVs show some issues that certainly can annoy you. So, you may wonder, why does 4K look weird? What is 4K TV and Ultra HD? 4K TV and Ultra HD are two … Read more