12 Best Mouse For Osu That You Must Try 2024 – Improve Mouse Skills

Top Osu Mouse for gaming

Osu is simple yet so intriguing. That is precisely why so many people love to play this game. According to most players, a standard mouse can provide them with the same gaming experience that any expensive one can give. However, that is not true at all! Like most other games, Osu requires intense feedback from … Read more

10 Best And Smooth 60HZ Monitors For Gaming 2024 – Get The Best Display Today

asus 60hz monitor

Different brands, features, and capabilities are constantly added to gaming monitors, resulting in an ever-expanding selection. A great time to be a PC gamer, but choosing the most pleasing display like a 60Hz monitor for gaming for your setup is becoming ever more complex. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to gaming displays. Everything … Read more