It's the time of Golden Age of Technology - Find out what are the essentials

We’re in The Golden Age of Technology, but What Are the Essentials Today? 

With millions of technology gadgets, games and devices out there, the decision on what technology is now essential to allow for a simpler life both personally at home, or in the workplace. What can loosely be described as the ‘internet age’ has allowed for innovations that have transformed the way we live. Many mundane tasks can be handled without the need for human intervention, from using products such as Amazon’s Alexa, or the Apple Homepod.

Firstly, as mentioned above, using the Amazon Alexa, which is now in its 5th generation has become incredibly popular, with users being able to set reminders, create shopping lists for Alexa to complete on a time-sensitive basis, give weather updates and various other tasks to save hours worth of time. There’s only really been one case of the appliance being completely faulty and this was extremely temporary, only spanning a couple of hours.

The introduction of the Ring Doorbell has also caught mainstream attention, with the company being acquired by Amazon for an astounding $1 billion which surprised many. With that being said, it’s now an extremely common theme to see a Ring Doorbell on the front doorstep of the average person, capturing short clips set off by any movement in close proximity which can be viewed via the application. Whilst there has been some controversy surrounding this due to potential privacy issues of neighbours of the product.

After catching the eye of millions globally, the Roomba, or ‘Robot Vacuum’ has grown incredibly popular, due to it being able to navigate its way through your home with almost no human intervention required. The latest generations have introduced a ‘mop’ system where the device not only vacuums the home, but can also mop concurrently. The introduction of this product was a fan-favourite and there’s now hundreds of alternatives which are now affordable for only a fraction of the price of the original version.

Another gadget which has caught mass attention is electric-powered bicycles. Innovation in the ecological sector has increased massively over the last 10 years and the GoCycle is a product which has certainly met expectations. Now, an accompanying application can start the bike’s electric-powered battery, monitor speed, check the battery usage and remaining life. What’s more is that the bike can be folded down to easily accommodate travelling on trains, buses or to be placed in cars.

Gaming and tech go hand-in-hand

Gaming and tech go hand-in-hand

The technology-boom of the modern age has allowed for some incredible innovations in gaming. From an outsider viewpoint, the stereotypical example of this is Virtual reality technology, with the largest gaming companies getting stuck into the market. Samsung, HTC, Facebook (Meta) are some of the best examples of this, with gaming giants Microsoft and Sony also having their very own VR tech gadgets and optimised games for the most immersive experiences.

With that being said, the games currently available are only a fraction of the potential of what the next-gen gaming tech can be. Known mostly for first-person shooter games, the opportunity to advance VR games is there and despite some doubts on if both VR and AR have a fruitful future in gaming, there’s certainly plenty of interest for there to be further advancements and spark yet another boom of interest into VR headsets and the like.

PC gaming has caught a mass amount of attention in the last couple of years, with the ability to be able to customise more settings, create key-binds allowing for a more immersive and seamless experience. Moreover, PC set-ups are now far more accessible and affordable than what they once were, with the gaming market providing ample competition for an ever-improving gaming space.

Further to being able to have a more custom experience, the rise of PC gaming is also due to the fact PC devices have countless more options to play games. This goes hand in hand with the rise of playing slot games, boosted by the hundreds of fan-favourite streamers. The explosion of popularity is due to world-wide superstars such as Drake streaming roulette and other Live Casino games. And to hop on the iGaming bandwagon, you can check this website for a vast slot and live casino selection online.

The Playstation 5 and Xbox series X have been surrounded by controversy since their official launches in 2020, mainly due to supply shortages in electronic components. However, these systems are undoubtedly a ground-breaking release for gamers worldwide. The BBC covered an article further explaining the mass queues and demand for gamers to get their hands on the next-generation of gaming consoles, you can read more on this here.

This demand has only heightened with next-gen native releases, such as Hogwarts Legacy, which is still only available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox series X and PC. This demand has since worsened with Warner Brothers announcing the old-gen console gamers would have to wait even longer than expected to get involved in the wizarding world.

Futuristic technology – innovations that have excelled

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which returned after a covid-hiatus, there were some incredible technology showcases that certainly impressed. One example of this is the Aska 5, the next generation of flying car which has been permitted an on-road licence and is fully operational to fly hundreds of miles in one stint.

What’s more is that this is not the only flying car that’s been permitted an on-road licence, with various other models such as the AirCar and the Pal-V Gyrocopter also attracting a lot of interest leaving many in awe. It’s no secret that flying cars were going to be adopted at some point, with many having the same vision of a delorean-type vehicle flying all over our cities.

Travel is the sector that will most likely benefit the most from advances in technology, with trips being made shorter, easier and cheaper from further innovating what we currently have. The mass increase of interest into electric cars such as Tesla and many already known car brands releasing their own eco-friendly versions just display the sheer excitement for the idea of more ecological and cheaper technology.

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