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Top 12 Legends to Use in Apex Legends Season 20 – Strategic Picks for Success

Apex Legends is easily among the most popular titles today, with millions of active players daily. Additional features made the game significantly more popular in the last couple of years.

For instance, boots hold a special place in this category. If you want to check some of them, visit skycoach.gg. Now that the 20th season of Apex Legends has started, it’s a good idea to take a look at the top legends that are worth our attention. Let’s check them out.


Strategic Selections of the Bloodhound Legend

Bloodhound remains an indispensable asset in Apex Legends Season 20, offering unparalleled tracking abilities that are crucial for team success. Their ability to reveal enemy locations through walls and track movements provides a significant tactical advantage. 

Bloodhound’s ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, enhances their tracking capability and speed, making them a formidable hunter in any match. Their kit promotes aggressive play and strategic positioning, ensuring that teams with Bloodhound can anticipate enemy movements and gain the upper hand in engagements.


Horizon’s mastery of gravity manipulation places her in the S Tier, offering teams unmatched mobility and control over engagements. Her Gravity Lift provides access to high ground and repositioning options that are inaccessible to others, making her ideal for flanking and escaping tight situations. 

Horizon’s ultimate, the Black Hole, can turn the tide of battle by clustering enemies together for devastating combo attacks. Her aerial prowess and ability to disrupt enemy positioning make her a nightmare for opponents and a valuable asset for any team.


Wraith Apex Legends

Wraith’s enduring popularity and effectiveness stem from her unparalleled survival and repositioning skills. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, allows her to become invulnerable and invisible for a short duration, providing crucial escape and repositioning capabilities.

Wraith’s ultimate, Dimensional Rift, creates a portal for rapid team movement, enabling strategic positioning and quick escapes. Her passive ability, Voices from the Void, offers preemptive warnings of danger, making Wraith a key player in avoiding ambushes and controlling engagements.


Gibraltar’s role as a tank and protector solidifies his S Tier status. His Dome Shield offers immediate cover from enemy fire, creating a safe space for healing and reviving teammates. Gibraltar’s ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, calls down a mortar strike, providing significant area denial and damage potential. 

Despite his larger hitbox, Gibraltar’s ability to absorb more damage and protect his team makes him an invaluable asset in team compositions, particularly in higher-ranked matches where strategic play and protection are key.


Ash Apex Legends

Ash brings a tactical edge to any squad with her ability to gather intelligence and manipulate the battlefield. Her passive ability reveals the location of recent death boxes, providing valuable insights into enemy movements. 

Ash’s tactical, Arc Snare, traps enemies, making them easy targets, and her ultimate, Phase Breach, offers rapid repositioning and flanking opportunities. Although her abilities require precision and strategic foresight, Ash’s kit can decisively influence the outcome of battles, making her a formidable legend in skilled hands.


Valkyrie’s aerial capabilities grant her A Tier status, offering unparalleled mobility and reconnaissance to her team. Her jetpacks allow for swift vertical repositioning, granting access to vantage points and escape routes. Valkyrie’s ultimate, Skyward Dive, enables rapid team redeployment, providing a strategic advantage in positioning and engagement. 

With her loud jetpacks and inability to fire while flying present vulnerabilities, Valkyrie’s mobility and the tactical advantage of high ground make her a top pick for teams looking to dominate the battlefield from above.


Caustic Apex Legends

Caustic’s control over the battlefield through his noxious gas traps places him firmly in the A Tier. His ability to fortify positions and deny area access with his Gas Traps and Nox Gas Grenade makes him a formidable defender. Caustic’s gas not only damages but also disorients enemies, providing a tactical advantage in close-quarters combat. 

Even though his playstyle encourages a more defensive and methodical approach, Caustic’s capacity to turn the tide of battle with his gas makes him a valuable asset to any squad aiming to control the flow of combat.


Revenant’s assassination and mobility skills make him a nightmare for opponents, earning him a spot in the A Tier. His tactical ability, Silence, disrupts enemy abilities, and the passive skill, Stalker, allows him to climb higher and crouch and walk faster, enhancing his flanking capabilities. 

Revenant’s ultimate, Death Totem, provides a second chance at life for him and his teammates, allowing for aggressive pushes with reduced risk. His unique blend of offensive pressure and tactical disruption makes Revenant a key player in aggressive team compositions seeking to unsettle and overpower their opponents.


Wattson Apex Legends

Wattson excels in fortifying positions and providing defensive capabilities, making her a solid B Tier choice. Her Perimeter Security fences can secure areas and deter enemy advances, her Interception Pylon negates incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields, making her invaluable during prolonged engagements. 

Wattson’s abilities encourage a strategic playstyle, focusing on area denial and team protection. She shines in defensive setups and endgame scenarios, but her effectiveness is highly dependent on the environment and team coordination.


As a newcomer to the Apex Games, Conduit has quickly established herself as a B Tier legend with her unique shield-boosting abilities. Her tactical ability provides temporary shields to teammates, offering a crucial advantage in firefights. 

Her ultimate enhance team mobility and defense, and it also enhances strategic positioning and aggressive pushes more viable. Conduit’s support capabilities make her a valuable asset, especially in coordinated teams looking to maintain momentum and pressure on their opponents.


Newcastle Apex Legends

Newcastle brings a protective edge to any squad, focusing on safeguarding allies and controlling space. His Mobile Shield and Castle Wall abilities allow him to create barriers on the fly, protecting teammates from harm and controlling enemy movement. 

Newcastle’s kit is designed for players who prioritize team safety and strategic positioning. While he may not excel in solo engagements, his ability to turn the tide of battle with his protective gadgets secures his place in the B Tier.


Fuse’s expertise with explosives and area control makes him a blast to play in the B Tier. His Knuckle Cluster and Motherlode abilities provide significant area denial and crowd control, disrupting enemy positions and forcing them into disadvantageous situations. 

Fuse’s passive ability, Grenadier, allows him to carry more grenades and throw them farther, enhancing his explosive potential. 

The Bottom Line

Now that we have gone through all the major legends who are highly effective and popular in Apex Legends in season, we are certain that making decisions is significantly easier for our readers.

Exploring lesser-known gaming gems can provide a refreshing break from mainstream titles and enhance your overall gaming experience, especially when considering strategic legends to use in Apex Legends Season 20.

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