Who Is Malcolm Kamulete? Facts to Know about the Cast of Top Boy

The conspicuous absence of Malcolm Kamulete in Top Boy Season 3, raised many questions. Fans of Ra’Nell badly wanted him back in the series and hoped that he would make a comeback. However, it was later on confirmed by the officials of the “Top Boy ” that he is not part of the Top Boy Season 3. To make things clear for you, this post covers “Who Is Malcolm Kamulete? Facts To Know About The Cast Of Top Boy”. This well-researched post includes all information that you want to know about this British actor and his absence in the Top Boy Season 3.

Who Is Malcolm Kamulete? Facts To Know About The Cast Of Top Boy

• Full Name: Malcolm Kamulete
• Nationality: British
• Ethnicity: African
• Profession: Actor
• Age: 23-26 Years
• Height: 5 feet 6 inches
• Notable Work: Bad Boy (2013), Top Poy (2011), Haircut(2019)
• Favorite Sport: Soccer

Who Is Malcolm Kamulete?

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Malcolm Kamulete is a young super talented British actor who got recognition after being featured in the series Top Boy. His Ra’Nell character in the first two seasons of the series helped him get the fame that he had been waiting for for many years. He is also known for his short yet impressive and impactful roles in short films.

He starred in the short film “You Will Kill Me Now” as Danny and his acting skills were appreciated in the movie. Also, he got the character of Tyson in another short film Haircut. Since 2018 he has made multiple short film appearances and has been recognized as one of the most talented and skillful actors. However, critics believe that he deserves a better platform and character to showcase his full acting potential.

How Old Is Malcolm Kamulete?

Malcolm Kamulate has never shared his exact date and year of birth with the general public. However, from his career span and physical appearance, his estimated age is between 23-26 years. He never celebrated his birthday publicly so it’s hard to guess the Zodiac sign and exact date of birth of the Haircut star.

How Tall Is Malcolm Kamulate?

Malcolm Kamulate’s exact height is still unknown as there is not a single source that claims his exact height. By judging his physical appearance on screen and in his pictures, the estimated height of the actor is 5 feet 6 inches. The actor weighs around 60 kgs (Not confirmed).

Early Life And Education

The Top Boy star has no biography page on Wikipedia and very limited information about his personal and early life is available. The actor belongs to African Ethnicity and he holds UK nationality. When it comes to personal life, Malcolm loves some privacy. A little information about his education is available on his Linkedin profile. According to Linkedin, the Kamulete attended Rokeby School for drama theater/art and stage crafts. He belongs to the Twickenham United kingdom and got his early education from a local school in his hometown.

Malcolm Kamulete Net Worth

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Malcolm Kamulet’s net worth is $90,000. This amount is the sum of his total assets including bank balance, shares, and properties. The major part of his income comes from his acting projects. Also, he has been associated with various fashion brands.

Malcolm Kamulete Relationships, Girlfriend

Malcolm Kamulete is single and he has never talked about his relationship status publicly. The star of Top Boy is not active on any social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and has managed to keep the discretion and secrecy of his personal life. The actor is busy filming his movies and series projects and has never made a media appearance with any women. Even on the premier of his projects, he is seen alone which confirms that he is single.

Malcolm Kamulete Soccer

Malcome Kamulet loves soccer and he accepted that he is a big fan of Arsenal football club. His tweets on various occasions showcase his passion for soccer. According to various news sources, he also wanted to pursue a career in football.

What Happened to RaNell Of Top Boy?

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In the first two seasons of Top Boy Malcolm Kamulete was the star of the show when the show was on aired on channel 4. The show made a return on Netflix in 2019. Fans hoped that the RaNell character would return to Netflix. The surprising part of the story is that the RaNell character was no longer part of the show.

It led to a social media debate and fans of the series started to figure out the reasons why Malcolm Kamulete is no longer part of the show. Some people said that the Modie (drug dealer) in the third season is actually RaNell. Robert Bruce asked this question to the director of the show Ashely Walters.

Ashley walters claimed that Malcolm Kamulate was approached for the third season but he didn’t seem interested. He also added that the actor is more focused on his football career than his acting career. He also praised him for his impressive acting skills and said they had a wonderful experience with the actor.


Is Malcolm Kamulete in top boy Season 3?

No, Malcolm Kamuulate is not part of the Top Boy season 3. It was confirmed by the cast of the Top Boy season 3 that RaNell’s character will not return in season 3.

Why is Malcolm Kamulete not in Top Boy?

According to the cast and directors of the “Top Boy,” Malcolm Kmaulte was approached for the upcoming seasons but he didn’t want to make a comeback. The actor values his passion for football and many other acting projects more than this character- said Ashely Walter.

Final Thoughts

Malcolm Kamulete is a youthful young entertainer who has been praised by his co-workers for his professional attitude and acting skills. His screen appearance is loved by his fans.

Since he prefers to keep his private life away from the sight of the media, no one knows much about his personal life.

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