Lexi Rivera Height, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth

As social media sites are just one click away, especially YouTube, many of us upload various videos on them. Some of the videos get viral while some of them remain unexciting. Lexi Riveria is the one luckiest personality whose numerous videos go viral on YouTube in a really short time.

Do you know who supported Lexi in this whole journey? That one person who is very close to her heart and soul but I am not going to mention his name right away because there is a lot more that you need to know. So along with Lexi’s height, age, boyfriend, biography, Wiki, Net Worth, and much more, explore a lot in this article.

Lexi Rivera Biography

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Lexi Rivera is 5 feet and 1 inch tall and has 54 kgs weight. According to Lexi’s height, her weight is perfectly fine. Lexi has never mentioned that she maintains her weight through workouts or follows a strict diet plan, but after gathering information about her daily routine we came to know that she was always this slim and smart.


If you are a boy, reading about Lexi Rivera’s personal life then you will be sad to know that Lexi has a boyfriend, named Ben Azelart. This news has been confirmed by Lexi herself and just after she confirmed this news she got more followers. Moreover, in many of her YouTube videos, you can also see her boyfriend being a part of the videos. Moreover, she is quite happy in this relationship but has not announced anything about their engagement so far.


Lexi was born on 7 June 2001 and is just 21 years old right now. Lexi recently celebrated her birthday with friends and family. She is one of those youngest stars who have thousands and millions of followers on social platforms. Lexi Rivera lives in California, USA. She was raised in Los Angeles and is Christian from religion.

For her studies, Lexi went to a private school in her town. She is the one and only sister of three brothers named, Brent, Brice, and Blake. Her parents, named John and Laura, and her brothers have supported her a lot in making YouTube videos. This informs us that she has a small and beautiful family which lives together and supports each other.

Family Bonding

Lexi has a strong bonding with her mother, they are just like best friends. In her several videos, we can see her mother accompanying her which is very cute. Her brothers can also be seen in a lot of Instagram video clips and pictures. This shows that Lexi Rivera belongs to a healthy and happy family.

Gymnastic and Lexi

Lexi says that she loves gymnastics. She knew about her flexibility when she was 10 years old. Her extraordinary ability of stretching made her famous overnight. She then took it as a hobby and a talent and now you can find several videos of her gymnastic skills and freestyle on YouTube and Instagram.

YouTube and Instagram

As we all know, our queen Lexi is a famous Youtuber. Within a few seconds, she gets thousands of likes on her videos, and the videos are tremendously shared by the viewers. Due to her pretty looks she has thousands of followers on Instagram. Yes, YouTube has not limited Lexi, she also has a great number of followers on other accounts as well which are growing at a great pace every minute.

Wikipedia and Net Worth

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You will find nothing about Lexi on social media as she is not a huge personality but if you are seeking more about her personal life then keep on reading the article. Furthermore, many of you ask what is the net worth of Lexi? Well, her net worth is $ 2 million. But I think with this publicity and fame her net worth will become even more, in a short period of time.


Is there any chance that Ben and Lexi will get married?

Although they are a lovely couple, right now there is no news about them getting married.

Does Lexi have any pets?

Yes, she recently bought a dog and this shows how much she loves animals.

Does Lacy Rivera smoke?

No, she doesn’t smoke and this is confirmed as no one has ever seen Lexi smoking.


Lexi Rivera belongs to a happy family. Her three brothers and parents are very supportive and you may also see them in many of Lexi’s videos on YouTube and clips on Instagram. She recently turned 21 and her boyfriend, Ben, gave him a huge surprise. I hope, through this article, you got all the information that you were seeking. I am still trying to gather more details about Lexi Rivera and will surely bring up something exciting sooner but till then goodbye.

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