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What Is the 1444 Video? – Disturbing Footage Online

A warning has been issued to TikTok users to avoid viewing a YouTube video named Video 1444 due to its distressing and gruesome content. Many people are convinced that the video is “cursed.”

In 2019, a video was originally shared on the VK live stream platform and has since gone viral on several occasions. The video was given the title Video 1444 in order to evade moderation on social media platforms. It depicts a 17-second clip of a Russian man taking his own life.

Internet users are strongly advised against searching for this video.

The video known as 1444 has caused significant worry among internet users.

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The graphic Video 1444 has been shared numerous times on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Even though it was first posted on VK, it was later uploaded to the Gore YouTube channel. It remained online for 16 hours before moderators removed it. During that time, viewers had enough opportunity to download and distribute it extensively.

The 17-second video shows an 18-year-old Russian male, Gleb Korablev, sitting on a couch in front of a painting. He spoke in Russian about a “Russian suicide meme” before pulling the trigger of a gun he was holding to his head.

Viewers were shocked by the graphic aftermath of the gunshot. The video became the subject of an urban legend, which claimed that anyone who watched it would be cursed. To break the curse, one had to respond to the video with the date of the supposed suicide, which was October 17, 2019, in this case.

A Reddit user named @Kurosagi8, who is associated with dark web forums, discussed the prevailing theory about the video. According to this theory, Gleb had planned the suicide beforehand and placed a curse on the clip. The video has been described as “disturbing,” “unpleasant,” and “gory,” with many people warning against watching it.

TikTok Spread

The video known as 1444 tiktok

Searches for the video experienced a sharp spike in early December 2019, after the video became a popular subject of the Do not Google TikTok posts. The posts seemingly baited users into searching for Video 1444 online.

Interestingly, several unconnected videos similarly titled 1444 also began trending online. A Vimeo video, also titled “1444”, which was filmed in Bedford, garnered over 177,000 views. Another woodcutting YouTube video garnered over 377,700 views.

Peak Search Interest

The online searches for both “video 1444” and “1444” initially peaked around October 19th-20th back in 2019. Before this Google Trends reported how searches for “1444” experienced a slight increase between January 2010 and June 2012. The increase was mainly recorded in Spain reportedly due to queries about some scam phone calls.

There were also some small spikes on three occasions back in November 2012, April 2014, and December 2016. The spikes correspond to online queries about winning lottery numbers of Brazilian lotteries Mega-Sena, Lotomania, and Lotofácil.

It is not the first unnerving video to make its rounds online

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There are various viral video clips that have intrigued and puzzled people. For instance, “the number stations” are broadcast signals that the CIA and other intelligence agencies allegedly utilized to transmit messages. These stations are still functioning and consist of an unending series of numbers repeated by artificially synthesized voices. However, no definitive explanation for this phenomenon has been discovered yet.

Another example is the “I Feel Fantastic” video, which has been in existence since the inception of YouTube. It shows a short clip of a robot named Tera singing a song in a mysterious house. This video has given rise to several conspiracy theories regarding its origin, including the possibility of a serial killer being involved. Nevertheless, it was later revealed that a musician named John Bergeron had produced the video.

Furthermore, there is the “Sagazan Performance Transfiguration” video, which features the performance artist Oliver de Sagazan pouring layers of body paint, clay, and other liquids onto his body and gradually transforming himself into a creature.

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