What Happened to Fernando del Solar

What Happened to Fernando del Solar? Farewell To Legend

The Mexican television anchor, model, and actor Fernando del Solar passed away, shocking everyone in the entertainment business. The 49-year-unexpected old’s death has left many fans inconsolable. He was most renowned for his work on the Venga la Alegra show.

Del Solar is believed to have died as a result of complications from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a malignancy that affects the lymphatic system, despite the fact that the cause of death has not been formally determined. Del Solar had his initial diagnosis in 2012, and although he had gone into remission for a while, it is believed that the cancer finally came back.

This is a devastating loss, and during this trying time, our hearts go out to del Solar’s family and friends.

Personal detail about Fernando del Solar

Personal detail about Fernando del Solar

Argentinian actor Fernando del Solar was born in 1973. When he was young, his family moved to Mexico. He got a modeling job to start out his career, but he eventually switched to acting. He has appeared in a number of television shows, such as Pela, Un nuevo amor, and Háblame de amor.

His other works include Sexos en Guerra, Venga la Alegra, and Insomnia. Solar has dabbled with acting in movies in addition to television. He has previously appeared in Don de Dios and La familia de mi ex. On June 30, Fernando del Solar sadly went away from pancreatic cancer.

He was very active on social media and had amassed over 433k followers on Instagram alone. He will surely be missed by fans all around the world.

Cause of Death


Fernando del Solar, who was 49 years old, has died. Del Solar was thought to have been battling cancer for some time, while the exact cause of death is unknown at this time.

Del Solar is certainly going to be missed by everyone who knew him, and telenovela fans all over the world are mourning the passing of one of their favorite stars.

Del Solar’s life was cut short, but he leaves a lasting legacy of brilliant work that will keep audiences entertained and motivated for years to come. May Fernando del Solar rest in peace.

A malignancy that starts in the lymphatic system is called a lymphoma. According to the website of the American Cancer Society, the disorder causes unregulated cell development that can develop into cancer and spread to many body areas.

The illness is renowned for these lymphomas, which begin in white blood cells.

Both Hodgkin’s and non-lymphomas Hodgkin’s can develop at any age.

The prognosis for lymphoma varies depending on the type of lymphoma and how soon it is detected, and treatment for the disease frequently entails chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or immunotherapy.

Despite the fact that lymphoma is a dangerous condition, there are numerous treatment options and survival rates are rising. Every day, more and more people are beating this condition because to advancements in medical research.

Fernando del Solar’s tribute

Fernando del Solar Venga La Alegría

Del Solar is well-known for hosting TV Azteca programs like as “Insomnia,” “Sexos en Guerra,” and “Life is a Song,” but “Venga la Alegra,” where he was one of the key drivers for six years, from 2006 to 2012, was the one that launched his career.

In four telenovelas, including “Perla” and “Háblame de Amor,” he also had the opportunity to polish his acting abilities. Even the big-screen movies “Don de Dios” and “La Family de mi Ex” from 2005 featured him.

Fernando marries Anna Ferro in April 2022 in a secret wedding in Cancun, Mexico, after three years of courtship. His children with Ingrid Coronado, Luciano and Paolo, are also his sons.

The “Hoy” host didn’t find out about his friend’s death until a bunch of reporters informed him.

The renowned Ajusco television station discussed the news on its official Instagram account and posted a picture of Fernando Del Solar along with an emotional caption: “We lament the passing of His legacy will live on in the @azteca family for all time.

The news was made public through his official Instagram account as well. Those close to him expressed their gratitude for the support during this trying period. They added that the actor’s farewell will take place in private. The official statement read:

“Today he went to fly even higher… and that news reaches the hearts of all of us who knew him. As a family, it comforts us to know that everyone will lovingly understand this moment of intimate farewell and we are infinitely grateful for all the signs of affection, support, solidarity and respect.”

The Argentine also lived with Tábata Jalil, one of the show’s most dependable hosts, for a considerable amount of time. She said, “I am very saddened and I assume that also in their homes, I did not see it coming, a few days ago we were tweeting and joking, but I think that Fer del Solar is an example to follow, he is a man of light, he is a great friend who taught me that life is beyond the forums

Fernando del Solar

Following the release of the private information, people of various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok, did not hesitate to post politely and lightly amusing memes or farewell images to the presenter. Among the comments, you can read heartfelt phrases that allude to the enjoyment that millions of viewers received as a result of their presence:

Following the disclosure of the confidential information, users of a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok, did not hesitate to submit farewell memes or photographs to the presenter in a courteous and lighthearted manner. You can find sentimental statements in the comments that refer to the pleasure that millions of viewers experienced as a result of their presence.


When was Fernando del Solar diagnosed with cancer?

Fernando del Solar was first diagnosed with cancer in 2012. He announced the news to his fans in a video message, saying that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to his brain.

How did Fernando del Solar’s cancer progress?

Fernando del Solar underwent treatment for his cancer, including surgery and chemotherapy. He went into remission in 2013, but the cancer returned in 2014. He underwent further treatment, including radiation therapy, and was able to go into remission again.

How has Fernando del Solar’s battle with cancer affected his personal and professional life?

Fernando del Solar has been very open about his cancer battle and the toll it has taken on him both physically and emotionally. He has spoken about the challenges of undergoing treatment and the impact it has had on his family. He has also been open about his struggles with depression and anxiety.

Professionally, Fernando del Solar has continued to work as a television presenter and actor throughout his cancer battle. However, he has had to take breaks from work at times in order to focus on his health.

How have fans and the public responded to Fernando del Solar’s cancer battle?

Fernando del Solar has received an outpouring of support from his fans and the public throughout his cancer battle. Many people have taken to social media to offer him words of encouragement and to express their admiration for his bravery in the face of such a difficult challenge.

Final Words

The passing of Fernando del Solar at the age of 49 due to complications from Hodgkin’s lymphoma has shocked fans all over the world. Despite his battle with cancer, Fernando del Solar continued to work as a television presenter and actor throughout his illness, earning him the admiration of fans and colleagues alike. He was a beloved figure in the Mexican entertainment industry and had a significant impact on telenovelas and TV shows, including “Venga la Alegra,” “Insomnia,” and “Sexos en Guerra.”

Del Solar’s legacy will undoubtedly live on through his work, which has entertained and inspired audiences for years. His passing has been met with an outpouring of support and condolences from fans and colleagues, reflecting the significant impact he had on the entertainment industry.

While his battle with cancer was challenging, Fernando del Solar faced it with courage and grace. His openness about his struggles with depression and anxiety has also helped to destigmatize mental health issues and encouraged others to seek help when needed.

Although he is no longer with us, Fernando del Solar will always be remembered as a talented actor, presenter, and model who brought joy and entertainment to millions of people. His passing is a significant loss to the entertainment industry, and he will be deeply missed by those who knew and loved him.

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