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Is Cam Cordova the same personality you see on the social accounts in real or her private life is different from that? There are a lot of questions like this that are bombarding the mind of Cam’s fans and I am here to answer all of these questions. Cam Cordova is more than you see on the social media platform. She is not just a TikTok star who has thousands of followers but is also a soccer player who participates in various tournaments and has also won them as well.

Along with it, she is the beloved daughter of her parents who are the backbone of her growing career. In the past few days, there were a lot of rumors floating around that Cam has gotten engaged to her boyfriend and is getting married soon. However, Cam hasn’t paid any heed to these rumors, so were they true? Let’s find out about it and everything else about Cam’s behind-the-camera life.

Cam Cordova Biography


Cam Cordova was born on 8 May 2003, according to her date of birth she is 19 years old right now. Cam is her nickname, her real name is Camryn Cordova. She is Christian by religion. Moreover, her weight is 60 kgs and her height is 5 feet 2 inches. She loves to maintain her weight not only because she is a model but also because she is a soccer player.

Model or a Player

Wait! You didn’t know that Cam Cordova is a soccer player? Well, before starting her modeling career Cam was a soccer player and as per the report, her parents helped her in learning soccer and pursuing it as a profession. Now she plays soccer at various tournaments. You must be thinking now about what made her choose a modeling career when she was super good at soccer, right?

TikTok Stardom

Actually, according to Cam Cordova, she always knew that she wanted to become a soccer player, but coincidentally and following the trend, she made a Tik Tok account and started to post comedy and lip-sync videos over it. Steadily and gradually, she started to have an addition in her fan following. In addition to this, her videos started to get hundreds of views in a minute and her videos started to get shared rapidly.

Instagram Journey

Her journey started on a Tik Tok as a coincidence but luckily she got famous and now has above 1.5 million followers on TikTok which is still increasing every minute. After this huge success, Cam Cordova decided to make an account on Instagram. She started to post her various daily routine pictures and clips over there and got thousands of likes over them in seconds.

Family and Cam


You might also be seeking about the family of Cam Cordova and from where she belongs right? Well, can Cordova belong to springs, texas? Her parents are a happily married couple who raised Cam and her two siblings side by side. Cam’s parents helped her in completing her studies at Klein Collins high school. They then realized that Cam is interested in soccer, thus they helped her achieve her passion.

Career over Boyfriend?

Have you heard that Cam Cordova is in a relationship? This news flooded the internet for several days. But as per the report, this was just a rumor as Cam Cordova has no boyfriend nor is she looking for a relationship. According to her, she is just focusing on her career and studies right now and is not ready for any kind of commitment.


Although Cam Cordova is famous and has participated in various soccer tournaments she never compromises her studies. As per the report, we found that Cam gives a sufficient portion to her studies as well. In addition to this, we also found that she always gets good grades in her exams.

Net Worth

Everyone wants to know how much net worth Camryn Cordova has. Well, as she is a Famous TikTok model and is also much famous on Instagram, various brands approach her for their promotions. Along with this, she also charges advertising companies for running their ads in her clips. Thus, the estimated amount of her net worth is $ 8000 USD.



Does Camryn Cordova love to travel?

No, she does not love traveling that much because haven’t seen her travel anywhere since she started posting her videos on TikTok.

Is Camryn in a relationship?

No Camryn Cordova is not in a relationship right now as she is focusing on her career and studies right now.

Is Camryn Cordova an international player?

No, she is not an international soccer player yet but maybe in upcoming years, we will see her on the international team.


Along with the beautiful face and charming personality of this TikTok and Instagram star, Camryn Cordova loves to play soccer. She is supported by her parents in pursuing her soccer career. She became famous on TikTok luckily through her comedy and lip-sync videos. Moreover, she is not looking for a relationship as she is focusing on her growing career right now. Lastly, she earns sufficient money through her social media accounts.

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