How To Catch A Squid In Stardew Valley tips

How To Catch A Squid In Stardew Valley? The Perfect Tricks!

The farming simulation game Stardew Valley is quite exciting if you are into role-playing games. In the catch a squid quest, you will have to catch a squid while fishing. You must complete the quest within 28 days, which can be tricky.

The most convenient way how to catch a squid in Stardew Valley is to use the magic bait with an iridium rod or fiberglass rod in the south of Pelican Town. Besides, practicing with baits helps a lot while aiming for a squid. Also, the fishing skill is a huge plus point to catching midnight squids.

Now let’s get more information on acing the quest just right! I’ve got everything covered for you.

6 Expert Tips On How To Catch A Squid In Stardew Valley

Catch A Squid In Stardew Valley

When I played the squid Stardew Valley quest, I learned that what people say about it is not a bluff. It is, indeed, one of the most challenging quests that you will come across. So, therefore, a few tips will come in handy if you want to catch a squid.

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1: You Can Only Catch A Squid During Winter

You can find the squids during winters, and the best place to search for a squid is to visit the south of Pelican Town. The ocean has plenty of squids, and if you have the right fishing skills, you will have no trouble catching a squid fish as fast as you can.

2: Wait Behind Willies House At Midnight

Even the most beginner player can catch a squid fish using this trick. It’s simple, wait by the beach behind willies house. Ride out the cast; if you are lucky enough, you can catch a squid. Midnight is the best time to catch a squid as both normal squids and midnight squids roam around the ocean during the winter night.

3: Combine Fishing Skills With A Good Equipment

Combine Fishing Skills With A Good Equipment

You are almost there to catch the squid if you have good fishing skills and equipment. Using magic bait while being on an advanced fishing level can give you the advancement to catch the squid right away.

A fiberglass rod can be helpful if you are at a lower fishing level. Real-Time Experience: I tried fishing for a squid during winter midnight, with my fishing level of 9. The gear was an iridium rod.

Using good tackle and band, I got lucky enough to catch a squid within the least possible time; it was surprising!

4: Use The Magic Bait

Honestly, magic bait is the real game-changer for catching the squid. If you struggle to catch one, the magic bait will help you catch the squid and any fish you like.

How To Use The Magic Bait?

Get an iridium rod or fiberglass rod and attach the bait to it. You need 100 Golden Walnuts to purchase the magic bait from Qi’s Wainet Room. The Qi’s Wainet Room is on the west of Ginger Island.

Not only squids, but you can also catch any Night Market fish you want using the magic bait. Here’s how you can add a magic bait to the rods:

  • After buying the baits, open your inventory
  • Now click on the magic bait
  • And now, click on the rod to which you want to add the bait

5: Fishing Skills Will Be A Significant Advantage

Honestly, this tip was a saver while I  desperately wanted to catch a squid at the beginning. By continuously practicing, I got better at aiming and fishing; catching a squid using the fiberglass rod was like a piece of cake.

So, you must practice fishing well before trying to catch a squid. Use the fiberglass rods while practicing, and include bait in your practice sessions. The practices will make you a pro in catching a squid.

6: Aiming For The Midnight Squid

Aiming For The Midnight Squid

Alongside the Night Market, midnight squids can also be found in the leftmost port on the beach on the left side. If you include magic bait while fishing, it will be easier to catch one.

Types Of Squids You Will Find In Stardew Valley

There are two types of squids available in the game. Both the squids are available only during winter. Let’s know about the types:

  • Midnight Squids

These squids are mostly found at the Night Market and the beach’s leftmost port. This is a rare fish, but you can catch it with deep-sea fishing using a submarine. You can also add magic bait to the rods to increase the chances of catching a midnight squid.

If you want to use the submarine, you have to speak to the captain, and in exchange for 1,000g, he will take you to the bottom of the ocean. The submarine is only available at the winter event, and it is only open between 5-11 pm.

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  • Normal Squids

This is not a rare fish; you can find it mostly between 6 pm-2 am in wintertime. You can also buy the squid from the Traveling Merchant on Sunday and Friday at the Cindersap Forest. The base prices are 240g gold to 1000g gold to buy a squid.

What Is Squid Ink, And How To Use It?

Squid ink is the ink produced by midnight squids. Squid kid also produces squid ink. Therefore, you can use it in clothing dye and tailoring. Moreover, you can prepare recipes like Squid Ink Ravioli and Seafoam Pudding using ink.

To produce the squid ink, you have to build a fish pond by robin using the given materials:

  • 5,000g
  • 5 Green Algae
  • 5 Seaweed
  • 200 Stone

Once you construct the fish pond, you will be able to grow a population of different fish like squids, spook fish, midnight carp, and many other options. The squids will produce the ink in the pond.

You will get more ink as the growth of squids increases. There are approximately 70% chances of getting squid ink if you have ten squids.

More About The Stardew Valley Fish Pond

As I shared, you can construct the fish pond or buy it from Robin. You can find Robin at the Carpenter’s shop of Mountains. A pond takes two days to be completed, and you can grow all the fish, including crab pot, except legendary fish in the pond. One drawback is that you cannot produce more than one type of fish in the pond at a time.

So if you attempt to grow squid, you will get to cultivate only squid unless you clear the pond and grow other types. There is also a limitation in the number of fish you can produce simultaneously.

What Can You Do With Squids?

You can place the squid in your fish pond to reproduce more squids, resulting in the necessary squid inks. Also, you can sell the squid to Elliott. But remember that you can’t sell the squid to villagers like Evelyn, Haley, Pierre, or Abigail as they do not like squids.

You can prepare recipes like Fried Calamari, Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. The primary purpose of catching a squid is to complete the quest to go to the next quest.

Further Information About Catching A Squid In Stardew Valley

Catching A Squid In Stardew Valley

Is Squid Ink Worth The Effort?

Although it has less value than the other fish roe’s, it’s still mandatory for tailoring and dyeing. So, to complete the quest, you will need it. Also, you can prepare different recipes using ink.

How Hard Is It To Catch A Squid In Stardew Valley?

It is pretty hard, especially if you are not good at fishing. But practicing will get you the squid. Also, you can use magic bait and good equipment like fiberglass rods while catching fish. The pieces of equipment will help you in your catch a squad quest.

How Much Does Squid Ink Sell In Stardew?

You can sell it for 110g, which is not quite a lot. But you can still use the ink for other purposes like tailoring and two recipes.

Can You Catch A Squid With A Training Rod?

No, you can’t. Training rods are meant for catching basic fish with difficulty lower than 50. You need to use an iridium or fiberglass rod to catch the squid.

Can You Put Legendary Fish In The Fish Pond?

No, you can’t. You can put all fish, including crab pot, in the fish pot but not legendary fish. Also, you cannot reproduce more than one type of fish in the pond at a time.

Closing The Discussion

Now that you know how to catch a squid in Stardew Valley, you can gracefully complete the quest. Practicing is the key when you want to fish a squid. Also, if you plan the fishing with the tips I shared from experience, the succession will come way sooner than you expect.

Remember that you only get 28 days to complete the quest. So, get ready with the rods and baits, and get the squid right in the fish pond without losing your mind.

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