Seduction In Cyberspace: The Far-Reaching Influence Of Pornography On Society

Seduction In Cyberspace: The Far-Reaching Influence Of Pornography On Society

Forget about taboos. Forget about fake morals. Pornography is an integral part of our society. It has been for a while. You can pretend otherwise but opening your eyes to the adult entertainment industry will do you no harm. It’s already here. Pornography is no novelty.

It’s been around almost the same time as the modern film industry. It will remain where it is while it slowly progresses into every spore of modern society. While back in the day the distribution of adult entertainment material was an issue the internet took that problem away. 

Parallelly with the development of all the technology, we have today and the internet as the leader in that domain pornography industry grew too. Today, more than ever, you can find it everywhere. It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere. You can’t escape it, nor should you.

Instead, you should focus on the ways it has influenced the world around you. Society changes every day, and one of the factors that leave its mark on it is, without a doubt, pornography. Are you interested to know how it did it? We bet you are. Let’s talk about it for a bit. 

Normalization of Taboos 

Normalization of Taboos 

We’re all kinky a bit. Why hide it anymore? That’s right, we don’t have to. Pornography opened many doors. But, it tore down the doors of many taboo houses. Today, more than ever before, we are not imprisoned by different taboos. We don’t have too much behind our backs, to notice if anyone sees us as weird.

Our partners enjoy themselves more than ever because people have more liberty in bed today than they ever did. Adult movies paved the way for many changes. People started noticing different things. Look at this, I like it, I want to try it. It’s normal! 

Sexual Education

Sex education has its place in our schools. It is a necessary subject for young adults as they are entering that age and are inexperienced in all matters of sex. While of course, pornography is not an ideal way to get educated on all matters of sex, it can be of help.

You only don’t need to be judgmental. Accept the things that are nice, and can benefit any individual, and neglect those that you see as harmful. Anyway, one thing can’t be neglected and that is that pornography is a great aid in sex education and it should be seen as such. 

Body Image Standards

Body Image Standards

While we would love to remain on the positive side of things, there are a few negative influences of pornography on our society and this is one of them. Body image standards have increased due to the influence of porn films. These issues arise because some individuals idealize pornstars.

We’re talking about actors and actresses that have their flaws too. If they look good it is because of the workout. If they’re pretty, that’s natural. If they have something else you’re lacking, we’ll we’re not all the same.

Body image standards are not only influenced by pornography but by the development of social media platforms too. Either way, it is something that can be easily countered by a simple logical approach to all matters of pornography and the people depicted in those films. 

Relationship Expectations 

This is a hard pill to swallow. The expectations within a relationship have skyrocketed since both males and females started enjoying porn.

This is a turn for the better in some departments of a relationship, but when it comes to performance in bed, the size of a male penis, stamina in both partners, and different poses people saw in porn matters get complicated.

At the end of the day, some things that pornography promotes are nothing but movie stunts. They shouldn’t even be performed in bed when two lovers have intercourse. But, here we are. Expectations are ever higher, and sooner than later people will need to hit the hard ground regarding their expectations in a relationship. 


Economy (1)

Pornography is one of the branches of the movie industry that never sleeps. In fact, it’s expanding as we speak. When you look at it from a strictly economic perspective it’s a billion-dollar industry. What’s even better is incorporating other industries under its sphere too.

Some of the best advertising campaigns are conducted on porn websites. Also, you have noticed that they operate on subscription methods. Some websites adopted this way of payment even before Netflix or Hulu.

Streaming and pay-per-view were the essence of the porn industry long before they were introduced to sports events. It’s amazing how revolutionary this industry has been. The best part is that it’s customer driven. 

Intimacy Issues

As we said, among all the positives pornography brought out many negatives in our society. The lack of intimacy is one. Many individuals all over the world now only aim for sex in a relationship instead of everything else. Others don’t even aim at a relationship.

It’s all about sex and lack of intimacy. Porno films that promote quick hookups and even faster sex were one of the reasons. Another is the development of high-end technology that made direct physical contact irrelevant when it comes to exchanging sex photos and content of that kind.

Sexting changed the landscape of intimacy by a far margin that will not be lowered any time soon. 



One of the biggest issues pornography brought forth is addiction. Many individuals all over the world are addicted to porn. This is no secret. It is often paired with excess masturbation making the issue of porn addiction even worse. These two things combined create a serious health issue that needs to be addressed.

If you’re having these issues or you know someone who does please make sure that you consult a health professional. Pornography has many positives as we said, but you can see on your own that some of its downsides can be destructive. Address them! 

Bottom Line 

Modern society can no longer be imagined without pornography. It has been around forever and with modern technology, it only made its mark permanent. The future that comes will either be shaped by it or it will be shaped by the imminent future. Either way, you will hear about pornography for a long time – both back and forth. 

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