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The Arts of Odds-Making: How Bookmakers Set the Lines

On its surface, sports betting looks like a simple thing. Gamblers are taking a look at the matches available for that particular day, and they decide what sort of bet they want to make. However, when you take a closer look at it, you will see that this is a complex thing, mainly considering the odds for a particular match. Making odds is a hard thing to do, and it requires skills on the behalf of the odds-maker.

One of the most important things to know is that bookmakers do not create these odds and lines not just as a reflection of the probability. Besides that, they are thinking about an expression of how much money they are willing to put into a particular outcome of a match. So, you can see that we are talking about a much more complex thing than it initially seems.

The result of their work is what gamblers see on their screens. We are talking about the odd you can find on numerous sports betting sites, like Today, we want to provide you with detailed information about how bookmakers set the lines and how they compile the odds.

Odds-Making: The Beginning

Odds-Making - The Beginning

As it is known, gambling, as an industry, has originated in Las Vegas, when we are talking about the United States. Before that, we can see that gambling occurred just between friends who gather and play games such as poker. The same can be said about bookmakers, this profession also started in Las Vegas. Back then, it worked much differently than today. The bets were placed over the phone.

Furthermore, we can see that odds changed based on a couple of things. The two most important things were the money put on a certain team or a player, and the other one was, of course, based on who is the favorite and who was an underdog. With every gambler who put the bet on the favorite, the odds would change. So, those who put the money on a favorite will receive lesser money as prize money.

That way, the bookmakers would find the right balance between two players or two teams. With that in mind, nobody should be surprised why this is such an important matter. On the other side, the bookies would need to introduce an additional vig on every odd. In most cases, you will see that it usually goes between 5% and 10%. We are talking about the percentage bookmakers earn.

How We Create Betting Lines Today?

Today, we can see that bookmakers use pretty much a similar approach these days, but it has an additional twist to it. As you can presume, this depends on the sports discipline. The odds maker will choose the first line, and then the work slowly progresses from that point. However, if the bookmaker wants to attract professional gamblers, who are prone to making somewhat harder decisions, then the lines will be somewhat aggressive.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that someone will put the aggressive lines and professionals will simply come. The trick is, they need to see the value in the odds in front of them. So, you will see that this is quite a complex job and bookmakers need to have enough experience and knowledge in the field. Only by doing that, they can attract people to place bets.

Today, you will also see that certain bookies make odds for more than just one website. As a result, you will likely see practically the same odds on a couple of websites. The reason is rather simple, the conditions for making these are the same for everyone. For that reason, you will generally see only slight differences in these. But that doesn’t mean that the procedure will be the same for all.

What are Odds Compilers?

For anyone interested in how odds are made, it is an absolute must to understand what the odds compiler is. We are talking about a professional who is an employee of the betting exchange or a bookmaker. The role of this position is to consider all the conditions, as well as the potential outcomes, and think about how they can make each one of them profitable.

Of course, the work of a compiler should be confirmed by someone who is on the upper hierarchy of the company. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the role of compilers is crucial for the creation of these. Otherwise, you cannot rely on the works will remain profitable for the gambling company or a website. Plus, they make sure that they provide value to the gambler.

Those professionals also need to think hard about how customers will react to what they are making. If the gamblers will rather choose the competition’s odds rather than the ones made by a particular company, then compilers didn’t do a good job of providing the necessary value. So, this can turn into a big problem since it can drive the customers away from a particular gambling site.

Do Odds Change Before Events?

When it comes to how bookies make money from creating these, it is crucial to know how the odds and lines change in real-time. As you know, these are changing during the match when people want to bet live. The reason why this happens is rather easy to understand since the situation at the field will determine how likely something is to happen by the end of the match.

For instance, if you are betting on a tennis match and a favorite is winning all the sets so far, you can be sure that betting on the underdog winning the next one, and winning, will provide a much higher prize. We are talking about one of the main ways companies earn money these days. Not only that not every bet will be successful, but we can also see that lines are moved.

Once you’ve gained a deeper understanding, be sure to capitalize on your newfound knowledge by exploring our handpicked selection of top betting offers that promise to elevate your wagering experience.

Do Odds Change Before Events

The Bottom Line

As you can see, setting the lines is a work of art. Here, you can take a look at all the most important elements to understand how these are done.

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