The Importance of Quality and Purity When Choosing CBD Pre-Rolls for Anxiety: Pure and Potent

Pre-rolls are a popular choice among fans of the authentic smoking experience associated with marijuana consumption. Even those who don’t want to get high can smoke a joint of CBD pre-rolls – the ones without THC but with a considerable dose of the therapeutically beneficial cannabidiol. Some pre-rolls are with nicotine, and some are nicotine-free to give users a choice. But the quality issue is still under research, as many pre-rolls have scarce information on the packages and offer little insight into what the user will inhale.

So, we have composed this guide to inform you about the main parameters of pre-roll quality. These guidelines can help you choose the best picks in the CBD pre-roll market and improve your user experience with safe, transparent products from reputable brands. You can also start your CBD pre-roll acquaintance with this resource:

Introduction to CBD Pre-Rolls

Let’s start from the basics – what is a CBD pre-roll as such, and why should you consider this consumption variant? CBD pre-rolls are hand-rolled joints made of hemp flower, rich in CBD and containing negligible amounts of THC. Zero THC pre-rolls also exist; to produce them, manufacturers subject the hemp flower to delicate THC extraction methods to ensure that smoking won’t get the user intoxicated.

As a rule, pre-rolls come with a good concentration of CBD (from 8% to 12%) and have negligent THC levels (up to 0.2%), which ensures their legality in many European countries and across the USA. They are the most popular mode of consumption because all you need for a portion of stress relief or pain management is a pre-roll and a lighter. Besides, they are affordable in most cases, giving you a cost-effective solution to many medical issues.

Another reason for CBD pre-rolls’ popularity is the quick effect they have on users. By inhaling the smoke from a burning flower, users ensure maximum CBD absorption in their lungs and feel the effect in seconds. The bioavailability of CBD during smoking goes up to 50-60%, which is the highest percentage among all CBD use variants. Therefore, when smoking, users get the highest amount of CBD absorbed in their bloodstream, thus getting the best value for their money and avoiding the waste in the liver or gut.

Finally, it’s noteworthy that CBD pre-rolls are manufactured from various hemp strains, thus giving users a broad choice and allowing them to enjoy their beloved aromas. The breadth of choice is a vital parameter in the modern market, as consumers are growing pickier and want uniquely customized experiences.

How to Choose the Best-Quality CBD Pre-Rolls?

Checking the content of a ready pre-roll is pretty hard, especially for laypersons. Yet, there are a couple of pro tips for verifying the pre-roll’s quality and choosing only top-rated products.

#1 Make a “Dry Pull” Test

As the pre-roll is already packed, you can’t check what’s in it. Thus, it makes sense to run a “dry pull” test to ensure that the specific CBD pre-roll product is right for you in terms of flavor and aroma. To do this, you should deeply inhale the smell of an unlit joint to get an impression of what it will feel like when it’s lit. Another issue to check from the very start is whether the pre-roll contains whole buds or leftovers from the dried flower trimming. While the former are usually much more expensive, they are more potent and offer a much more pleasant smoking experience.

#2 Check the Package

Second, it’s necessary to check the tight packaging of the pre-roll. High-quality items are tightly and evenly packed, which guarantees that the pre-roll will burn evenly. Also, you should look at the ash produced during the pre-roll’s burning; it should be bright, white-colored ash. If you see this outcome, it means that the CBD flower was properly prepared for rolling. Such pre-rolls guarantee a smooth taste free from additional elements.

#3 Monitor the Moisture Content

Next, you should check your pre-rolls for moisture levels. The over-dried pre-rolls with meager moisture content come with a hot, harsh smoking sensation, which is unpleasant to many. Too much moisture, in turn, elevates the risk of bacteria development in the pre-roll, which is highly hazardous for your lungs. Thus, striving for the 10-12% moisture content is optimal – a balanced indicator giving you a safe and pleasant smoking experience.

#4 Mind the Shape and Size

When it comes to shapes and sizes, pre-rolls offer pretty much diversity to the users. These products are made long and short, thick and thin, to meet the users’ individual preferences. There’s no golden rule in these terms, but you should choose the pre-rolls that meet your CBD dosing needs. Thus, for instance, if you’re a newbie, it’s better to opt for 0.5-gram pre-rolls, while mature users with high CBD needs may smoke a 1g pre-roll without a problem. The size of your pre-roll shouldn’t be more than you need to feel well; otherwise, you risk getting an overdose and feeling dizzy.

A pro tip: thin pre-rolls produce less smoke and deliver clean, smooth flavors with every pull. Thick joints are more smoke-producing and cause a considerable waste of CBD into the air.

#5 Check the Filter

The pre-roll filter, also called a crutch, is inserted on one side of the pre-roll before its sealing. The usual methods for inserting and folding it are a swirl or a zigzag, which are both fine. However, you should check the fold for tightness and isolation of CBD flower, as a high-quality fold reduces the amount of tar and flower crumbs getting into your mouth during the smoking session.

#6 Check the Seal

Now, the seal. It’s also important to study the seal and see whether it’s done well to ensure the pre-roll is of high quality. The seals are usually made with a twist or a flat fold of the rolling paper. Each of these variants is fine and is a matter of personal preference. Some users prefer a twist, using it as a wick, while others long for the clean, compact fold for a better experience. However, keep in mind that a fold is non-durable compared to the twist, and many pre-rolls come undone, spreading the bits of the CBD flower all around the newly opened pack.

#7 Ensure the Rolling Paper’s Organic Origin

The final point for your consideration is the quality and origin of the pre-roll paper. You will inhale the smoke produced from the burning paper along with the CBD flower smoke, so it’s vital to ensure the paper is organic. Rolling paper is usually manufactured of wood pulp, flax, rice, and even hemp. It can be bleached or unbleached; if it’s bleached, you should check the bleaching methods. Thus, experts recommend using pre-rolls with non-processed, thin paper to reduce the number of chemicals and undesirable byproducts inhaled during the smoking process.

Choose Pre-Rolls Wisely

Our review shows that choosing a pre-roll is an art in itself. Still, you should spend some spare time and effort to check all these parameters to guarantee a safe and beneficial smoking session for yourself. It’s vital to choose top-quality CBD pre-rolls to derive maximum benefits from their use instead of exposing your lungs to risks of damage or infection.

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