Books for People Who Don’t Like to Read

4 Best Books for People Who Don’t Like to Read: A Non-Reader’s Guide

We live in an era significantly different from any other, don’t you agree? Introducing a wide array of technologies has impacted our lives in more ways than we can count. With that in mind, we cannot make any other conclusion except that our previous statement is correct.

While human civilization has adapted to the new conditions to the highest degree, this procedure is not over. There are many things left to be completed in this regard. When you look at the content produced today, especially online, you will see that it is much shorter than the one we used to have at our disposal just a couple of years ago. 

That creates a significant condition. Experts often talk about how people don’t read books anymore. But we beg to differ. Reading was always a kind of exclusive activity, which means it is not for everyone. Reading is not just going through pages until you finish reading the book. In fact, we are talking about a challenging process where readers need to use their imagination to enhance the experience. 

Of course, a lot will depend on whether someone likes the book. But we have to agree that some people don’t enjoy reading. If you are that kind of person, we would like to recommend some books. We are talking about books for those who do not enjoy reading. You can find them at

In this age of rapid digitization, books have taken a hit. They say people don’t read books anymore, but we beg to differ. Reading, my dear reader, has always been a bit of an exclusive club. It’s not for the faint of heart; it’s an adventure, a journey into the realms of imagination. But now, it seems, we’ve entered the era of bite-sized content, quick fixes for our voracious digital appetites.

Sure, there’s convenience in having a library at your fingertips, but there’s a charm in flipping through the pages of a well-worn novel, feeling the paper under your fingertips, and savoring every word. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s magic in the smell of ink and paper that no e-reader can replicate.

Now, as for these non-English literary works breaking free from the confines of language, it’s a double-edged sword. It’s fantastic that we can access diverse voices from around the globe, yet something feels lost in translation. The nuances, the cultural flavors, often get diluted. I miss the days when an author’s words were an unadulterated reflection of their world.

But here’s the silver lining, my friend. If you’re one of those who’ve fallen out of love with reading, fear not. There are books out there tailored just for you. Books that’ll pull you back into the embrace of storytelling, even in this era of fleeting attention spans.

Now, let us provide with books good for non-readers or new readers.

1. The Old Man and the Sea

Reading long books doesn’t make much sense if you don’t enjoy reading or are completely new to this activity. Think about moments in high school or college when one of the tasks was to do exactly that. Maybe this is the major reason you didn’t develop a habit of reading. With that in mind, we advise you to start with a short book. Alongside that, start with the one that is easily among the best.

“The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway is among the most important books in US and global literature history. Sure, the chances of you coming across this one during your school years are quite high. Despite this, we encourage you to give this masterpiece a second chance in your older years. We are talking about simple prose for those who don’t know. The plot is quite simple but quite complex at the same time.

It follows an old Cuban fisherman’s lifelong battle against nature in his native land. However, one day will be even more challenging than any other before. The fisherman will endure numerous challenges throughout the book, and the epilogue will leave you speechless. We are talking about a book with an interesting plot that is only about 100 pages long. So you will not need to commit a lot of your time.

2. The Alchemist

The Alchemist

There are countless testimonies about people who say that “The Alchemist” is a book that changed their life completely. While it was not intended to be a self-help title, it turned out to be one. The story follows Santiago, a shepherd who dreams and gets the message to go to the desert in Egypt. In that desert, he will look for an alchemist who will reveal secrets on how to obtain a secret treasure.

Naturally, this journey will not be simple since our hero will go through numerous adventures and interesting situations before he finds the person he is looking for. “The Alchemist” is an excellent book for those curious about titles exploring self-discovery. Paulo Coelho, the author of this title, has become one of the main names in worldwide literary circles after writing it.

3. 11.22.63


Stephen King is one of the most popular authors of our time. There are many reasons for his popularity, and it is not all about his books. First, he writes fast, and you will see him release up to three books yearly. The total number of titles he released since the start of his literary career is easily over 50. We don’t have a high number of fertile authors that produce this number of titles in the history of the world.

Since he is well-known, we believe including one of his books in this list was necessary. We’ve decided on “11.22.63.” The story follows our protagonist, who is on his way to discover what happened to US President Kennedy a few months before he was killed in Dallas on 11.22.1963. That’s the reason why this book is named this way.

This book is special because it is not as short as others we’ve named on this list. Still, it is so action-packed that it will keep your attention until you finish it. There are numerous testaments of non-readers and new readers who tried reading this book and said the same thing. Furthermore, it offers an interesting perspective on one of the most traumatic events in the 20th-century United States.

4. The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams was one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. His best-known book is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” We are talking about some testament to the galaxy around us, which is vast and, therefore, always interesting for people to explore. Douglas Adams’ approach was one-of-a-kind with this one that inspired millions worldwide to start reading.

Arthur Dent is a human being who gets into trouble only to be saved by his friend, who is an alien. The story is vast, and it talks about all the known planets. This story is even more interesting because it occurs just a couple of days before Earth is about to be destroyed by a group of aliens. We are talking about an action-packed book that will keep you at the edge of your sofa from start to finish.


Whether you are a new reader or someone who doesn’t think this activity would bring you joy, some books might change your mind. Here, you can find a list of interesting titles to help you achieve that.

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