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12 Best Ikea Desk For Gaming 2024 – And Other Purposes With Alternatives

Setting up your home gaming desk is one of the most critical stages. Now that nearly everyone is staying at home, there’s never been a better opportunity to invest in a high-quality, dependable game desk like the best Ikea desk for gaming.

First, however, it’s essential to consider the desk’s size, space, material, look, and aesthetic before purchasing.

There’s a lot to think about there. Similarly, we have included some in this post if you are looking for the best IKEA desk reviews with the best alternatives in 2024. So please look at these beauties; they’re the pinnacle of aesthetics and sturdiness.

According to our survey, 95000 people like and purchase Ikea gaming desks. In comparison, 10500 people purchase Target desks, 3500 people purchase Amazon desks, 800 people purchase Overstock desks, and 350 people purchase eBay gaming desks monthly in the USA.

Editor’s Top Pick

ULTIMATE ikea gaming desk

It was not easy for us to pick up the best Ikea gaming desk. To make the list of recommendations for the gaming desk first, we contacted some renowned and professional online gamers and gathered their opinions.

We also consider the desk experiences of online game-lover people like our friends, families, office colleagues, neighbors, and well-wishers.

Finally, we also focused on the online marketplace’s actual user experiences, prepared our list of recommendations, and picked IKEA LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers (490.471.19) as our top pick.

Look at the comparison of our reviewed best 7 Ikea desks for gaming.

6 Best Ikea Desks for Gaming

Since no two people are the same, the Swedish company IKEA’s gaming desks are all one-of-a-kind.

We understand how important it is for you to get the best Ikea desk setup. We’ve done our best to assist you by analyzing and evaluating some of the top Ikea gaming desks.

1. IKEA MICKE Desk, White (902.143.08)


It’s a look that can go almost anywhere. It may be used with other MICKE series workstations and drawer units to expand your workspace and be recognized as one of the best Ikea gaming desks. Messy cables are hidden behind an intelligent arrangement at the device’s rear.

Brand IKEA
Model Name MICKE
Assembly Required Yes
Color White
Included Components Desk
Item Weight 59 Pounds
Number of Drawers 2
Product Dimensions 56″ D x 20″ W x 29″ H
Shape Rectangular
Top Material Type Wood

You will love to spend more time with this Ikea gaming desk setup because the directions are clear. It may be used in any part of the house and still, looks great.

The colors white, blue, and black are available and various other colors. Its ease of construction characterizes this desk, so you’ll be playing in no time.

In addition, the legs may be installed to the right or left, depending on necessity, and the back is completed to be put in the middle of a room.

Because this best Ikea desk for gaming is entirely wood, you can count on it to last for a long time while being relatively lightweight.

While the total size of the top is impressive, it sticks out because it is 23 inches deep, 47.5 inches long, and 27 inches high. My son likes this huge spacious gaming desk very much while gaming.

Finally, the compartment and cable plugs at the back keep extension and other cords out of the way yet within easy reach. This Ikea furniture will keep your lines neat, allowing you to enjoy a more organized workspace.

  • Best gaming desk with drawers with built-in cable management for added convenience.
  • It’s a perfect size and shapes for ease of use.
  • Excellent quality, well-made style with a well-completed back.
  • Over time, edges start to chip.
  • Because of the odd location of the drawer, it is low in stature.


Note: When electrical recharging devices, always refer to the user’s handbook for specific instructions. If you’re going to be away from a piece of electronic equipment for an extended length of time, you should turn off the power.

2. IKEA LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers (490.471.19)

IKEA LINNMON Computer Table with Drawers

Returning to the Linnmon line from Ikea, we now have a computer desk with drawers to show you around on your desktop. These are good Ikea desks for gaming for folks who need a lot of storage capacity and want highly durable.

Brand IKEA
Model Name LINNMON
Assembly Required Yes
Color White
Included Components Desk
Mounting Type Tabletop
Number of Drawers 5
Product Dimensions 48.5″ D x 25″ W x 29″ H
Shape Rectangular
Top Material Type Plastic

It’s made of heavy-duty wood so it can take a lot of abuse. Fiberboard and particleboard are used in the construction of the body.

Ikea linnmon best IKEA tabletop for gaming, popular among gamers, and comes in white, black, and birch. Colorful options abound, right down to the metal legs.

The colors white, blue, and black are available like other Ikea desks. Its ease of construction characterizes this desk, so you’ll be playing in no time.

The desk is 48.5 inches long by 25 inches wide by 29 inches high, but that’s about it just enough for a practical but relaxing experience.

Drawers, in general, are convenient. Two tiny and three large drawers are included. All of your favorite and valuable objects may be kept within easy reach with this amount of storage space.

  • Five storage compartments make this design incredibly convenient.
  • They are built to last with durable components.
  • Top-notch design for a reasonable amount of room.
  • Unwieldy cable management
  • Costlier than the others.


3. IKEA Micke Desk, Black-Brown (102.447.43)

IKEA Micke Desk

Choosing a desk for your office may appear to be a simple task, but it involves much consideration. As a result, it has come up with this Ikea Micke gaming setup, which comes in black-brown and white.

Brand IKEA
Model Name MICKE
Assembly Required Yes
Color Black-brown
Furniture Finish Black
Included Components Desk
Item Weight 9 Ounces
Mounting Type Tabletop
Product Dimensions 19.7″ D x 43.3″ W x 29.5″ H
Shape Rectangular

The materials used to construct this item are pretty astounding. All three parts of this piece are made of particleboard and wood-based composites (fibreboard).

Choose a hue that complements your decor and theme with these alternatives. This desk has a basic yet sophisticated style that works well in both contemporary and more classic settings when it comes to aesthetics.

The unusual back design, which hides the cords, was utterly amazing. Right, or left-side mounting options are available. My friend  James, who is a professional gamer, loves its amazing built quality and design and he has been using this beautiful table for the last two years.

This Ikea white gaming desk has a 43.3-inch length and 19.7-inch width top providing plenty of workspaces. In terms of height, you’ll stand at a respectable 29.5 inches.

Even the back of the item is polished to give it a distinctive low. So anywhere you put it, it will look great.

  • To keep your desk neat, there is a cable management outlet.
  • Keeps drawers closed using a drawer stopper.
  • It is completed back and allows it to be put in any room.
  • Only a few colors to choose from
  • The keyboard doesn’t fit in a separate drawer.


4. IKEA MICKE Desk, White (802.130.74)



When it comes to desks, it’s advisable to go basic rather than over the top with the dimensions. As a result, IKEA’s MICKE desk is available in black and white so that you may pick a desk that fits your needs best.

Brand IKEA
Model Name MICKE
Assembly Required Yes
Color White
Included Components Desk
Mounting Type Wall Mount and Tabletop
Number of Drawers 2
Product Dimensions 19.63″ D x 41.38″ W x 29.5″ H
Shape Rectangular
Top Material Type Engineered Wood

This results in a sturdily built timber structure that can withstand a great deal of pressure. In addition, fiberboard, particleboard, and wood fillers are used to make them fight the passage of time.

However, if you’d want to expand your space and storage options, you may purchase more MICKE furniture pieces.

This IKEA hack is a fantastic model that may be used for various purposes. However, it’s the gaming performance that jumps out here.

It has a large enough top area so you may fit two monitors without any difficulty. It’s perfect for people who need to stack a lot of stuff because it’s 41.38 inches long and 29.5 inches wide.

IKEA MICKE’s distinctive design keeps all of the connections out of the way, allowing for a clutter-free workstation.

  • Has enough room to set up two separate workstations.
  • Cable connections are provided.
  • The drawers are easy to open and close.
  • Other goods on this list are less priced.


5. IKEA Linnmon Desk with Adils Multi-Purpose (‎499.296.39)

IKEA Linnmon Desk with Adils Multi-Purpose

IKEA’s newest computer desk One of the best-selling IKEA workstations on the market right now is mainly designed for gaming. It has a sophisticated appearance and may be used in various ways.

Brand IKEA
Model Name LINNMON
Color White
Included Components Desk
Mounting Type Tabletop
Product Dimensions 23″D x 47″W x 27.5″H
Shape Rectangular
Top Material Type Wood

The Linnmon gaming desk looks like a regular table in Ikea’s market. Of course, it is a plain MDF table, but it does the job.

38 by 24 inches is the working area for the user. The desk’s top is composed of sturdy fiberboard and painted with acrylic.

Gaming laptops, mouse bungee, books, glasses, and coffee mugs can all be stored on this Ikea setup.

Because Linnmon is so adaptable, most DIY gaming systems on the internet employ some form of it.

It has stainless steel legs, which make it highly stable. Polypropylene powder coating is also applied to its legs. With its stylish black and white appearance, this desk will effortlessly fit into your home’s decor.

  • The desk exudes a sense of refinement and style.
  • The construction is excellent.
  • The procedure of putting it all together is a snap.
  • Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with items that have been dented or destroyed.


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6. IKEA Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

IKEA Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

IKEA Alex Computer Desk with Drawers is the perfect desk for small spaces. It has two drawers that are ideal for storing your keyboard and mouse, and a large work surface that is perfect for your monitor or laptop. The desk also features a built-in cable management system to keep your cords organized and out of the way.

Brand IKEA
Model Name Alex
Color White
Included Components Desk
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Product Dimensions 23.63″D x 51.63″W x 29.88″H
Shape Rectangular
Top Material Type Wood

If you’re looking for a computer desk with drawers, the IKEA Alex is a great option. It’s made of sturdy particle board and comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your home decor. The desk is also surprisingly affordable, making it a great choice for budget-minded shoppers.

The IKEA Alex comes with two drawers that are perfect for storing office supplies or personal items. The desk also features a slide-out keyboard tray, making it easy to use your computer without taking up too much space. Overall, the IKEA Alex is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, stylish computer desk with plenty of storage.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Attractive design
  • Some customers have reported that the desk is unstable
  • The drawer can be difficult to open and close
  • The desk is not very sturdy


Some Other Best Gaming Desks For You

If you are still confused with the above-described gaming desks, you need not be worried. We have also prepared a list of other best gaming desks for you. These alternatives are about the same in quality as IKEA, but you will also get some variations, fabulous designs, and different tastes. Look forward to it!

1. Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk

When you first look at Mr. Ironstone (considered as one of the best gaming desk brands), you would think it’s an ordinary option, and you’d be right. But this was by far my favorite of the group. Even though it’s just about 32 inches tall, it shouldn’t be a problem for those of average height.

Color Red
Desk design Computer Desk
Included Components Headphone Hook, Cable Management and Cup Holder,
Product Dimensions 32″ D x 63″ W x 29.5″ H
Shape Rectangular
Style Modern
Top Material Type Engineered Wood

Compact and portable, this workstation is ideal for those with limited room or who frequently attend physical events where they may play games in an arena setting.

And if you need a little more room for your gaming accessories and setup, you can always add a CPU stand to keep your work area tidy and free of debris.

It’s light and portable, yet still big enough to accommodate two decent-sized monitors, with the best gaming chair, and the cup holder is a nice touch.

This gaming computer desk IKEA has steel legs and a laminated surface, making it one of the most robust and long-lasting desks we’ve ever used.

This is a fantastic deal for those who don’t mind the standard rectangular form and less-than-stellar design.

  • Transportable from one location to another
  • Room to accommodate a large number of monitors.
  • Most individuals can afford it.
  • Miniscule in comparison to other
  • There is a minimum area for the legs.


2. CubiCubi Modern L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

CubiCubi Modern L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

CubiCubi’s L-shaped desk with a hutch took second place in our review. This model distinguishes a laptop or monitor stand and side hooks for hanging bags and accessories.

Brand CubiCubi
Color Black
Desk design Computer Desk
Mounting Type Tabletop
Product Dimensions 47.1″D x 59.1″W x 29.1″H
Room Type Office
Shape L-Shape
Style Modern
Top Material Type Engineered Wood

The tiny gaming furniture, which measures 59″ W x 29″ D x 29″ H, is easy to construct and can be utilized in any part of the house, from the living room to the bedroom.

CubiCubi’s wood-look top and steel legs give it a stylish, contemporary feel. While you’re typing furiously, the back diagonal bracing keeps your workstation firmly in place.

Heavy books are no problem because of the robust metal frame and adjustable leg cushions, designed industrially.

Folders and other supplies can be stored in the desk’s side storage bag. Choose from a wide variety of desktop colors to fit your home office decor.

There are six different colors and wood finishes to choose from, so the desk hack may go with just about any type of interior design.

  • With a storage drawer included
  • best gaming desk for console
  • Small table with an ultra-modern and visually appealing design
  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Additional room is needed to accommodate other items.


3. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk


When using FLEXISPOT’s premium workstations, you may quickly achieve the ideal sit-to-stand ratio throughout your workday. The negative health impacts of sedentary employment can be mitigated by using a sit/stand desk.

Assembly Required Yes
Color Black
Furniture Finish Black
Mounting Type Desktop, Table Top
Product Dimensions 24″ D x 48″ W x 48.4″ H
Shape Rectangular
Style Modern
Top Material Type Wood

A standing desk is supposed to improve concentration and burn more calories, and this high-end, height-adjustable workstation delivers on both of those promises.

Thanks to the powder-coated steel tubing, this desk frame is scratch and stain-resistant and is stable even at the maximum setting.

Ideal for remote and independent professionals who want to maintain a good work-life balance while working from home. Adjust your workstation to your height and incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine to keep your body and mind in sync.

With a height range of 28.7″ to 48.4″ and tabletop, a weight capacity of 110 lbs., a speed of 1″ per second, and a low noise level, this sit-stand desk gives a superior ergonomic sit-stand workplace experience.

This item will be sent in two separate shipments, so please know that they may arrive at different times. A drill may be required for some phases.

  • Assembly may be completed in less than an hour
  • Exceptional construction quality
  • The wooden structure affordable gaming desk that is quite durable
  • It smells a little bit like chemicals, but it’s not overpowering


4. GreenForest L Shaped Reversible Corner Computer Desk

GreenForest L Shaped Reversible Corner Computer Desk

One of the most popular items for home offices is the GreenForest L-Shaped Desk, which is now trending on Amazon. You may even utilize two separate tables instead of one large L-shaped desk, choose from many different colors, and many more features are available to make this a great place to work for the PC gamer.

Brand GreenForest
Assembly Required Yes
Color Black
Desk design Computer Desk
Furniture Finish Black
Item Weight 40 Pounds
Product Dimensions 44.09″ D x 57.87″ W x 39.9″ H
Shape L-Shape
Style Gaming
Top Material Type Engineered Wood, Wood

Reconfiguring the L-shaped workstation into two independent desks is simple. You can even construct a gigantic U-shaped workstation by merging two L-shaped desks, ideal for two people.

GreenForest’s workstation is 39 inches long and has an extra 25-inch panel that wraps around to your left, making me feel like I have a home office rather than a modest desk in my bedroom.

Additionally, because of its ability to be tucked up into a corner, this top gaming desk is a fantastic choice for gamers with limited room.

Priced affordably, it offers plenty of room and storage and has been described as being incredibly robust and strong.

  • The folding desk saves space
  • There’s no need for any assembly
  • Folding desk for the home office that folds up
  • More space is required for me than for the rest


5. DESINO Gaming Desk 55-inch PC Computer Desk

DESINO Gaming Desk 55-inch PC Computer Desk

On our list, this is the tiniest gaming table, the DESINO Gaming Desk. Carbon fiber is used to construct this rectangular gaming desk. An ergonomic desktop design is included in this model. Because of this, you won’t get fatigued when playing games.

Color White
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 23″D x 55″W x 28″H
Room Type Office
Shape Rectangular
Size 55 inch

There’s no limit to the amount of weight that this gaming workstation can handle. It is capable of supporting a weight of up to 250 pounds.

Each gamer will have a better experience with this professional and cheap desk for gaming created for extreme gamers.

In addition to the headphone hook and monitor stand. As a result of these features, this gaming desktop may serve several purposes.

That’s excellent news for gamers who want a tidy workspace. Extra cabling can be stored in a separate tray on the other side.

The Desino 55-inch is an excellent alternative if you require a large workstation with much space for cable management.

This gaming workstation comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, the company pledges to provide the most excellent customer service in the industry. Overall, this is an awesome gaming gear that is visually appealing and robust.

  • Installing is a breeze
  • It has a monitor mount built-in.
  • One of the best cheap gaming desks.
  • The cup holder has a spot for headphones and a cup.
  • For some, this is too short.


6. Coleshome 47 Inch Computer Desk

Coleshome 47 Inch Computer Desk

This computer desk is the perfect size for small spaces. It has a sleek design with a black finish that will complement any decor. The desk is made of sturdy MDF construction and is easy to assemble.

Brand Coleshome
Assembly Required Yes
Color Black
Room Type Office, Living Room
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Product Dimensions 19.6″D x 47″W x 29″H
Shape Rectangular
Style Modern
Top Material Type Metal

This Coleshome 47 Inch Computer Desk is a great addition to any home office. It features a spacious desktop that provides plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, and other office essentials.

The desk also has enough space for storing your printer or other materials. The sleek black finish and simple design make this desk a great choice for any workspace.

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Ample workspace
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonably priced
  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the material
  • The desk is not very deep, so it might not be suitable for everyone
  • There are no drawers or shelves for storage


Before You Buy a Gaming Desk, Consider the Following Factors:

A high-quality and best Ikea desk for gaming is an absolute must for every dedicated gamer. On the other hand, selecting a computer desk for gaming may be a challenge. You need to compare the characteristics of several desks and choose the one that best suits your demands.

Here are some suggestions and things to keep in mind while shopping for a new gaming computer desk.

Size And Form of a Desk

The shape is the next step after considering dimensions and available floor space. Gaming workstations come in various forms and sizes, each with a specific function. To achieve your ideal body composition, it is critical that you assess your requirements with attention.

The perfect form factor will make it easier to keep track of all your cables, disks, monitor, hard drive, and other peripherals, resulting in an improved gaming experience.

Dimensions and Area

That much is self-evident. The size and layout of your gaming PC workstation are critical considerations. It might be challenging to determine the optimum amount of space for your gaming desk, but the best approach is to measure your accessories’ size and get a large enough desk to accommodate them.

Getting a large gaming workstation is also not a good idea since you may misplace your often-used equipment. Fortunately, gaming workstations are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to create your gaming haven in any room of your home.

Options For Ease of Use

Accessibility features are an essential component of a high-quality computer gaming workstation. It would be best if you opted for a desk that has enough space for all of your trinkets and knickknacks. Gaming workstations with cup holders are also available, allowing you to drink your coffee as you play.

IKEA Desk Streaming Setup


Because a gaming desk isn’t something you’ll want to replace every few years, you should get one that will provide you with the best possible gaming experiences over the long run. For the sake of your health and the comfort of your gaming chair, take your time while shopping for a gaming desk. This will help prevent back problems while you’re playing.

Materials for a Desk

Another important consideration is the type of desk material to be used. The most common materials for gaming tables are wood, metal, and plastic, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Metal is pricey, and you might not like how a metallic table looks in your space. Tables made of plastic are unable to support much weight. Desks made of wood are the most popular since they are affordable and long-lasting.

Why Should You Buy a Gaming Desk?

The sheer amount of room you’ll have when you convert to a gaming workstation is one of the key reasons. On the other hand, a gaming desk is designed to accommodate numerous monitors, a keyboard, and a wide surface for a mouse. In contrast, a conventional desk might have enough for a display and a drawer for your keyboard and mouse.

For obvious reasons, this is a considerable advantage while playing games. This means that you won’t be slamming into your keyboard or running too near to the edge of the desk when you have more freedom to maneuver your mouse.

It is possible to alleviate these issues by increasing the sensitivity of your mouse, but this has a detrimental effect while playing FPS games, especially if you do not have enough room.

Ikea Desk Hack

Installation of an IKEA Gaming Table

As you can see, the usual IKEA gaming rig looks somewhat like this.

What Should Be the Best Location for Your Computer?

A custom-built PC with RGB lighting is undoubtedly something you’ll want to show off. You may display it in all its splendor on either the right or left side of your desk.

If you’d want to keep it out of the way, position it towards the ground. However, I strongly advise against laying your PC case on the floor. Dust, static, and other calamities such as floods are all prevented. We’ll have to cope with a slew of cords coming out of the rear of your computer.

Maintenance of Cables

The importance of cable and wire management cannot be underestimated. A tangle of tangled cables instantly detracts from the aesthetics of your new setup. We also don’t want the internet to criticize and laugh at us. If you’re going to IKEA, pick up a couple of SIGNUM wire trays for quick and easy storage.

Simply attach them to the underside of your desk and organize all of your wires in a friendly and tidy fashion. Another option is to mount power strips/bars under your desk or the drawers. The cables are neatly tucked away and out of sight this way. Find additional cable management options here.

The same may be stated when it comes to hiding cords on top of your desk. Hidden edges can be cleverly employed to hide wires. The best way to hold them in place is to use zip-ties or Velcro ties.


This is primarily up to you, so feel free to experiment. However, I have found that a simple approach works best. Small plants or figurines can help pull an otherwise disjointed arrangement together.

Ikea gaming Desk Hack

Ideas For Additional Accessories:

27 1/2′′ is the height of a typical IKEA table leg or ALEX drawer. Adding a few inches to your size may be more comfortable for some people.

Adding little furniture legs between the ALEX drawer and your desk is a simple option. These stubby legs are available at any furniture store and are ideal for the purpose.

The Surface of the Table

There are several options, but the IKEA desks is the most significant value. It’s important to remember that the butcher block needs a little more attention (more on that below). Also, keep in mind that these workstations are available in various lengths, from 60″ to 75″.

If you plan on using a dual-monitor setup with an ultra-wide display, I strongly recommend a bigger desktop.

The Table’s Legs

Options abound in this situation. Buy five ADILS table legs and screw them into each corner for the cheapest option.

Plastic Bumpers are included to protect your work surface when using the ALEX Drawer. The top surface of the drawer unit is where you’ll put the desktop, so arrange these there.

The ADILS legs and ALEX drawers are both precisely the same height. It’s possible to have drawers on one side of the table and legs on the other if you choose. There’s no right or wrong answer.


We almost forgot about the most crucial component of setting up a gaming rig – the vibrant colors. Place RGB LED strips out of the way and out of reach of children and pets. When you stare at them, you’ll feel like you’re looking into the sun.

Your space should have a warm light flowing from the corners. To get the most out of your strips, place them on the rear of your desk. It’s possible to light up the interior of your computer.

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Why Do You Need the Best Desk For Gaming?

ikea Gaming PC Setup

Investing in the best Ikea desk for gaming is the best way to boost your games’ performance and provide both physical and mental well-being. To get the most out of a gaming desk, you need to buy the most excellent gaming desk possible.

Maintains You Engaged All the Time

When you’re playing a video game for a lengthy period, you get tired and uncomfortable, making it challenging to keep your attention on the game. Afterward, you begin to feel more at ease, but you still can’t reach your gaming potential due to bad posture.

However, this problem may be avoided since the standing desk has a height-adjustable feature. Using a standing desk allows you to move about, adjust the desk height, and stretch your legs while gaming.

Esthetic Benefits Can Be Gained Through Adjustability

An additional benefit of standing desks is that, whether you’re seated or standing, they may have a significant influence on your postural alignment. Long periods of sitting or standing might be painful, but because of the adaptability, you can always maintain a comfortable position.”

Set your displays at an angle that aligns with your eyes, and place your keyboard at your elbows’ length for a more comfortable working position with a standing desk. Alternatively, you may raise the desk to an upright posture by extending the display arms and placing the keyboard on a tray.

A Standing Desk Encourages Physical Activity

Gaming is a form of entertainment that stimulates the mind, body, and soul. Your success is a cause for jubilation while you’re having fun with your favorite games. For mental and physical wellness, standing desks allow you to move throughout the game in a standing posture.

On the other hand, sit-down gaming makes this more difficult due to the lack of room for additional physical activity. And because you’re confined to a chair, you’re unable to take advantage of the gaming experience and revel in each triumph.

Modern IKEA Desk Setup

Changing the Desk is a Piece of Cake

There are several ways to customize your gaming setup when purchasing a standing desk. Additional gaming room may be gained by utilizing monitor arms and mounting the displays away from the desk.

The thick and broad desk frames allow you to effortlessly conceal any wires or gaming equipment, resulting in a tidy and professional-looking gaming setup. And if necessary, a power junction may be placed beneath the tables to facilitate the management of various electrical wires.

Enjoyable Gaming Experience

All you need to make the most out of your gaming time is to maintain a state of concentration, activity, health, and vitality throughout the duration of your session. We’ve already established that standing at a desk while playing video games is an excellent method to enhance your health, posture, and circulation.

As a result, they can improve your mood and alertness, allowing you to get the most out of your gaming time.

Minimalism Makes Your Setup Look More Attractive

Compared to more traditional gaming workstations, which feature more elaborate designs, standing desks offer a more simplistic appearance. You can maximize your room space by using standing desks because they are adaptable and take up less space when set up.

Using a black standing desk will give your gaming setup an aggressive appearance while using a light-colored standing desk will offer your gaming setup an elegant and classy feel. Even though standing desks may be made from various materials (e.g., wood, metal, or plastic), the one thing they have in common is their simple design.

Dream gaming Desk Setup

Ensures a Balanced Gaming Experience

A sit desk may not be the best option for gamers who spend much time sitting in a chair playing console games. You get more unhappy, restless, and fatigued when playing video games while sitting on a chair.

Lower back discomfort is more common than neck pain, which is likely due to the amount of time you spend sitting at a computer all day. Even if you’re looking for a more productive and healthy gaming experience, standing workstations are a terrific option.

Useful for a Sit-Desk

The capacity to convert a standing desk to a sitting desk is a significant feature. A standing desk is an excellent alternative for gamers who find it challenging to sit for long periods.

As a result, you may alternate between a seated and a standing posture while playing. Think about it this way: standing for lengthy periods while gaming at a standing desk can cause foot fatigue (soreness).

In this case, you may decrease the height of the standing desk to match the size of your chair and utilize the desk while seated. As a result, standing still won’t cause any discomfort to your legs or feet.

Gaming Desks vs Regular Desks: Which One is Better for Gaming?

Criteria Gaming Desk Regular Desk
Space And Storage Options


All gamers need a large amount of storage capacity. Many gaming desks have features like cup holders, headset hooks, controller supports, and built-in cable loops to make organizing your cords a breeze.


In contrast to gaming desks, regular desks often feature a smaller amount of desk space. They’re just meant to be used for everyday tasks.


Adjustable Size


For lengthy gaming sessions, gaming desks are more likely to have a height-adjustable function.


Additionally, it is not easy to find regular desks that can be altered in height to meet different persons’ height and comfort requirements.


Layout And Ease to Use


Gaming desks may increase gamers’ comfort in several ways, such as by adjusting the desk’s height. The front edge has been curved to make it easier for you to access your belongings. The silky microfiber desk mat covers most gaming desks and functions as a full-size mouse pad. Regular desks may have certain comfort elements, such as rounded edges and smooth surfaces, but they lack more critical features, such as the ability to alter the height of the desk. In addition, they don’t have the same level of ergonomics as gaming desks in terms of their fundamental design. They are most appropriate for use in corporate settings.


Styling And Aesthetic Appeal


A gamer’s desk has a distinctive design and has added touches that make it more elegant and aesthetically pleasant than a conventional desk.


On the other hand, regular desks are designed for your routine works, and they create safe working conditions and may simply have a typical work surface.
Winner After reviewing the significant differences between gaming and regular desks, we can easily decide. Gaming desks are better for a professional gamer than regular desks in terms of designs, sizes, colors, wellness, ergonomics, and gaming experience.

Important Issues for Caring Best Ikea Computer Desk:

Oiling your Ikea desks regularly is something you may not have considered. The surface will dry up and break if you leave it too long. The good news is that keeping your desktop clean and bright is a breeze, and it makes it look fantastic.

  • Don’t be afraid to use much mineral oil; you don’t want to go overboard.
  • Wipe down your desk thoroughly.
  • Let it rest for at least eight hours.
  • Take everything off your desk and vacuum up the accumulated dust.
  • Simply go to your local hardware or furniture store and get food-safe mineral oil.
  • You may remove extra oil by using a clean, dry towel.
  • After a few days of rest, you’re ready to return to your workstation.

We perform this procedure at least four times a year without incident as a general rule. But it all depends on where you live in the world and how dry it is there.

Best IKEA Desk For Gaming FAQs

Budget Desk Setup

How much weight can Linnmon’s table hold?

With a structure of the primarily recycled paper, Linnmon boards have a frame made of chipboard, fiberboard, or solid wood. Although no maximum weight is specified, the steel legs and highly durable construction material should provide enough support for loads up to 150 lbs., at the absolute most.

Are Ikea desks good?

If you want to play your favorite console games in comfort, the IKEA gaming desk can be ideal for you. The tabletop is made of engineered wood with a veneered surface. This hardwood deck is both sturdy and easy to maintain.

What desks do streamers use?

The Ikea and the Arozzi are two of the best streaming workstations on the market. Moreover, they are the best-fixed workstations you can get for the money. An L-shaped gaming desk, which is becoming increasingly common, may be used for all kinds of computer work.

How long is the Ikea Linnmon desk?

The Ikea Linnmon desk’s length is 39 3/8 inches, width is 23 5/8 inches and height is 29 1/8 inches.

What are Ikea desks made of?

There are a lot of pieces of IKEA desks that are comprised of particleboard and finished in white. Solid wood is heavier than furniture made from this type of heavily compressed wood.

What desk do pro gamers use?

IKEA LINNMON Desk with Drawers (490.471.19) is the most acceptable option for a high-end setup. As long as you’re willing to pay the extra, this high-end Ikea is an excellent option if you want to maximize space and don’t mind spending a little more.

Wrapping Up

Gaming on an Ikea desk is the ideal arrangement. It’s also a time-saving option for many gamers on a budget and who don’t have the time to investigate various little home furnishings makers.

In our opinion, these are some of the most excellent and best IKEA desks for gaming. Also, we attempted to combine the list with both IKEA gaming desks and gaming desks from other brands so that you could get a strong perception of what IKEA has to offer in terms of desks. We hope you found it to be beneficial.

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