Police Emails About Stormy Daniels’ Arrest

PDF: The emails and attachments
Zip: The raw EML files (with embedded images)


When Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) was arrested during her appearance at a Columbus, Ohio, strip club on July 11, 2018, the police department acted like four cops just happened to be undercover at this random show on a Thursday night and just by sheer coincidence happened to arrest a highly prominent Trump nemesis.

Then someone leaked emails from one of the vice officers who made the arrest to the Fayette Advocate, a nearby county newspaper. We got to see that one day before Stormy’s appearance, officer Shana Keckley emailed herself photos and news stories about Stormy, as well as a Google map pinpointing the strip club, Sirens. Right after the bust, Keckley was ecstatic.

CNN recently got the emails through a public records request, but as usual they didn’t post the documents they’re reporting on.

I also filed a public records request with the Columbus Division of Police, and they quickly sent me the emails, which I’ve posted above.

This batch includes all the emails that were leaked to the Fayette Advocate, plus some additional ones. For some reason, even though I asked for emails in the date range July 10-13, the release includes four much earlier emails about local sex workers.

The action begins with the July 10 emails. Officer Keckley sends material about Stormy Daniels from her private account to her police account: photos, newspaper stories, and news videos, including:

We see her celebratory emails immediately afterward, including:

The batch I received ends with an email not included in the Fayette Advocate‘s release: vice officer Jason Arnold replies to Keckley’s buoyant announcement of the arrest: “Great Job!!!! Let me know how that goes for ya…”

How that goes: 1) Charges against Stormy were dropped within hours. (The law the cops used to make the arrest didn’t even apply to her.) 2) The Columbus police chief called the arrest “a mistake.” 3) A police spokesman says that there’s an internal investigation under way. 4) The charges against the other two strippers arrested alongside Stormy were dropped around a week later.

The Documents

I faxed my request to the Public Records Unit of the Columbus Police Headquarters. The next day, they emailed me 30 .eml files. Embedded in some of those files are several images and a PDF of the charges against Stormy and her colleagues.

I opened each EML file, made a screenshot, weeded out the many duplicate emails, then put each unique email and the attachments in the PDF above.

If you want the original EML files as they were sent to me, I’ve put them in a zip file and posted them above as well.

Or you can get them for yourself by contacting the Public Records Unit and saying, “Under the terms of Ohio’s Public Records Act, I request the Stormy Daniels-related emails that were sent to Russ Kick as part of public records request # 18-2421.”



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