Smart TV VS Apple TV: What And Why Will You Choose?

Premium 4K streaming TVs allow you to acquire fast navigation, elegant remote controllers, complicated voice assistants, and console-quality games. The Smart TV and Apple TV, two of the top streaming devices on the market, indeed fall into this category.

So, where will you go in the Smart TV vs. Apple TV battle? Well, Apple TV is a good option if you’re already a fan of the Apple ecosystem since it’ll allow you to sync your other Apple devices with it. On the other hand, a smart TV is a better option if you have an Android phone and like having greater control over your TV.

In this article, we will break down all the issues and comparison between a smart TV and an Apple TV with all other additional information. Go and grab all your queries to make a uniform decision for your upcoming purchase.

Smart TV VS Apple TV: Main Comparison

Factors Nvidia Shield TV Pro


Apple 4K TV

Processor Tegra X1+ Apple A12 Bionic
Operating System Android TV tvOS
Storage 16GB 32GB / 64GB
External Storage Yes No
4K resolution Yes Yes
HDR10 Yes Yes
Dolby Atmos Yes Yes
Dolby Vision Yes Yes
Voice Control Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa Siri
AI Upscaling Yes No
Ports Power, HDMI, Ethernet microSD Power, HDMI, Ethernet
OS Android TV Apple tvOS


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From Quora

On Quora, Jonas Ben, a well-known app developer, said that both would deliver the most significant user experiences. An Apple TV is a smart TV that streams live video and television programs.

Apple TV differs differently from Smart TV in that it is powered by iTunes and is thus always online. This is the greatest option if you have an iPhone and link it to your Apple TV. Smart TVs also allow you to view live-streaming programs and movies from any of your connected devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Jonas Ben Quora

Smart TV & Apple TV: Key Advantages

Smart TV Apple TV
  • Lightning-fast UI.
  • Providers of High-Speed Video Delivery
  • Your TV will display 4K UHD streaming video.
  • Streaming Music for Free
  • One of the most advanced digital media players on the market
  • For you, there will have so many streaming platforms.
  • Benefit from Universal Search’s advantages
  • Can choose a variety of games at any time
  • Transfer content from your smartphone to your Smart TV.
  • The App Store has a colossal number of applications.
  • Subtitles and Audio Settings can be accessed via this TV.
  • Display Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac on your TV using the Apple TV Remote Control
  • Don’t Miss Subtitles That Is Difficult to Hear.
  • Apple TVs must be kept up to date
  • Remotely Start for Screensavers
  • For a Conference Room Display, Apple TV may become a business tool.
  • Connect Bluetooth Headphones, Game Controllers, and Keyboards to your computer.
  • Use different remote control, not only the Siri Remote.
  • The Apple Watch and iPhone may be used as remote control.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro VS Apple 4K TV

To give you more explanation and understanding about the Smart TV VS Apple TV, we will now picture the detailed comparison of the trendiest smart TV, “Nvidia Shield TV Pro” and “Apple 4K TV” below.


Additionally, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro has GeForce Now, which provides you access to 20 excellent PC games. Internal upgrades and new features would elevate this deal to legendary status, which we’ll discuss shortly.

This is one of the priciest streaming gadgets on the market, costing nearly three times more than the 4K Roku streaming stick and Roku Express. That said, if you’re a big fan of Apple gear and want the smoothest, most straightforward 4K playback possible, this is a good buy.

Considerable Factors

Three items were included in the first release of the Nvidia Shield bundle: the older version, the older remote control, and the newly released Nvidia Shield Controller with a microphone. This TV can display 4K content in various HDR formats via a PC or a Blu-ray player. It’s still more costly than previous models, despite the upgraded specs.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on a new Siri Remote, you may utilize your old Apple TV 4K and HD with your old Siri Remote. People who adore the Apple ecosystem or want to increase their streaming device’s 4K playback quality will be interested in making the transition to Apple TV.


Smart TV VS Apple TV

Compared to the power it offers, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a tiny device. It’s the size of two Kindle e-readers piled on top of each other, shaped like a slender wedge with some angular indentations etched into it for posterity.

As a bonus, the new Apple TV 4K isn’t the tiniest or bulkiest TV streaming device on the market, but it can still fit into your current home theater setup. With a glossy finish on the sides and a flat blacktop, the Apple TV offers a sleek look.


Two USB 3.0 connections, a 4K HDR-compatible HDMI connector, an Ethernet port, and a proprietary power port can be found on the rear of the Nvidia Shield. WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 are included for connecting wireless devices. Thanks to the two USB connections, adding additional storage or a wired controller or mouse is also a breeze.

In addition to WiFi, Apple 4K has an HDMI 2.1 connector, a power socket, and an Ethernet connection on the rear. The new Siri remote has a rechargeable battery and is slimmer but somewhat heavier than the previous one.


The loaded applications on your Nvidia Shield TV Pro provide you access to many materials. The first row offers a summary of your most frequently used applications, and the rows that follow are filled with beautiful artwork. As a result, you’ll be able to use the Shield TV Pro with any of the main streaming services in 4K / HDR mode.

When we connected the Apple TV 4K to our iPhone, it immediately recognized it and began streaming content. The iPhone sent the Apple ID and password directly to the Apple TV 4K.


Nvidia developed the Shield TV to be both a gaming and a streaming device. The Shield TV is, in fact, the best gaming gadget for the record. However, as a result of Apple Arcade, the difference is much smaller than expected.

Even while many Apple Arcade games aren’t available on Android, they can all be found on PC or Switch if you look hard enough. Only a small number of them are genuinely unique.

Apple Arcade and GeForce Now could each have their article, but we’ll just point out that Apple Arcade is geared more toward mobile gamers, while GeForce Now is geared toward PC players.

Ease Of Use

Nvidia Shield also includes

  • Media server programs like Plex.
  • A slew of Android TV games.
  • A slew of vintage gaming emulators for those willing to experiment.

App shortcuts have been removed from the home screen in the 2024 update.

In general, the Apple TV 4 K’s performance is excellent, and we found Siri to be instrumental when looking for content, especially if the query had many criteria.

Supported Streaming App

The Nvidia Shield has a built-in Google Chromecast so that you can cast any Chromecast-compatible mobile app on a large screen. Is the Nvidia Shield TV Pro getting any new features? It all comes down to how well the footage is played back.

The Apple TV 4K comes equipped with a slew of modest but beneficial features. When entering text on the Apple TV 4K, such as a password, you may just type it in on your iPhone rather than fumbling with the remote control.

Other Features

In a pinch, the Nvidia Shield can be tucked into the rear pocket of a pair of pants. Flat or standing tall, it’ll blend in with your other audiovisual equipment without drawing attention with a neon green light strip that can be dimmed if you find it too bright.

The Siri remote features a power button for the first time, so you can turn on or off the Apple TV 4K with it. Playback may be paused and resumed using the click pad when streaming TV programs, movies or music.

Finally, Smart TV VS Apple TV: What’s the best way to watch content?

Smart TV VS Apple TV

In terms of standalone streaming devices, the Apple TV 4K and the Nvidia Shield TV Pro are widely regarded as two of the finest.

Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and a wide range of applications are all supported by both players.

The Apple TV 4K is the ideal option if you already own other Apple devices and want to watch Apple TV+, and it has the most excellent blend of high-end functionality and affordability.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a better option if you’re a long-time Android user and don’t mind spending a little extra for enhanced gaming and upscaling capabilities.

Is Apple TV Necessary if I Have a Smart Television?

Because of its moniker, the Apple TV has sparked a little misunderstanding among users. The gadget isn’t a standalone smart TV created by Apple despite the name. Whether you already have a smart TV, you may ask if you need an “Apple TV” to use it.

Even if you have a smart television that supports Apple TV, you don’t need the Apple TV app. Apple TV devices are required if you want to view just Apple-produced content or a competent streaming box in the style of Roku or Fire TV but don’t have the app compatibility on your TV.

As long as you have a smart TV that supports the AppleTV app, you may use Apple TV+, a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu, in the Apple TV app. In the Apple TV app, you’ll find Apple TV+ if you have an Apple TV box.

Advantages of Adding Apple TV to Your Existing Setup

The addition of an Apple TV will provide the following benefits over your present setup.

Enhance Your TV’s Performance

A CPU as powerful as an iPad Pro can be found on the Apple TV, making it just as powerful as a laptop computer. The graphics processor is capable of running games. Sling TV can be accessed through Apple TV, which means you no longer need a cable TV subscription.

There Aren’t Any Additional Costs

Adding an Apple TV to your setup is as simple as plugging in your smart TV’s existing internet connection.

A Hub Can Be Created Using It

It is possible to utilize your TV as a hub to control several gadgets from the comfort of your sofa, bed, or other location.

Allows for Extra Usefulness

Podcasts may also be streamed via platforms like Pandora and Apple Music. You may use your other Apple devices with your Apple TV. Your Mac, iPad, and iPhone are all able to connect with it this way. You may use AirPlay to “access” any app on your tablet or phone. For example, view your iCloud Photo Library on the TV.

The Smart TV Isn’t Compatible With As Many Apps As This One

People without “smart” TVs have an excellent alternative in Apple TV, which can stream content that isn’t often accessible on a conventional TV. You may rent movies from third-party streaming services with a streaming player like Hulu and Netflix and through iTunes. Access to other programs like iTunes, Spotify, and HBO Go is also possible.

Anywhere In The World Is Within Your Grasp

Using the Apple TV remote, you may operate your smart TV from any room in your home. As remote control for the best TV, you may also use your Apple TV from your sofa, bed, or anywhere else you choose.

Connecting An Xbox Controller To An Apple TV Through A USB Cable

Connecting An Xbox Controller To An Apple TV Through A USB Cable

However, just a few Xbox One controllers are compatible, so you’ll need to use an Xbox instead. You’ll need one of the 1708 controllers that come with the Xbox One S or the Elite 2 controller that comes with the Xbox One X to play.

So, have a look at it and see if you can discover the model number in the battery compartment on the controller’s rear. In most cases, you don’t need to worry if you acquired your Xbox One in the previous few years or if you’ve updated your controller.

  • Make sure your Xbox One controller’s firmware is up to date before proceeding. Do the following after that.
  • Go to Settings on your Apple TV once it has been turned on.
  • Make sure you’re on the remote control and device page.
  • In Bluetooth, go to step.
  • Turn on the Xbox controller for a few seconds and hold the Connect button.
  • In the list of devices, you should see the controller displayed. Select it using the Apple TV remote, and they’ll connect automatically.

List Of The Apple TV Channels (Streaming Apps) In The USA

  • PBS
  • Paramount Network
  • Pantaya
  • Pac-12 NOW
  • Oxygen
  • NFL
  • Netflix Originals
  • NBC
  • Nat Geo TV
  • MUTV
  • MUBI
  • MTV
  • MotorTrend
  • Lifetime Movie Club
  • Lifetime
  • Investigation Discovery GO
  • Hulu
  • Hopster
  • HISTORY Vault
  • HGTV
  • HBO Max
  • Hallmark Channel Everywhere
  • GloboPlay
  • Garage
  • Funimation
  • fuboTV
  • Freeform
  • Fox News
  • Food Network
  • FilmRise
  • Eros Now
  • Epix
  • E! Now
  • BBC America
  • AT&T TV
  • Apple Music
  • Animal Planet GO
  • AMC
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Altice One
  • ALLBLK (Formerly UMC)
  • AHC GO
  • Acorn TV
  • ABC
  • A&E
  • DIY
  • Disney+
  • Discovery Life GO
  • Discovery GO
  • Destination America GO
  • DC Universe
  • DAZN
  • CW Seed
  • CuriosityStream
  • Crunchyroll
  • Cooking Channel
  • Comedy Central
  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • Classix
  • Cheddar
  • CBS Sports
  • CBS News
  • CBS All Access
  • Cartoon Network
  • Bravo with Hulu
  • Boomerang
  • Bloomberg
  • BET+
  • Watch Own
  • Viki
  • VH1
  • Velocity GO
  • Tubi TV
  • Travel Channel
  • TNT
  • TLC GO
  • The CW
  • Telemundo Now
  • TBS
  • SYFY
  • Sundance Now
  • Spectrum TV
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Shudder
  • Science Channel GO
  • Red Bull TV
  • Pluto TV
  • PlayKids
  • Peacock

People Also Ask for More

Smart TV And Apple TV

Which Of These Devices Is Better, Smart TV And Apple TV?

Plugging an Apple TV into your TV sets, you stream applications from an app store like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max to watch your favorite episodes and movies. Apple Music app from Apple device is a streaming media device. If you already have a smart TV, you may switch to using Apple’s tvOS instead of the TV’s innovative interface by plugging in your device.

When Compared To A Smart TV, What Is The Benefit Of Apple?

If you have an iPhone, then Apple TV is the ideal option for you since it works with iTunes and is cloud-connected, while with live TV, you can connect your smartphone to your smart tv and watch your live show.

What’s The Point Of Apple TV If Everything Costs Money?

When exploring the best streaming device, you’ll see material that needs a subscription or purchase from the iTunes store. This is mentioned in the advertising and literature and in the offer of Apple TV Plus, as previously indicated.

Is Apple TV Able To Stream Live Television?

Use your Apple TV channel to watch live television, catch up on missed episodes, and make use of a variety of other options. You only need to follow a few simple steps if you buy an Apple Airplay TV straight from your service provider to access the content.

In What Ways Does Apple TV Vary From A Traditional Television Set?

There’s the new Apple TV 4K and the old one, now known as Apple TV show HD. The main difference between the two is that the HD 1080p box is HD, while the 4K one has 4K capabilities. The 4K version has a faster CPU, and several storage options are available. There’s also improved sound quality with Apple TV Support.

Is Netflix Or Apple TV Better?

A year of Apple TV Plus is a no-brainer if you just purchased an Apple gadget. For those who like watching television and movies, the service gives many options. Apple TV Plus offers a smaller selection of titles than Netflix, even though Netflix costs much more.

Is Amazon Prime Better Than Apple TV?

If you have a device that supports the newest Amazon prime video standards, you can stream in up to 4K. Unlike amazon fire TV stick Channels, the Apple TV app allows you to download content from the Apple original Channels for offline watching with numerous services.

Is Apple TV Capable Of Receiving Local Channels?

As long as you’re willing to be inventive, you can use an antenna to see local stations on Apple TV. An alternative to hooking up your antenna directly to your TV is using an over-the-the-air (OTA) digital video recorder (DVR). Live ATT TV may be recorded with OTA DVRs, which connect to your OTA antenna.

Smart TV & Apple TV: Finally, What We Think?

So, this is the all about Smart TV Vs Apple TV. There is no immediate benefit to viewing the same channels on an Apple TV box that you can on a Smart TV. However, in the long run, it’s possible because there are several various TV operating systems and several different prime videos from TV companies.

As a result, you may end up missing essential software updates or being forced to wait an inordinate amount of time for them to be released, as they must be developed for many operating systems and then disseminated to and by TV networks. That’s not always the case, however.


To be completely honest, there isn’t a single smart TV that is perfect for everyone. So, before you decide which one to buy, it’s important to understand what each model offers and why someone might choose it over the other options.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and what features are most important to you. Which model do you think would best suit your needs?

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