[exclusive] Presidential Libraries Manual

PDF: Presidential Libraries Manual

Every President since Hoover has an official library administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, with the Obama Library in the works and the Trump Library inevitable. The term “library” is a bit misleading in this case, since, as NARA explains: “These are not traditional libraries, but rather repositories for preserving and making accessible the papers, records, and other historical materials of U.S. Presidents.”

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These repositories are of course crucial to historians, FOIA/MDR requesters, govdocs geeks, and researchers in numerous areas including foreign relations, intelligence, military, economics, etc. But the manual that governs their operation hasn’t been publicly available. I’ve seen it referred to several times so I filed a FOIA request, and NARA responded quickly, releasing the entire thing with no redaction.

Link: Presidential Libraries section of the National Archives website



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