Microgram, the DEA’s Deleted Newsletter & Journal


Short version: During the summer, the Drug Enforcement Administration pulled down all issues of Microgram Bulletin, its monthly periodical aimed at drug warriors within the DEA and other law enforcement agencies at all levels. I’ve combined all issues into one PDF, which I’m calling The Collected Microgram Bulletin, 2003-2013 (below).

At the same time, the DEA purged six years of Microgram Journal, a heavy-duty academic journal focusing on the chemistry of street drugs. Again, I’ve combined all those deleted issues into one PDF.



Long version:

Microgram Bulletin

PDF: The Collected Microgram Bulletin, 2003-2013 [1,468 pages / 110 megs]

During its long life, Microgram Bulletin has mostly been unavailable to the public. It was first published (as Microgram) by the DEA’s predecessor agencies starting in 1967 and it continues to this day. From the beginning it’s been considered Law Enforcement Sensitive, and copies have been 99% successfully kept from the public.

But there was one decade when the DEA mysteriously decided to lift the veil. The issues published from the beginning of 2003 to the end of 2013 were unrestricted. The DEA even posted them on its website.

I downloaded them because I damn well knew that the DEA would yank them down at some point. Sure enough, the redesigned DEA website launched in August 2018 is missing the Bulletin. (Lots of agencies use a redesign as cover for deleting documents they wish they hadn’t posted.)

I’ve combined all issues and presented them in order (with bookmarks) in the PDF above.

If you’d like the issues as individual PDFs, the Wayback Machine captured them here and here.

Bear in mind that all issues from 1967-2002 and 2014-present are still Law Enforcement Sensitive and have never been publicly released by the DEA, even under FOIA. However, Erowid has obtained and scanned the first 17 issues (1967-1969) and posted them at the bottom of this page.


Microgram Journal

PDF: The Collected Microgram Journal, 2003-2008 [752 pages / 22 megs]

In 2002, the DEA split Microgram into two publications. What had been Microgram became Microgram Bulletin, and the highly technical articles about the chemistry of detecting and identifying illicit substances got a new, separate home in Microgram Journal (which is published sometimes quarterly and sometimes semiannually).

The DEA posted PDFs containing two or four issues of Microgram Journal for the years 2003-2008. Those are now gone from the DEA website. I’ve combined them into one PDF (above).

PDF: The Collected Microgram Journal, 2010-2018 [1,166 pages / 63 megs]

There’s no sign of the Journal for 2009, but since 2010 the DEA has been posting piecemeal fashion, with a separate PDF of each article going up every so often. For some reason, those individual articles are still on DEA’s site here. Nonetheless, good ol’ Russ combined them into a single convenient PDF covering 2010 to the first article of 2018 (above).




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