LAPD’s Federal Forfeiture Cut

PDF: LAPD Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification FY2017

Like other local law enforcement departments that work with the feds, the Los Angeles Police Department gets a cut of the assets seized (“forfeited”) from 1) criminals, 2) suspects, and 3) everyone else. Under California’s Public Records Act, I requested the LAPD’s report for fiscal year 2017 that details how much they got from the Justice and Treasury Departments through this program, as well as how they spent it.

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In FY 2017, they received over $3 million from the program (with $9.7 million still available from prior years), and they spent more than $3.3 million, mostly on equipment ($2.5+ million).

Here’s the main breakdown:


Participating agencies are also required to list all court cases in which they were found to have violated federal civil rights laws:

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