IRS Disclosure Disclosures, 1996-2016

PDF: IRS Disclosure Reports, 1996-2016

A number of outside parties are allowed to access federal income tax returns for certain purposes. Our tax info can be disclosed under specific circumstances to Congressional committees, the Census Bureau, the FBI, the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Agriculture (?), the courts, foreign countries, and the President, among others.

Every year, the IRS is required to create a report showing the numbers of tax returns that were disclosed to each authorized party. Interestingly, the IRS doesn’t post this information on its website. It sends the report to Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, which posts it to its own website. The committee posts each report mixed in with all other publications from a given year. I’ve gone through and grabbed these reports from 1996 through 2016 (the last available one), and have combined them into one PDF, above.

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