Audit Manual for the Intelligence Community Inspector General

PDF: IC IG Audit Manual

Most federal agencies and all Cabinet departments have an independent Inspector General that acts as a watchdog, performing audits, investigations, inspections, etc. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has an Inspector General with a wider mission. The Inspector General of the Intelligence Community not only keeps an eye on ODNI but on the entire intelligence community (sixteen agencies/divisions, plus ODNI). Now, each agency has its own Inspector General, so the IC IG usually focuses on systemic issues across the intel community, as well as the functioning of the individual IG offices and the interaction of an individual agency with ODNI. The Inspector General of the Intelligence Community has also stepped in when the IG of a specific agency has had to recuse itself from looking into certain matters.

I made a Freedom of Information Act request for the manual that the IC IG uses when performing audits. They have released it in full. There is not a single redaction in the entire 148 pages. I am stunned and grateful.


A recent semiannual report from the IC IG

IC IG “Concept of Operations”

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