Exclusive: 30 Photos From Inside ICE Facilities


PDF: Photos [33 pages \ 10 megs]

On June 20, 2018, I made a Freedom of Information Act request to ICE, asking for all photos taken inside their detainment facilities from February 2017 to the present.

Today I received a response — 30 photos that appear to be unseen by the public until now. They were sent as a PDF, which I’ve posted above, along with the response letter. Below are all the photos as JPGs (extracted from the PDF).

I will be immediately filing an appeal because: 1) The number of photos is preposterously low. ICE has just 30 photos from inside 217 facilities over the course of almost a year and a half? (And a third of those photos are simply close-ups of prescription drugs?) 2) These photos were taken for documentary purposes and were undoubtedly in color. Before being sent to me they were converted to grayscale, which softens the harshness, especially if blood is present.








The writing on the wall appears to say: “CALL IF I NEED” [redacted] “760-539 [redacted]”























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