FOIA Land: Federal Bureau of Investigation

FOIA request logs: 2000-2004 /// 2006 /// 2009 /// FY2012 /// Jan-Sept 2013 /// 2014 /// [I have a request in for the 2017 log]

FBI RIDS Dead List: PDF /// Requested April 2017; released April 2018. 901 pages

NEW FBI Policy Directive 1027D: Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests: PDF

Standard Operating Procedures for Processing FOIA Requests (2014): PDF

Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts Reference Manual (1987-1998): PDF

Records Management User Manual (May 2015): PDF

Records Management Policy Guide (June 2015): PDF

Work Processing Unit quality control checklist for FOIA requests (2010): PDF

Guide to the Central Records System: PDF

Privacy Act Systems of Records: PDF

A Guide to Conducting Research in FBI Records (March 2010): PDF

National Archives: FBI Records Master Location Registry (Oct 2017): PDF

Policy Directive: Preservation of FBI Executive Records (Executive Assistant Director and Above): PDF

Index of the Policy and Guidance Library (Sept 2011): PDF

Internal website (intranet) of the Records Management Division (Jan 2011): PDF

RIDS FOIA Buzz (newsletter for the FBI’s Record/Information Dissemination Section): 2009 & 2010 /// 2011 (7 issues) /// According to the FBI’s FOIA liaison, the issues posted here are the entire run of RIDS FOIA Buzz.

“Bringing Control to FBI Files Nationwide” (2011 presentation): PowerPoint

Security Policy Manual (April 2006): PDF

Vaughn index: Gawker v FBI

[Sources: original Memory HoleGovernment Attic, MuckRock (Joshua Eaton, Michael Morisy, J.K. Trotter), Emma Best, National Security CounselorsFBI website (and The Vault), PACER, Susan Maret]


NEW FBI’s guide to the Central Records System and related systems [link] [background]

List of thousands of FBI files, most unreleased [link]

FBI FOIA Fodder [link]

Classes of FBI records in the National Archives [link]

FBI records control schedules [link]

FBI “Dead List” (2016) [link]

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