FCC’s occupational safety report reveals face-spitting incident

PDF: 2016 Annual Occupational Safety and Health Report

Via a recent Freedom of Information Act request, I received the Federal Communications Commission’s “Occupational Safety and Health Report” covering 2016 (it was created in April 2017). It has not been publicly released until now.

Overall, the report shows a very small number of safety incidents at the FCC, especially considering the agency has 1,562 employees. But one incident really jumps out:

Yes, someone spit in someone else’s face during an FCC management meeting last year. The victim was out for four workdays. (FYI spitting on another person is considered assault in many jurisdictions, including Washington DC, and is grounds for criminal and civil legal action.)

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The report reveals nothing else about this occurrence. I’ve asked the FCC’s spokesperson for more information and a comment, but she hasn’t responded. I’ve also filed a follow-up FOIA request for more information. I’ll post updates here.

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