FBI Media Coordinators’ Semiannual Reports: LA, NY, DC, Chicago, elsewhere

PDF: 8 Semiannual Reports

The FBI has 56 field offices around the country, and each one has a media coordinator. These coordinators field inquiries from news outlets, hold press conferences, and proactively try to drum up favorable coverage. They also generate investigative leads by reaching out to the public using everything from Twitter to old-fashioned wanted posters. Coordinators are in charge of their field office’s website and social media, and they’re tasked with training local law enforcement on how to deal with the media.

According to the FBI’s Media Relations Policy Guide, each media coordinator is supposed to turn in semiannual reports about their activities. It doesn’t appear that any of these reports have been seen by the public. In July 2017, I filed a FOIA request for the two latest reports from eight field offices:

Chicago IL
Las Vegas NV
Los Angeles CA
New Orleans LA
New York NY
Phoenix AZ
Tampa FL
Washington DC

I recently received responsive documents. Despite my asking for the two most recent reports, the FBI FOIA office sent only one from each field office. They all date from early 2014. If it were one or two F.O.s doing this, I’d say they were being lax, but because it’s all of them, I’m thinking the semiannual reports might no longer be required. I’ve asked the FBI public liaison about this.

All eight reports are in the PDF above.

from the NYC field office’s report

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