Twitter’s FBI File

PDF: FBI File: Twitter [104 pages / 8 megs]


The PDF file above is the FBI’s full file on Twitter, Inc. according to the FBI’s FOIA division. In May 2018, in response to my Freedom of Information Act request, FBI/RIDS sent 97 pages of material that had previously been released but had never been posted online.

The cover letter mentioned that more material “may exist,” so I filed a follow-up request for all remaining material. On April 25, 2019, I was told that there is no further material and that the 97 pages are fully responsive. (These two letters are included in the PDF.)

The entire file concerns Distributed Denial of Service attacks on Twitter from August 6-13, 2009. At least one of those attacks succeeded in bringing down the social media site for a couple of hours. [More about that here.] The FBI contacted Twitter (not vice versa) and was raring to prosecute the DDoS attackers, but almost a year later the Assistant US Attorney dropped the matter, citing Twitter’s lack of cooperation.


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