FBI File: Saddam Hussein

PDF: FBI File: Saddam Hussein, part 1 [108 megs]


Above you’ll find 1,581 pages of Saddam Hussein’s FBI file. This material has been released in the past but has never been online until now.

Another 1,000+ pages of pre-processed material are on their way and will be posted to this page when they arrive.

Beyond that, the FBI FOIA division (RIDS) let me know that unreleased portions of Hussein’s file exist. I filed a separate request for these but got completely denied because these pages “have already been properly reviewed and withheld pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts.” No FOIA exemptions were mentioned, and I will be appealing. The letter is here.

Technical note: The FBI sent me 33 PDFs, which I’ve combined into the PDF above. The bookmarks show the original PDFs and have the original alphanumeric file names as FBI sent them. They are not in chronological order.

In a familiar turn of events, if you go to the FBI’s FOIA Vault and search for Hussein’s file, you’ll end up at this page. You will see two PDFs totaling 226 pages. You will not be told that this is only a fragment of Hussein’s file. You will be led to believe through implication that this is the whole thing. The PDFs are labeled “Part 1 of 2” and “Part 2 of 2.” Well, that must be the entire file. There are two parts, and they’re both here. But no.

Be sure to check out pages 1,065 – 1,072 of the PDF — Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article “Saddam’s Best Friend,” as vigorously annotated by someone at FBI. Here are two pages:





from page 1,485 of the PDF

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