FBI File: International Olympic Committee

PDF: FBI File on the IOC

Update [July 7, 2018]: PDF: 7 additional pages


In August 2016, I requested the FBI’s file on the International Olympic Committee, the organizing/governing body of the Olympics. Just as the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang were about to start, I received four PDFs on CD. One PDF is about the main session that the IOC held in Puerto Rico in 1989, where the FBI helped with security. Attendees included royalty from Britain, Monaco, and Saudi Arabia.

The other main PDF concerns the IOC’s working group to combat illegal and “irregular” (suspicious) betting on Olympic events specifically and amateur sports in general. The FBI was part of the group, with the legat in Bern, Switzerland attending in February 2012. (A legat – short for “legal attaché” – is essentially an FBI field office located in a US embassy. It’s also the title of the lead person in each office.) In the most interesting part of the file, the FBI legat says that one IOC member (possibly the president) sees gambling as a bigger problem than doping.

The legat also relays that the IOC is worried that match-fixing may result when huge amounts of money are at stake via gambling. Through its actions, the IOC has admitted that match-fixing is at the very least a potential problem, so this isn’t unprecedented, but it’s still unusual to see it frankly acknowledged. (It is of course a very real issue.)

The other two PDFs were each one page, listing the pages that were withheld from the two larger PDFs. The FBI’s FOIA office reviewed 96 pages and released only 56 of them. All files are in the PDF above.




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