FBI File: George Harrison

PDF: George Harrison’s FBI file (previously released portion)
NEW PDF: George Harrison’s FBI file (remaining pages)


>>> First time online, a previously released portion of George Harrison’s FBI file, which I got via FOIA. As with many files on celebrities, there’s no dirt on the Quiet Beatle – it’s all about threats made against him. Two incidents, specifically, in 1981 and 1990.

Yoko Ono makes a cameo in the 1981 incident. In the later case, an unnamed woman was sending threatening letters to Harrison, Tom Petty (and all the Heartbreakers), Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne. In other words, the Traveling Wilburys except for Roy Orbison, who had died in late 1988.

I’ve made a request for any further material from Harrison’s file.

UPDATE [Jan 2, 2019]: The FBI sent me six more pages, which they say is all remaining material from Harrison’s file. These pages have never been released as part of Harrison’s file, although pages 2-4 were released as part of John Lennon’s file. (They’re pages 58-60 of this portion of Lennon’s file on the FBI’s Vault.)

However, the last two pages were withheld from Lennon’s file (see page 61 here), so their appearance here marks their first release as part of Lennon’s or Harrison’s file. They concern the State Department granting a waiver which allowed Harrison and his then-wife Pattie Boyd to come to the US to visit Lennon in March 1973. A waiver was needed because the State Dept’s default position was to deny visas for the ex-Beatles and their wives, as they were known “narcotics users.” (During that trip, Harrison and Lennon did some recording with Ringo in Los Angeles, which you can hear here.)

Previously unreleased pages from Harrison’s and Lennon’s Files

Clips from the previously released portion of Harrison’s file



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