FBI File: El Dorado Chemical Company

PDF: FBI File: El Dorado 
(pre-processed portions)
[492 pages // 47 megs]

>>> The El Dorado Chemical Company makes ammonium nitrate, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and ammonia for agricultural and industrial uses. Its facilities have been the sites of several explosions and fires.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I asked the FBI for the pre-processed parts of El Dorado’s file, which had been released to someone several years ago but apparently were never posted or reported on.

I received four PDFs, covering investigations into allegations of contractor fraud, “environmental crime” (having a major chemical spill and not alerting the authorities), and 143 tons of ammonium nitrate that apparently went missing (along with 93 tons of other chemicals). The bookmarks in the above PDF indicate the four original files.

The case of the missing ammonium nitrate gets wild fast, with the FBI zeroing in on four members of the cultish Church of God Evangelistic Association, all of whom had recently quit their jobs at the plant after having unsupervised access to the chemicals for two months. In the end, though, the feds decided the 236 tons of chemicals weren’t really missing, chalking it up to “a management/inventory problem.”


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