FBI File: Raymond Broshears, Founder of the Lavender Panthers

PDF: Raymond Broshears

Raymond Broshears (1935-1982) was an activist and radical preacher in San Francisco beginning in the heyday of the Counterculture. He’s best known for founding the short-lived Lavender Panthers, a weapons-carrying group that used physical force to protect LGBTQ people from being beaten. His other accomplishments include helping organize the first gay pride march in SF, and aiding sex workers, homeless people, prisoners, the elderly, and wounded veterans.

His FBI file (around 300 pages) was released at some point but hasn’t been available online, so I requested a copy under FOIA. The FBI sent five PDFs, which I combined above. I tried to put them in rough chronological order, but the documents within some of the original PDFs aren’t in order. The PDF I created has bookmarks indicating the five files as they were sent.

Further reading:

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