Dept of Energy Investigation: Hacking of DOE Labs (plus NASA & Navy)

PDF: SirVic Investigation Closing Memo [26 pages / 1.3 megs]


>>> This previously unreleased report provides new details about a notorious case of US government systems getting hacked.

SirVic (a/k/a Victor Faur of Romania) “gained notoriety for breaking into US Navy, NASA and Department of Energy systems in 2005 and 2006. Tried and convicted in Romania, he received a 16 month suspended sentence and a fine of $238,000 back in 2008.” [Source: The Register] Romania wouldn’t extradite him to the US to face charges, and Slovenia later refused to extradite as well.

The Department of Energy’s Inspector General finally closed its investigation in 2017. I obtained the closing memo through a FOIA request. It contains apparently undisclosed details, including the handles of SirVic’s accomplices — Andr and Chebeleu — and exactly which Energy Department facilities’ computers were compromised:

Sandia National Laboratories

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ames Laboratory

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory / National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

And possibly:

Brookhaven National Laboratory 

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


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