Deleted: CIA’s “CSI Bulletin” (10 issues)

PDF: Center for the Study of Intelligence Newsletter/Bulletin, Issues 3-12


The CIA’s Center for the Study of Intelligence is devoted to the scholarly, historical study of intelligence and, among other things, it publishes books, monographs, and a peer-reviewed journal.

It also publishes – or used to publish – a newsletter. Originally called CSI Newsletter, and later CSI Bulletin, ten issues (1995-2001) were posted to the Center for the Study of Intelligence’s subsite within the CIA website. In mid-2007 they were pulled offline, even though the Center’s other publications remained available.

The Government Publishing Office has a mirror of the issues here. They were available only as webpages, so I converted them to PDFs and put them all in one file above.

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Bonus Material: The Center for the Study of Intelligence doesn’t publicly disclose its staff members, but it used to. Like the newsletter, the staff page disappeared in mid-2007. Below is the last version captured by the Wayback Machine:




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