AP Fastboot Mode Secure: What No One Is Talking About?

AP Fastboot

I just encountered a problem where my bootloader was locked, and I needed to flash the firmware. However, when I used AP Fastboot mode secure, I kept getting an error. After some research, I found out that there is a workaround. There are a few things that you can do to secure the AP Fastboot … Read more

How Hot Is Too Hot for GPU? – Keep the Temperature of GPUs at a Sustainable Level

How Hot Is Too Hot for GPU OUR GUIDE

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is one of the most important components of modern computers that makes the computers ready for high-quality tasks like graphics rendering, video editing, gaming, etc. Hence, it’s known as the soul of computers to many users.   Now, the GPU can get too hot sometimes due to the excessive use of graphics. … Read more

Apple Music Not Working On Verizon? – Here’s All You Need To Learn!

Apple Music On Verizon

As an iPhone user on Verizon, I rely on my Apple Music subscription to provide me access to all of my music. Recently, however, I have been having issues with my Apple Music not working on Verizon. But what can you do about that? Well, according to the iTunes support and different iPhone users, I … Read more

Should I Enable XMP?- Performance of the XMP

Should I Enable XMP 1

Nowadays, technological advancements in various fields, including Computing, have facilitated us in many ways. The XMP is one of such features that Intel has created to improve Computing even more. The XMP or the Extreme Memory Profile is the Intel profile intended to improve your computer’s working. However, if the question is, Should I Enable … Read more

Left Galaxy Bud Not Working – How To Make It Work Again?

Galaxy Bud 1

Suppose you are walking on the street, in a perfect mood and with the perfect music! And suddenly, the left Samsung wireless earbud stops working; what a disappointment, right? Unfortunately, I have also faced silly issues like my left Galaxy bud not working a few days ago. But after researching Galaxy bud’s community pages and … Read more

Lenovo Yoga Not Charging – Get Rid of The Problem

Lenovo Yoga

Despite being plugged in, your Lenovo can show a not charging notification. This can happen due to some internal issues. A few troubleshooting techniques can easily save you from facing the problem. So, why do you sometimes face issues like Lenovo Yoga not charging? Well, there may be several reasons behind it. Basically, it can … Read more

3 Best PS Vita Memory Card Alternative For You 2023 – Different Sizes and Types

So you are looking for a different PS Vita, and now you need to find the best PS Vita memory card alternative. But with all the different sizes and types available, which one should you choose? We looked at some of the best alternatives to the standard Sony, Sandisk & Kingston-branded PS Vita memory cards. … Read more

Arctic Silver 5 Vs. MX4 – Which Is The Best Thermal Paste?

thermal paste Arctic Silver 5 Vs. MX4

There are many thermal pastes today, with big promises from their manufacturers. Arctic Silver 5 and MX4 are both excellent thermal compounds. They both offer excellent heat transfer, but there are a few differences between them. The Arctic Silver 5 vs. MX4 comparison is necessary because most users want to know which products will be … Read more