Peloton Won’t Turn on the Bike – Fix It Now!

Peloton Won't Turn on the Bike tips

Have you ever been riding your Peloton bike, and suddenly the screen goes black, and the pedals stop moving? You may have wondered, “why won’t my peloton bike turn on?” The most common reason for your Peloton not working is that the bike is not plugged into a power source, loose power cable, or the … Read more

How to Clean Dust From PC Without Compressed Air-Expert Help – Common Methods

How to Clean Dust From PC Without Compressed Air-Expert Help Guide

We build a great pc for gaming or software works, right? What happens next? We forget that the pc also needs cleaning. If you’re using a pc and not cleaning for several months, there’s a ton of dust that will store inside the casing. Many of us don’t really care about cleaning the pc we … Read more

5 Proven Methods To Fix Your Spacebar Not Working On Mac

Methods For Fixing Your Spacebar

Spacebar uses the macOS Accessibility APIs. When you run the spacebar for the first time, you should be asked if you want to allow access. If you are experiencing an issue with your Spacebar on a Mac, you may be wondering why is Spacebar not working On Mac. There may be several reasons the Spacebar … Read more

How To Update BIOS Without CPU? – Updating your PC’s Basic Input

How To Update BIOS Without CPU

Many of you are asking How To Update BIOS Without CPU. You have to use the BIOS Flashback to do so. Download the updated version in the BIOS flashback, and connect the flashback to the motherboard. Now give power to the motherboard through an SMPS. Lastly, press the flashback button for 3 seconds. As the … Read more

Peloton Resistance Knob Not Working: How to Fix it?

Peloton resistance knob

Peloton is an excellent bike to get fit in your home. You can enjoy a lot of features with this bike. However, users might face a few problems, and the peloton resistance knob not working is one of them. If you’re experiencing resistance knob problems, the first step is to check the knob itself. Check for signs … Read more

Learn How To Change Sensitivity On Minecraft? – Explained & Fixed

minecraft sensitivity

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, then you know that controlling your character can be tricky. The default sensitivity is often too slow or fast for some players, making gameplay difficult. So, how will you change it for your unified gaming experience? First, open the options menu by pressing “O” on your keyboard. Then navigate … Read more

Can I Use Any Coaxial Cable For The Internet? – Best Coaxial Cable for Your Needs

When setting up your home internet, you may be wondering if you can use any old coaxial cable. After all, it’s what your cable TV uses. Can I use any coaxial cable for the internet? No, you can’t use any coaxial cable for the internet. It depends on what type of connection you have. If … Read more

AP Fastboot Mode Secure: What No One Is Talking About?

AP Fastboot

I just encountered a problem where my bootloader was locked, and I needed to flash the firmware. However, when I used AP Fastboot mode secure, I kept getting an error. After some research, I found out that there is a workaround. There are a few things that you can do to secure the AP Fastboot … Read more

How Hot Is Too Hot for GPU? – Keep the Temperature of GPUs at a Sustainable Level

How Hot Is Too Hot for GPU OUR GUIDE

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is one of the most important components of modern computers that makes the computers ready for high-quality tasks like graphics rendering, video editing, gaming, etc. Hence, it’s known as the soul of computers to many users.   Now, the GPU can get too hot sometimes due to the excessive use of graphics. … Read more